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XVI International Ethnobotany Symposio, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru 2018

  August 10, 2015  
Friends the University for Peace Foundation, Costa Rica, Machu Picchu, Sacre Valley, Urubamba Basin (Headwaters of Amazon River)
September 17-20, 2018


Land Use by the Incas

Soils, water, drainage, hydraulic practices: control of erosion.

Observatories and open sky laboratories to improve plant growing and productivity.

Crops management, germoplasm conservation and upclassing. 

Ancient cultivations. Staple Food. Food Production and Distribution

The Rol of Communications: from Quito, Ecuador, thru the Inca Kingdom,

up to Northern Argentina Inca trails.

A leading example of food production with no use of iron made machinery. 



Organized by: Friends the University for Peace Foundation, Costa Rica
Invited Speakers:

David P. Crandall, Bingham Young College, at Provo, Utah Univ., USA

Steven King, Ethnobotanist. JaguarAnimalHealth, California, USA 

Sarah E. Edwards, Ethnobotanist. Kew Org. Bot. Gardens, London, UK

Solomon Habtemariam, Lab. Pharmacognosy, Greenwich University, UK

Francoise Barbira Freedman, Cambridge University UK 

Sinikka Piippo, Ethnobotanist. Museum and Bot. Garden Helsinki Univ. FI

Zohara Yaniv Bachrach, Emeritus, ARO Volcani Center, Jerusalem. IL

Uriel Bachrach, School of Medicine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, IL  

Elsa Teixeira Gomes, Ethnobotanist. Lisbon Univ.(Ret'd),Visit. Prof. Mozambique Univ. Makelele, MZ

Olga M. Silva Duarte, Pharmacognosy Lab., Lisboa University PT

Ana Cristina Roque, Centro de Inv. Trop. (IICT), Lisboa, PT 

Ronald Chaves Cardenas, Phys. Anthrop., Retired, Costa Rica University CR

Sinikka Piippo, Museum and Botanical Garden, Helsinki University, FI

David Thamas, Orthomolecular Medicine and Therapies, Budapest, HU

Jacqueline Smadja, Pharmacognosy. La Reunion Is., France, FR

Emmanuelle Girard-Valenciennes. Pharmacogn. La Reunion Is., France, FR

 Edoardo Pinto, Botanical Garden, Federico II University, Italy, IT

Antonio Guerci, Ethnology Res. Inst.,Genoa University, Italy, IT 

Maurizio D'Amora, M.D. Public Hospital, Napoli, Italy, IT 

Francesco Sartori, Botanical Garden, Pavia University, Italy, IT 

Alberto Balduzzi, Botanical Garden, Pavia University, Ialy, IT

Cecilia Caffi, Botanical Gardens. Lombardy, Milan, Italy, IT 

Giulia B. Corti Asia, Environm. Anal. & Planning, Milan, Italy IT 

Paola Capone, Bot. Gardens, Salerno Univ. Fac. of Fine Arts, Italy, IT   

Maurizio Grandi, la Torre Medica, Poliambulatory, Turin, IT

Yaqueline Gheno Heredia, Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico, MX

Leticia M. Cano Asseleih, Centro de Inv. Trop. Univ. Veracruzana, Mexico, MX 

Maria E. Flores Fernandez, M.D. & Naturopathist, Prof.Univ.Pop.Auton.Ver. (UPAV). Veracruz, Mexico, MX 

Hilda Ochoa Torres, Naturopathist, Lima ,Peru, PE 

Elena Li Pereyra, Pharmacologist. Peruvian Res Inst. for Nat. Prod. (IPPN), Peru, PE 

Ramiro Ortega Dueñas, Prof. Agr. Sc. Nat. Univ S,. Antonio Abad, Cusco, PE

Washington H. Galiano S. Ethnobot. Univ. Nac. S. A. Abad (UNSAAC), Cusco, Peru, PE 

Christine Sophie Kabuye, Uganda. (Ret'd) Kenya National Parks, UG

Adelaide B. Agostinho, Mozambique, (Ret'd) Ministry for Sc&Tech, MZ

Solveig Schrickel, Ethnobotanist. Methodist School, Concepcion, CL

Ana Pin Ferreira, Botanist. Jardin Botanico, Asuncion, Paraguay, PY

Ana H. Ladio, Ethnobotanist. Bariloche Univ. Rio Negro, Argentina AR

Walter F. de Oliveira, S. Caterina Univ. Florianopolis, BR

Maria das Gracas Lins Brandao, Fac Pharmacy, Fed. Univ. Minas Gerais, BR

Wilson R. Cunha, Dept Chem. Nat. Prod. Sao Paolo,  BR 

Wanderlei P. de Oliveira. Pato Branco, Sao Paolo University, BR 

Simona R. Dragan, School od Medicine, Timisoara University,RU


As per September 14th, 2015 








Deadline for Abstracts: Abstracts on June 10th, 2018

April 10th, pre Registrations

April 30th, 2018: Deadline for Registrations

June 10th, 2018:  Deadline for Abstracts

August 10th, 2018: Deadline for Papers

E-mail: simposio@ice.co.cr - odsilva@ff.ulisboa.pt - edopinto@unina.it
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