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  February 24, 2015  
Friends the University for Peace Foundation, Costa Rica
October 16th -20th, 2017





(Mexico to Costa Rica)

 Staple Foods, Famine Foods, Native Food Production

Human Food Habits, Folk Traditions

 Pharmacology, Phytotherapy, Naturopathy,

Primary Health Attention and Nutrition 

Pharmacognosy, Medicinal Plants 

Molecular Vegetal Biology: Vegetal Genome

History of Medicine, Ethnomedicine Ethnopharmacology Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry

Geobotany, Paleobotany, Plants and Global Warming. Sustainable Development.

Organized by: Friends the University for Peace Foundation, Costa Rica - Central American University, Nicaragua
Invited Speakers:

David P. Crandall, Bingham Young College, Utah University at Provo, USA

Simona R. Dragan, Cardiologist School of Med., Univ. Tisimoara, Rumenia

Bernadette Montanari, Illinois Univ, Visiting Prof., Plants in Folk Traditions of NW Africa

Sarah E. Edwards, Ethnobotanist and Pharmacobotanist. Kew Gardens, London, UK 

Katherine Vammen, Faculty of Science and Tecchnology, Central American University, UCA)Nicaragua

Manuel Hegg Ortega, Central American Unversity. President, Academy of Sciences, Nicaragua

Pedrarias Davila, Universidad de Leon, Nicaragua

Jean Michael Maes, Entomologist. Leon Museum, Nicaragua

Hilda Ochoa Torres, Naturopata, Lima, Peru

Uriel Bachrach, Molecular Biologist,  Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

David Thamas, Orthomelecular Medicine, Budapest, Hungary 

Elsa Teixeira Gomes, Emeritus Fac. Pharmacy, Lisbon University, Portugal

Olga M. Duarte Silva,  Fac. Pharmacy, Lisbon University, Portugal

Cristina Roque, Lisbon University, Portugal 

Walter F. de Oliveira, Fac. Medicine, Florianopolis University, Brazil

Wanderlei P. de Oliveira, Sao Paolo University, Pato Branco SP, Brazil  

Maria Graca Lins Brandao, University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Clarice A. Machado, Fac. Pharm., Univ. Catolica Pontificia, Rio Grade do Sul, Brazil

Maria Graca Lins Brandao, Fac. Pharmacy, Minas Gerais Univ.Brazil

Manuel Galvis Rueda,Ecologo, Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnol. de Colombia.  

Francesco Sartori, Bot. Garden, Pavia University, Italy

Andrea Maxia, Facolta’ di Famacia, Universita degli Studi di Cagliari, Italy

Antonio Guerci, Museum and Lab. Ethnomedicine, Genova University, Italy

Bradley Bennett, Florida International University, Florida, USA

Maria Rosa Martinez, Museum and University, La Plata, Argentina

Maria Lelia Pochettino, Museum and University, La Plata, Argentina

Jorge Alonso, Latin American Phytochemistry Association, Argentina 

Ana H. Ladio, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Baricloche, Argentina

Nazim A.Mamedov, Lab. Phytochemitry, Massachusets University at Amherst, USA

Maria Eug. Marcel Rodes, Clinical Oncology,National Hospital, La Habana, Cuba

Marlene Bustillo Cisneros, Clinical Oncology,National Hospital, La Habana, Cuba

Ana Pin Ferreira, Asociacion Etnbotánica Paraguaya, Asuncion, Paraguay

Blanca Pérez García, Univ Auton Metrop., Iztapalapa, México

Hilda Ochoa Torres, Naturopatia, Medicina Popular Andina, Lima, Peru

Zohara Yaniv Bachrach., ARO Volcani Center for Seeds and Food Research, Israel

Uriel Bachrach, Molecular Biomedicine, Jerusalen Unversity, Israel

Yaqueline Gheno Heredia, Fac. Cs. Biol. y Agrarias, Univ. Veracruzana, Mexico

Reyna Helia Osuna Fernandez, Fac. Biol., Univ. Nac.Auton. de Mexico, D.F., (UNAM), Mexico

Feliza Ramon Farias, Fac. Cs. Biol. y Agrarias, Univ. Veracruzana, Mexico

Maria E. Flores Fernandez, Colegio de Medicos Naturopatas, Veracruz, Mexico

Leticia M. Cano Asseleih, Tropical Res. Center, Univ. Veracruzana, Mexico

Olivia Martinez  Ronquillo, Popular Auton. Univ. of Veracruz (UPAV), Mexico 

Maria R. Fernandez Colorado, Tropical Sc.Center (CITRO), Univ. Veracruzana, Mexico.

Maricarmen Leon Trejo, Medicine Faculty, Univ. Veracruzana, Mexico

Gladys I. Manzanero, Oaxaca University, Mexico 

Maria Reyna Hernandez C., Trop. Res. Center (CITRO) Univ. Veracruzana, Mexico

Cristina Saavedra Velez, School of Nursery and Primary Health Attention. Univ. Veracruzana, Mexico

Zohara Yaniv Bachrach, Plant Seeds and Genetic Research, Emeritus, Volcani Center, Jerusalem, Israel










Deadline for Abstracts: August 30th, 2017

August 20th, 2017
Registration fee: US$200,00 
Symposio Members US$100,00 
Nicaraguan Citizens: US$80,00 -Students: US$40,00
E-mail: simposio@ice.co.cr, odsilva@ff.ul.pt, ghenohy@hotmail.com
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