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Diabetes Asia Conference 2019

  May 28, 2019  
National Diabetes Institute (NADI), Hotel Istana, 73, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10/10/2019 - 13/10/2019

Plenary Topics:

  1. New Understanding of Mechanisms for Type 2: How It Affects Management?
  2. Options for CV Risk Reduction in T2DM: Beyond Glucose Control
  3. Recent Advances in Technology to Improve Diabetes Management
  4. CV Trials in T2 Diabetes : Should We Change Our Management?
  5. Diabetes Cure:  Fact or Fake News?
  6. Adjunct Therapy in Type 1 Diabetes: Current Recommendations
  7. GLP-1 Receptor Agonists: From Desert to Bedside
  8. Medical Nutritional Therapy & Diabetes
  9. The Future Of T2DM: New Agents for Glucose Control

Symposium Themes/Topics Include:

Main Symposium 1

Theme : Nutrition & Diabetes

Topics   :         1. High Protein or Low Carbohydrate Diet: Which Is Better for Diabetics?

                        2. Role of LCD and VLCD in Diabetes

                        3. Intermittent Fasting: Does It Improve HbA1c?


Main Symposium 2

Theme : Hypoglycaemia

Topics  :          1. Hypoglycaemia and Cardiovascular Mortality

                        2. Effects of Hypoglycaemia on Cognitive Function

                        3. New Diabetes Drugs: Reducing Hypoglycaemic Risks


Main Symposium 3

Theme : Challenges in Management Of Diabetes in Children

Topics   :         1. Obesity in Type 1 Diabetes: Treatment Options Beyond Diet and Exercise

                        2. Managing T1 Teenagers: How to Quell the Rebellion

                        3. Type 1 Diabetes: Unmet Need & Future Directions

Main Symposium 4

Theme : Diabetes & Women

Topics   :         1. CVD Risk in Women with Diabetes

                        2. Gestational Diabetes: Minimising Complications to Mother and Baby

                        3. Managing Diabetes in Post-Menopausal Women

Main Symposium 5

Theme : Bariatric Surgery

Topics   :         1. Diabetes Remission with Bariatric Surgery: Mechanisms

                        2. Bariatric Surgery: Not Without Drawbacks

                        3. Should We Offer Bariatric Surgery for Children?

Main Symposium 6

Theme : Diabetes Management Targets: How Low Should It Go

Topics   :         1. HbA1c: Less than 7 or 6.5?

                        2. BP: Less than 140 or 130?

                        3. LDL-Cholesterol: How Low Should It Be?

 Main Symposium 7

Theme : Fatty Liver & Diabetes

Topics   :         1. NAFLD in Diabetes: Cause or Effect?

                        2. Diagnosing Fatty Liver: The Simple and the Complicated

                        3. Emerging Treatment for Fatty Liver in Diabetics

Main Symposium 8

Theme : A Stage of Prediabetes

Topics   :         1. Prediabetes: Is It Worth Screening?

                        2. IFG and IGT: Different Pathology, Different Management?

                        3. Pharmacological Treatment of Prediabetes: Does It Have Any Benefit?  

Main Symposium 9

Theme : Managing Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM)

Topics   :         1. Achieving PPG Control: Inhale Insulin or Injection?

                        2. Newer Insulin Formulations Use for Type 2 Patients

                        3. The Use (and Misuse) of SGLT2-I in T2DM

 Main Symposium 10

Theme : Advances In Diabetic Complication Management

Topics   :         1. Diabetic Nephropathy - New Targets, New Therapies

                        2. New Technologies for Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy

                        3. Advances in Diabetic Wound Management

Main Symposium 11

Theme : Mental Health and Diabetes

Topics   :           1. Diabetes Distress: Minimising the Effects

                        2. Depression: Common, Undiagnosed

                        3. Dementia in Diabetics

 Main Symposium 12

Theme : Complementary And Alternative Remedies

Topics   :         1. Preventing Type 2 Diabetes with Foods

                        2. Sleep in Diabetes : Does it Matter?

                        3. Yoga to Help Manage Diabetes

Invited Speakers:

1. Professor Elizabeth Paz Pacheco (Philippines)

2. Professor Maria Craig (Australia)

3. Professor Peter Gaede (Denmark)

4. Professor Philip Home (United Kingdom)

5. Professor Saeed A. Mahar (Pakistan)

6. Professor Stephen M. Twigg (Australia)

7. Associate Professor Alice PS Kong (Hong Kong) 

Deadline for Abstracts: 8/9/2019

International Delegate



Conference Fee

Please tick


(before July 31, 2019)

USD 500


AFTER July 31, 2019

USD 600


E-mail: enquiry@nadidiabetes.com.my
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