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Protecting the Code: Epigenetic Impacts on Genome Stability

  April 04, 2017  
Harnack House, Berlin, Germany
29 October - 01 November 2017

The maintenance of genome stability takes place in a chromatin environment, and it is increasingly evident that epigenetic regulation is a key component of genome stability. Notably, epigenetic pathways are frequently perturbed in cancer cells. Understanding the interplay between epigenetic regulation and genome stability at a molecular level is critical to cancer biology and has important translational implications.

The programme will address the challenges of understanding this complex field and will emphasise new experimental systems for interrogating these pathways. While the emphasis is on understanding molecular mechanisms of epigenetic impacts on genome stability, we will also consider how recent advances can be exploited in the clinic.

Who should attend? This conference will bring together basic researchers working at the cutting edge of this field, and will cover some of the most recent advances in understanding epigenetic impacts on genome instability. During the meeting, there will be great opportunities for young scientists to meet the experts in the field, and we aim to create an open and engaging environment for discussion.

Organized by: European Association for Cancer Research
Invited Speakers:

Geneviève Almouzni (France), Fabrizio d'Adda di Fagagna (Italy), Jessica Downs (UK), Susan Gasser (Switzerland), Anja Groth (Denmark), Tim Humphrey (UK), Penny Jeggo (UK), Gaëlle Legube (France), Claudia Lukas (Denmark), Niels Mailand (Denmark), Jo Morris (UK), Philipp Oberdoerffer (USA), Manolis Papamichos-Chronakis (UK), Brendan Price (USA), Kristijan Ramadan (UK), Haico van Attikum (Netherlands), Iestyn Whitehouse (USA), Akira Yasui (Japan)

Deadline for Abstracts: 04 September 2017
Registration: deadline: 02 October 2017
E-mail: roger.doxat-pratt@nottingham.ac.uk
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