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Burning up while Burning out - Compassion Fatigue Awareness & Burnout Prevention for Practitioners

  November 19, 2018  
Netzealous LLC - MentorHealth, Online


Healthcare professionals are under more stress than ever evidenced by increases in demand for 

better services that are more efficient and thorough, higher costs, reduced staffing, and 

diminishing resources. Many healthcare workers are putting in longer hours and for less pay.

From working twenty-four shifts to simply burning the midnight oil catching up on paperwork, 

the healthcare industry puts a great deal of stress and fatigue on the average worker and their 

relationships, including family.

Healthcare professionals bare witness to human suffering on a routine basis and are constantly 

reminded that tragedy, pain, and challenge often loom large in the midst of helping patients 

heal. As a result, compassion fatigue and burnout are major hazards of the profession that are 

becoming far too common. 

This webinar focuses on understanding each of these challenges, their similarities and 

differences. In addition to defining and comparing these conditions, specific triggers will be 


Participants will gain awareness of key signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and burnout, 

while learning how to manage stressors and their consequences. Specific attention will be given 

to physical, emotional/mental and behavioral symptoms. 

Awareness training is a key component to the training. Underlying beliefs about compassion 

fatigue are explored and other general signs and symptoms of burnout are explained. 

Strategies for management and prevention are shared, including mindfulness training and 

behaviors that can help reduce the frequency of fatigue and prevent burnout. Finally, 

participants will have an opportunity to create their own individualized management and 

prevention plan.

Why should you Attend: With increases in demand for qualitative healthcare and diminishing 

resources, including the reduction of healthcare dollars and professional staffing, healthcare 

workers and organizations are more vulnerable than ever to burnout and compassion fatigue. 

Couple that with a rise in the demands in the personal lives of healthcare professionals, 

including dual earner households, and busy family life, practitioners need to be aware of 

fatigue and burnout signs and know how to prevent both in order to serve patients effectively 

and enjoy a healthy work/life balance. 

This webinar will help the healthcare professional learn about compassion fatigue, become aware 

of stressors that lead to this condition, and develop methods for managing and preventing 

fatigue. Additionally, participants will explore compassion fatigue as compared to burnout. 

Resources and strategies for preventing burnout are provided as well. Finally, participants 

will create an individualized compassion fatigue management and burnout prevention plan. 

Areas Covered in the Session:

Definition of Burnout
Causes of Burnout
Signs & Symptoms of Burnout
Physical Signs
Mental/Emotional Signs
Behavioral Signs
What is Compassion Fatigue
Causes of Compassion Fatigue
General Strategies & Tools
Finding Your ZENS
Invent & Burn Up

Who Will Benefit:
Mental Health Practitioners
Healthcare Technicians
Occupational and Speech Therapists
Social Workers
Professional Counselors
Marriage & Family Therapists
Physical Therapists
Other Health Care Specialty Providers
Healthcare Managers
Administrators and Coordinators

Organized by: Netzealous -MentorHealth
Invited Speakers: Speaker Profile 
Howard Baumgarten is a Licensed Professional Counselor, author, consultant, speaker, wellness and small business-training expert, and owner of a successful mental health private practice in Lakewood, Colorado. He is the founder of Smart Practice Central, a healthcare business-building platform that values intelligent, ethical, and clinically minded practice development, and provides clinical practice business consultation and trainings to private practices and healthcare agencies. 
Deadline for Abstracts: 23-01-2019
Registration: https://www.mentorhealth.com/webinar/burning-up-while-burning-out---compassion-fatigue-awareness-&-burnout-prevention-for-practitioners-801505LIVE?hum-molgen_Jan_2018_seo
E-mail: mentorhealth84@gmail.com
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