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25th Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR25)

  November 09, 2017  
RAI, Amsterdam
30 June - 03 July 2018

EACR25 celebrates the EACR’s 50th Anniversary Year. The theme of the Congress is ‘From Fundamental Insight to Rational Cancer Treatment’, covering the journey of discovery and development from bench to bedside. The Congress will feature world-class speakers discussing the most innovative current cancer research topics, including a special education day aimed at clinicians.

Participants will benefit from plenty of chances to interact, discuss and reflect. These include workshops for early-career researchers, dedicated networking sessions and social events, and the opportunity for participants to share their work through oral and poster presentations.

Target audience: Basic, preclinical and translational researchers across the full breadth of research fields

Organized by: European Association for Cancer Research
Invited Speakers: Uri Alon (Israel), Allan Balmain (USA), Mariano Barbacid (Spain), Alberto Bardelli (Italy), Rene Bernards (Netherlands), Anton Berns (Netherlands), Jannie Borst (Netherlands), Carlos Caldas (UK), Hans Clevers (Netherlands), Hugues de Thé (France), Federica Di Nicolantonio (Italy), Luis Alberto Diaz (USA), Caroline Dive (UK), Jeffrey A Engelman (USA), Neta Erez (Israel), Gerard Evan (UK), Amanda Fisher (UK), Richard A. Flavell (USA), Richard J Gilbertson (UK), Romina Goldszmid (USA), Eyal Gottlieb (Israel), Jan H. Hoeijmakers (Netherlands), Nada Jabado (Canada), Stephen P. Jackson (UK), Jos Jonkers (Netherlands), Olli Kallioniemi (Finland), Jan Korbel (Germany), Guido Kroemer (France), Xiale Shirley Liu (USA), Nuria Lopez-Bigas (Spain), Richard Marais (UK), Frank McCormick (USA), Ultan McDermott (UK), Sean J Morrison (USA), Julia A. Newton Bishop (UK), Klaus Pantel (Germany), Dana Pe’er (USA), Klaus Rajewsky (Germany), Maria Rescigno (Italy), Yardena Samuels (Israel), Ton Schumacher (Netherlands), Andrea Sottoriva (UK), Michael Speicher (Austria), Ravid Straussman (Israel), Charles Swanton (UK), Amos Tanay (Israel), Andreas Trumpp (Germany), Maarten van Lohuizen (Netherlands), Karen Vousden (UK), Sabine Werner (Switzerland), Lodewyk Wessels (Netherlands), Laurence Zitvogel (France)
Deadline for Abstracts: 28 February 2018
Registration: Early Registration deadline: 15 March 2018
Regular Registration deadline: 14 May 2018
Late Registration deadline: 22 June 2018
E-mail: kathryn.wass@nottingham.ac.uk
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