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PEGS: The Essential Protein Engineering Summit

  February 07, 2014  
Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA, USA
May 5-9, 2014

Over 1,600 participants will gather in Boston’s vibrant seaport district for open forum discussions and collaboration at CHI’s flagship biologics event “PEGS the essential protein engineering summit”. The continued success of PEGS is driven by the growth in biologics worldwide, the quality of scientific programming presented and valuable networking opportunities.

2014 event features include 1,600+ participants, 20 conferences, 14 short courses, 375+ presentations, 100+ exhibitors, and 175+ posters. 
  • Phage and Yeast Display of Antibodies and Recombinant Proteins
  • Engineering Antibodies
  • Engineering Bispecific Antibodies
  • Antibodies for Cancer Therapy
  • Bispecific Antibodies to the Clinic for Oncology
  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates
  • Biologics for Autoimmune Diseases
  • Adoptive T Cell Therapy
  • Peptide Therapeutics
  • Difficult to Express Proteins
  • Optimizing Protein Expression
  • Higher Level Expression of Enzymes
  • Characterization of Biotherapeutics
  • Biophysical Analysis of Biotherapeutics
  • Protein Aggregation and Stability in Biopharmaceuticals
  • PK/PD of Multi-Domain Proteins
  • Immunogenicity for Regulatory Success
  • Immunogenicity Prediction and Mitigation
  • Scaling Up and Down Strategies for Protein Production
  • ADC Development and Manufacturing
Organized by: Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Invited Speakers:
Stuart A. Aaronson, M.D., Aron Professor and Founding Chair, Emeritus, Oncological Sciences, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Yasmina Abdiche, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Rinat-Pfizer

Gregory P. Adams, Ph.D., Co-Leader, Developmental Therapeutics Program, Fox Chase Cancer Center

Nabil M. Ahmed, M.D., MPH, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, Baylor College of Medicine

Woo Suk Ahn, Ph.D., Research Associate, Bioinformatics and Metabolic Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Jeff Allen, Ph.D., Director, Analytical Biochemistry & Protein Purification, Pfenex Inc.

Luis Álvarez-Vallina, M.D., Ph.D., Molecular Immunology Unit, Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro

Lakshmi Amaravadi, Ph.D., Senior Director, Translational Medicine, Biogen Idec, Inc.

Christian Antoni, M.D., Ph.D., Vice President, Senior Global Program Head, Integrated Hospital Care Franchise, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Tudor Arvinte, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biopharmaceutics, University of Geneva; CEO, Therapeomic Inc.

Claire Ashman, BSc (Hons), Senior Scientific Investigator, Biopharm Innovation and R&D, GlaxoSmithKline Medicines Research Centre

René Assenberg, Ph.D., Research Investigator, Novartis Pharma AG

Michael B. Atkins, M.D., Deputy Director, Georgetown-Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center; Professor, Oncology and Medicine, Georgetown University Medical Center

William Bachovchin, Ph.D., Professor, Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology, Sackler School of Graduate and Biomedical Sciences, Tufts University

Yun Bai, Ph.D., Associate Director, Process Development, Ambrx, Inc.

Sathy Balu-Iyer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, SUNY-University at Buffalo

Neil Bander, M.D., Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College

Maria Barbosa, Ph.D., CA Consultants; former Senior Principal Scientist, Bioanalytical Sciences, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Robin Barbour, Head, Antibody Generation, Research, Prothena Biosciences

Rachel Behan Wollacott, Ph.D., R&D Scientist II, MassBiologics

Bryan Berger, Ph.D., Head, Berger Lab; Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University

Alison Betts, Modeling and Simulation Leader, Associate Research Fellow, Translational Research Group, Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics & Metabolism, Pfizer Global R&D

Mary Birchler, Investigator, Clinical Immunology, GlaxoSmithKline, Inc.

Stanislas Blein, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Antibody Engineering, Biologics Research, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals S.A.

Piotr Bobrowicz, Ph.D., Director, Open Innovation, Adimab, LLC

Christophe Bonny, Ph.D., CSO, Bicycle Therapeutics, Ltd.

Ezio Bonvini, M.D., Senior Vice President, Research, MacroGenics, Inc.

Ellen Border, D.Phil., Senior Scientist, Protein Engineering, Adaptimmune Ltd.

Adrian Bot, M.D., Ph.D., Vice President, Translational Medicine, Kite Pharma, Inc.

Anne Bousseau, Head, Early Development Projects Oncology, Sanofi-Aventis

James Brady, Ph.D., MBA, Director, Technical Applications, MaxCyte

Daniel G. Bracewell, Ph.D., Reader, Biochemical Engineering, University College London

Malcolm Brenner, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine; Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine (STaR) Center; Program in Translational Biology & Molecular Medicine; Director, Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, Baylor College of Medicine

Joanna E. Brewer, Ph.D., Group Leader, Cellular Biology, Adaptimmune Ltd.

Ulrich Brinkmann, Ph.D., Scientific Director, Pharma Research and Early Development, Roche

Flavia Brunstein, M.D., Ph.D., Safety Science Leader, Early Development, Genentech

Peter Bruenker, Ph.D., Large Molecule Research, Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED), Roche Glycart AG

Stuart Bussell, Ph.D., Senior Director, Fermentation/Upstream Development, Sutro Biopharma

Scott Camberg, MS, Principal Scientist, Process Development, Amgen

Irwin Chaiken Ph.D., Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Drexel University College of Medicine

Yong S. Chang, Ph.D., Vice President, Biology and Translational Research, Aileron Therapeutics, Inc.

Guodong Chen, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Bioanalytical and Discovery Analytical Sciences, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Hao Chen, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Merck

Hao Chen, Ph.D., Sr. Scientist, Protein Technologies, Amgen, Inc.

Naresh Chennamsetty, Ph.D., Research Investigator, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Brian Chiswell, Ph.D., Owner and Founder, Dimensions BioSciences

Partha Chowdhury, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, MedImmune

Chris Chumsae, Senior Scientist, Protein Analytics, AbbVie Bioresearch Center

Kathleen A. Clouse, Ph.D., Director, Monoclonal Antibodies, FDA/CDER/OPS/OBP/DMA (Tentative)

Jennifer Cochran, Ph.D., Hitachi America Associate Professor, Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering, Stanford University

Cyrille Cohen, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Laboratory of Tumor Immunology, Bar-Ilan University Visiting Scientist, Surgery Branch, NCI, NIH

Matthew A. Coleman, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Radiation Oncology, University of California, Davis School of Medicine

Matthew H. Coleman, Ph.D., Senior Biomedical Staff Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Laurence J.N. Cooper, M.D., Ph.D., Grant Taylor, W.W. Sutow

Christopher R. Corbeil, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Chemical Computing Group

Jose-Luis Corchero, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Nanobiotechnology Group, Univ Autonoma de Barcelona; Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine, Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red (CIBER-BBN)

Kyra J. Cowan, Ph.D., Scientist, BioAnalytical Sciences, Genentech, Inc.

Rick Davies, Ph.D., Reagents and Assay Development, AstraZeneca, Inc.

Heather DeGruttola, Scientist, Mass Spectrometry and Biophysical Characterization, Pfizer

Florian Deisenhammer, Ph.D., Clinical Department of Neurology, Innsbruck Medical University

Stephen Demarest, Ph.D., Research Advisor, Lilly Biotechnology Center

Binodh Desilva, Ph.D., Executive Director, Bioanalytical Sciences & Biologics, Bristol-Myers Squibb

John Desjarlais, Ph.D., Vice President, Research, Xencor

Kumar Dhanasekharan, Ph.D., Director, Process Development, Cook Pharmica LLC

Leslie Dickmann, Ph.D., Scientist, Preclinical and Translational Pharmacokinetics, Genentech

Dimiter S. Dimitrov, Ph.D., Senior Investigator, Membrane Structure & Function, National Cancer Institute, NIH

Rakesh Dixit, Ph.D., DABT, Vice President, R&D, MedImmune (AstraZeneca Biologics)

Benjamin Doranz, Ph.D., CSO, Integral Molecular, Inc.

Stefan Duebel, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Biochemistry, Biotechnology & Bioinformatics, Technical University Braunschweig

Jacques Dumas, Ph.D., Head, Protein Production, Vitry Biologics SCP, Vitry Research Center, Sanofi

Russell Dushin, Ph.D., Associate Research Fellow, Worldwide Medicinal Chemistry, Pfizer, Inc.

Paul Ko Ferrigno, Ph.D., CSO, Avacta Life Sciences

Robert L. Ferris, M.D., Ph.D., UPMC Chair, Advanced Oncologic Head and Neck Surgery; Associate Director, Translational Research; Co-Leader, Cancer Immunology Program, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Soldano Ferrone, M.D., Ph.D., Lecturer, Surgical Oncology, Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital

Elena Feshchenko, Ph.D., Associate Director, GeneXpress, Protein Sciences Corporation

Isabel Figueroa, Associate Principal Scientist, PK/PD, Merck

Vasco Filipe, Ph.D., Research Scientist, ADOCIA

William“Jonny” Finlay, Ph.D., Director, Pfizer, Ireland

Ken Flanagan, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Cell Biology, Prothena Biosciences

Heather Flores, Scientist, Late Stage Pharmaceutical Development, Genentech, Inc.

Barbara S. Fox, Ph.D., CEO, Avaxia Biologics, Inc.

Stanley R. Frankel, M.D., Executive Director, Medical Sciences, Amgen Rockville, Inc.

Gordon Freeman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Medicine, Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School

Jim Freeth, Ph.D., Managing Director, Retrogenix Ltd

Fredrik Frejd, Ph.D., CSO, Vice President R&D, Biopharma, Affibody AB

Eric Furfine, Ph.D., CSO, Eleven Biotherapeutics

Melissa Geddie, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

Krist Gernaey, Ph.D., Professor, Center for Process Engineering and Technology (PROCESS), Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Tariq Ghayur, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist & Research Fellow, AbbVie Bioresearch Center

Jacob Glanville, Ph.D., CSO, Distributed Bio

Marco Gobbi, Head, Laboratory Pharmacodynamics & Pharmacokinetics, IRCCS, “Mario Negri” Institute for Pharmacological Research

Dragan Grabulovski, Ph.D., CSO, Covagen AG

Ulf Grawunder, Ph.D., CEO, NBE-Therapeutics Ltd.

Jeffrey Gray, Ph.D., Associate Professor & F. Stuart Hodgson Faculty Scholar, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Reinhard Grisshammer, Ph.D., Biotechnology Core Laboratory, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Karl E. Griswold, Ph.D., Thayer School of Engineering; Molecular and Cellular Biology Program, Dartmouth University

Shalini Gupta, Ph.D., Director, Clinical Immunology, Amgen, Inc.

Markus Haindl, Ph.D., Group Leader, Research & Development, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Germany

Otmar Hainzl, Ph.D., Lab Head, Biophysical Characterization, Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals, Germany

Trevor Hallam, Ph.D., CSO, Sutro BiopharmaSpeaker

Robert G. Hamilton, Ph.D., D.ABMLI, F.AAAAI, Professor of Medicine and Pathology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Carl Hansen, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Center for High-Throughput Biology, University of British Columbia, Canada

Kenta Haraya, Researcher, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Pernille Harris, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark

Haruki Hasegawa, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Therapeutic Discovery, Amgen, Inc.

Peter B. Heifetz, Ph.D., President and CTO, OrPro Therapeutics, Inc.

Ronald Herbst, Ph.D., Senior Director, Autoimmune Diseases, MedImmune

Chris Herring, Ph.D., Head, Protein Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline

John Heyman, Ph.D., Research Associate, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

Tim Hickling, Ph.D., Associate Research Fellow, Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics and Metabolism, Pfizer, Inc

Akinori Hishiya, Ph.D., Director, Biology, Boston Strategics Corporation

David D. Ho, M.D., Scientific Director & CEO, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center; Irene Diamond Professor, The Rockefeller University

Mitchell Ho, Ph.D., Chief, Antibody Therapy Section, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, National Cancer Institute, NIH

Timothy Hoey, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Cancer Biology, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Alex Y. Huang, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Pediatrics, Pathology & Biomedical Engineering; Director, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program, Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

ChiChi Huang, Ph.D., Scientific Director, Antibody Drug Discovery, Janssen R&D, LLC

Nathan C. Ihle, Ph.D., Executive Director, CMC Strategy & Management, Seattle Genetics, Inc.

David Jackson, Ph.D., Principle Scientist, ADC Discovery, Igenica, Inc.

Elizabeth M. Jaffee, M.D., The Dana & Albert “Cubby” Broccoli Professor, Oncology; Co-Director, Gastrointestinal Cancers Program; Associate Director, Translational Research, Johns Hopkins University

Bahija Jallal, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, MedImmune

Donald Jarvis, Ph.D., Professor, Molecular Biology, University of Wyoming

Vibha Jawa, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Clinical Immunology, Amgen, Inc.

Kristian Jensen, Ph.D., Vice President, Research, Dutalys GmbH

Michael C. Jensen, M.D., Professor, Pediatrics, University of Washington School of Medicine; Director, Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research/Seattle Children's Research Institute; Joint Member, Program in Immunology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Yun Jiang, Ph.D., Senior Scientist Project Team Leader Upstream, Drug Design & Development, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB

Jan Johansson, Ph.D., CEO and President, Artery Therapeutics, Inc.

Shefali Kakar, Ph.D., Director, Oncology Clinical Pharmacology, Novartis

Adeela Kamal, Ph.D., Associate Director, Oncology Research, MedImmune

Guna Kannan, Ph.D., Principal Scientist and Group Leader, Biologics Optimization, Amgen, Inc.

Brian K. Kay, Ph.D., Professor and Head, Biological Sciences; LAS Distinguished Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago

Hubert Kettenberger, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Large Molecule Research, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Germany

Nikolai Khramtsov, Ph.D., Associate Director, Upstream Development, Product Realization, Protein Sciences Corp.

Peter Kiener, Ph.D., CSO, Ambrx, Inc.

Jeong Kim, Ph.D., Scientist, Cancer Immunotherapy, Genentech, Inc.

David King, Ph.D., CSO, AnaptysBio, Inc.

Marina Kirkitadze, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Analytical Research & Development, Sanofi Pasteur, Canada

Scott Klakamp, Ph.D., Principal Consultant, Biophysical Chemistry, SKD Consulting LLC

Christian Klein, Ph.D., Discovery Oncology oDTA, Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED), Roche Glycart AG

Hendrik Knoetgen, Ph.D., Head, LMR Penzberg & pRED, Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Curtis Knox, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Lucigen Corp.

James T. Koerber, Ph.D., Life Science Research Fellow, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of California, San Francisco

Manfred Konrad, Ph.D., Enzyme Biochemistry Laboratory, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry

Roland E. Kontermann, Ph.D., Mildred Scheel Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Stuttgart

Joseph Kovalchin, Ph.D., Associate Director, Pharmacology, Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc.

David Kranz, Ph.D., Phillip A. Sharp Professor, Biochemistry, University of Illinois

Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Ph.D., Scientist, Preclinical and Clinical Development (Hemophilia), Biogen Idec, Inc.

Stefan Kubick, Ph.D., Group Manager, Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering IBMT

Bob Kuczenski, Ph.D., Engineer II, Genentech

Alex Kudrin, M.D., MBA, MRCP, MFPM, Vice President & Head,Global Development, Celltrion, Inc.

Joseph Kutza, Ph.D., Director, CMC Regulatory Affairs, MedImmune

Aran F. Labrijn, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Antibody Sciences, Genmab BV

Jean Lachowicz, Ph.D., CSO, R&D, Angiochem

Michelle LaFond, Director, Bioreactor Scale-Up and Development, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Kasper Lamberth, Ph.D., Head, Immunogenicity Prediction & Tolerance, Novo Nordisk A/S

Joseph C. Laning, Ph.D., Co-founder, Ingenium BioTherapy Corporation; Vice President, Research & Development, Provia Labs

Jesper Lau, Ph.D., Vice President, Diabetes Protein & Peptide Chemistry, Novo Nordisk A/S

Alex Lazar, Ph.D., Head, Analytical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Immunogen, Inc.

Timothy Lee, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Consultant, Biomanufacturing, Latham Biopharm Group

Oren Levy, Ph.D., Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Luke Li, Ph.D., Head, Global Biotherapeutics Technologies & Pharmaceutical Sciences, External R&D Innovation

Chris Lloyd, Ph.D., Scientist, Antibody Discovery & Protein Engineering, MedImmune Ltd.

Peter Lloyd, Head, PK/PD, Biologics, Novartis

David C. Lowe, Ph.D., Fellow, R&D, MedImmune, Ltd.

Timothy B. Lowinger, Ph.D., CSO, Mersana Therapeutics, Inc.

Alexey Lugovskoy, Ph.D., Vice President, Therapeutics, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

Donna Luisi, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Biopharmaceutical R&D, Pfizer

Robert Lyon, Ph.D., Associate Director, Protein Chemistry, Seattle Genetics

Donghui Ma, Ph.D., CSO, Immunology, OriGene

Robert Mabry, Ph.D., Associate Director, Antibody Discovery and Bispecific Engineering, Adimab LLC

Matthew Macauley, Ph.D., Researcher, Paulson Laboratory, Chemical Physiology, The Scripps Research Institute

Shannon MacMilian, MSc, Principal Scientist, Biotherapeutic Pharmaceutical Sciences R&D, Pfizer, Inc.

Chikkathur N. Madhavarao, Ph.D., Senior Staff Fellow, Therapeutic Proteins, OBP, OPS, CDER, FDA

Donald E. Mager, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo

John Maher, Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Immunology, Department of Research Oncology, King's College London

James D. Marks, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Anesthesia & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of California, San Francisco; Chief, Anesthesia and Vice Chairman, Anesthesia & Perioperative Care, San Francisco General Hospital

Ewa Marszal, Ph.D., Chemist, Hematology, Office of Blood Research and Review, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, FDA

Krzysztof Masternak, Ph.D., Head, Biology, Novimmune SA

Marcela V. Maus, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Translational Medicine and Early Clinical Development, Translational Research Program, Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania

Jennifer Maynard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin

Lorenz Mayr, Ph.D., Vice President & Global Head, Reagents & Assay Development, AstraZeneca

John McCafferty, Ph.D., Professor, Biochemistry, Cambridge University

Monika Meier, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher, Development Analytics, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Germany

Jens Meiler, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemistry, Associate Professor, Pharmacology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Rima Menassa, Ph.D., Southern Crop Protection and Food Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Deborah Meshulam, Director, Contract Manufacturing, ImmunoGen, Inc.

Anne Messer, Ph.D., Professor, Biomedical Sciences, University at Albany; Senior Scientist, Neural Stem Cell Institute

Debra M. Meyer, BSc, Senior Principal Scientist, Analytical R&D, Biotherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer, Inc.

Jeffrey S. Miller, M.D., Deputy Director, Masonic Cancer Center; Deputy Director, Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute; Director, Cancer Experimental Therapeutics Initiative, University of Minnesota

Jamie Moore, Ph.D., Senior Scientist & Director, Early Stage Pharma Development, Genentech, Inc.

Paul Moore, Ph.D., Vice President, Cell Biology & Immunology, Macrogenics

Hong Moulton, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Senior Researcher, Biomedical Sciences, Oregon State University

Mark R. Nagel, Senior Research Associate, GE Service Manager, Protein Chemistry, Genentech, Inc.

Chakravarthy Narasimhan, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Bioprocess Development, Merck & Co.

Horacio G. Nastri, Ph.D., Director, Biotherapeutics, Center for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI), Pfizer, Inc.

Kelly Neelon, Ph.D., Associate Director, Drug Product Formulation and Development, Momenta Pharmaceuticals

Jennifer Nemeth, Ph.D., Program Leader, Biologics Research, Janssen R&D

Dario Neri, Ph.D., Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

J. Michael Nicholas, Ph.D., Vice President, Specialty Life Cycle Initiatives, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Ahuva Nissim, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Molecular Targeting, Biochemical Pharmacology, William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London

David O’Connell, Ph.D., Director, Masters Programs in Biotechnology, School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research, University College Dublin; Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research, UCD Belfield

Erika Orbán, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Biophysical Chemistry, Goethe University

Steven Orcutt, Research Scientist, Janssen

Ayse Meric Ovacik, Senior Scientist, Biologics DMPK & Disposition, Merck

Tadas Panavas, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Molecular Protein and Biosciences, Janssen

Nancy L. Parenteau, Ph.D., Co-Founder, President & CSO, Ingenium BioTherapy Corporation

Peter U. Park, Ph.D., Vice President, Biology, Mersana Therapeutics

Ira Pastan, M.D., NIH Distinguished Investigator, Co-Chief, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

Belinda Pastrana, Ph.D., Professor, Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico

Josh Pearson, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Biochemistry & Biophysics Group, Pharmacokinetics & Drug Metabolism, Amgen, Inc.

Jean-Philippe Pellois, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Texas A&M University

Bradley L. Pentelute, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Robert Pierce, M.D., Executive Director, Pathology, MRL-Palo Alto, Merck

Thomas Pillow, Ph.D., Scientist, Discovery Chemistry, Genentech

Frederic Pio, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Jaume Pons, Ph.D., CSO, Pfizer's Rinat Laboratories

Joe Ponte, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Immunogen, Inc.

David Poon, Ph.D., Director, External R&D and Alliances, Zymeworks Inc.

Matthew Porteus, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Pediatrics (Cancer Biology), Stanford School of Medicine

Yongchang Qiu, Ph.D., Group Director and Head, Bioanalytical and Biomarker Development, Shire, Inc.

Terence H. Rabbitts, FRS FMedSci, Professor, Molecular Biology, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, MRC Molecular Hematology Unit, University of Oxford

David Rabuka, Ph.D., CSO, Redwood Bioscience

Laszlo Radvanyi, Ph.D., Professor, Melanoma Medical Oncology, University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Sylvain Raimondi, Ph.D., Head, Analytical Unit, Novimmune

G. Jonah Rainey, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, ADPE, MedImmune, LLC

Nitya G. Ray, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Manufacturing, Process Sciences/Manufacturing, Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Sai Reddy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biosystems Science and Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Alan T. Remaley, M.D., Ph.D., Section Chief, Lipoprotein Metabolism Laboratory, National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Jörg Thomas Regula, Ph.D., Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED), Large Molecule Research (LMR), Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Christopher L. Reyes, Ph.D., Vice President, Research & Development Biologics, Bionomics, Inc.

Sebastien Ribault, Ph.D., Director, Development and BioProduction, Merck Biodevelopment

Sue Richards, Ph.D., Global Deputy and Head, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, DSAR, SANOFI/Genzyme

Anne Skaja Robinson, Ph.D., Catherine and Henry Boh Professor, Engineering; Chair, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Neuroscience Program Faculty Member; Professor and Chair, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Tulane University

Dan Rock, Ph.D., Scientific Director, Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism, Amgen, Inc.

Robert Roth, Ph.D., Associate Principal Scientist, Innovative Medicines, Discovery Sciences, AstraZeneca

Bonnie Rup, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Immunogenicity Sciences Lead, Pfizer, Inc.

Michel Sadelain, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Center for Cell Engineering & Gene Transfer and Gene Expression Laboratory; Stephen and Barbara Friedman Chair, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Markku Saloheimo, Ph.D., VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Zenjiro Sampei, Research Scientist, Research Division, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Kristi Sarno, Chair, Greater Boston Chapter, Women in Bio; Director, Business Development, Pfenex, Inc.

Philippe Sarret, Ph.D., Professor, Physiology and Biophysics, University of Sherbrooke

Aaron K. Sato, Ph.D., Vice President Research, Sutro Biopharma

Jonas Schaefer, Ph.D., Head, High-Throughput Laboratory, Biochemistry, University of Zurich, Switzerland

David A. Scheinberg, M.D., Ph.D., Chair, Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry Program, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Stefan Schmidt, Ph.D., Vice President, DSP, Rentschler Biotechnology

Joyce A. Schroeder, Ph.D., Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Program in Cancer Biology, BIO 5 Institute, Arizona Cancer Center, University of Arizona

Yulius Setiady, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Discovery Research, ImmunoGen, Inc.

Dhaval K. Shah, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo

Whitney Shatz, Research Associate, Genentech

Ben-Quan Shen, M.D., Senior Scientist, PKPD, Genentech, Inc.

Girja Shukla, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Surgery; Member, Vermont Cancer Center, University of Vermont College of Medicine

Pratap Singh, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer, Inc.

Satish Singh, Ph.D., Research Fellow and Group Leader, Pfizer; Member, 787 Expert Panel, U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP)

Louise Slater, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering, MedImmune

Eric Smith, Ph.D., Associate Director, Bispecifics, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Ernest S. Smith, Ph.D., CSO & Senior Vice President, Research, Vaccinex, Inc.

Holly Smith, Principal Research Scientist, Toxicology, Eli Lilly & Co.

Dan Some, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Wyatt Technology Corporation

Yongcheng Song, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Pharmacology, Baylor College of Medicine

Christoph Spiess, Ph.D., Scientist, Antibody Engineering and Structural Biology, Genentech, Inc.

Sebastian Spindeldreher, Ph.D., Director, Biologics Safety and Disposition, Novartis Pharma AG

Marlitt Stech, MSc, Cell-Free Protein Synthesis, Fraunhofer IBMT-Potsdam

Kendra Steele, Ph.D., Research Scientist, ParaTechs Corp.

William Stohl, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Medicine, Rheumatology, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

Patrik Strömberg, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Drug Design and Development, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum (Sobi), Sweden

Meena Subramanyam, Ph.D., Vice President, Translational Medicine, Biogen Idec, Inc.

Siguang Sui, Ph.D., Development Scientist I, Upstream Development, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Siddharth Sukumaran, Ph.D., Associate Scientist, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, Genentech, Inc.

Margaret Sullivan, Distinguished Professor in Pediatrics; MDACC Section Chief, Cell Therapy, Children’s Cancer Hospital, Division of Pediatrics (Unit 907); Associate Director, CCIR; Director, Immunology Laboratory of Physician Scientists, Department of Immunology, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Steven J. Swanson, Ph.D., Executive Director, Medical Sciences (Clinical Immunology), Amgen, Inc.

Michael Szardenings, Ph.D., Ligand Development Unit, Coordinator JLCI (CNUHH, Hwasun, Korea), Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology

Mohammad Tabrizi, Ph.D., Head & Senior Fellow, PK/PD, Merck

Shu-Wen Teng, Scientist, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, The Takeda Oncology Company

Greg Thurber, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan

Marco Timmers, Ph.D., CSO, New Molecular Entities, Synthon Biopharmaceuticals

Elizabeth Topp, Ph.D., Dane O. Kildsig Chair and Head, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Purdue University

Michael G. Tovey, Ph.D., INSERM Director, Research, Laboratory of Biotechnology and Applied Pharmacology, ENS-Cachan

Malgorzata Tracka, MS, Scientist II, Formulation Sciences, MedImmune

Pamela A. Trail, Ph.D., Vice President, Oncology, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Becky Tu-Sekine, Ph.D., Research Associate, Biological Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Kendrick Turner, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Jesper Valbjørn, Vice President, CMC Operations, Genmab A/S

Aad van de Leur, MSc, COO, Biopharmaceutical Development, Synthon Biopharmaceuticals B.V.

Guus van Dongen, Ph.D., Professor, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Preclinical Imaging, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam

Marylene Vandevenne, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Associate, Mackay Laboratory, The School of Molecular Bioscience, The University of Sidney - Australia

Samadhi Vitharana, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Core Sciences & Technologies, Takeda California

Eric Wakshull, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Group Leader, Bioanalytical Sciences, Genentech, Inc.

Herman Waldman, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Pathology, Therapeutic Immunology Group, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Mikkel Wandahl Pedersen, Ph.D., Director, Cancer Biology, Symphogen A/S

Zhirui Wang, DVM, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School; Technical Director, MGH-DF/HCC Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification Core, Transplantation Biology Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital

Louis M. Weiner, M.D., Director, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University Medical Center

David Weis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Kansas

Mark Welch, Ph.D., Director, Gene Design, DNA2.0 Inc.

Maria Wendt, Ph.D., Senior Scientific Consultant, Biologics, Genedata

Nancy Whiting, Pharm.D., Senior Medical Director, Seattle Genetics

Sujeewa D Wijesuriya, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, XOMA (US) LLC

K. Dane Wittrup, Ph.D., J.R. Mares Professor, Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David Wraith, Ph.D., Professor of Experimental Pathology, School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Lawren Wu, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Immunology, Genentech, Inc.

Wen Jin Wu, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Investigator, Monoclonal Antibodies, Office of Biotechnology Products, Office of Pharmaceutical Science, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, FDA

April Xu, Ph.D., Sr. Principal Scientist, BioBtx-ARD, Prizer

Yingda Xu, Ph.D., Group Leader, Protein Analytics, Adimab

George D. Yancopoulos, M.D., Ph.D., President, Regeneron Laboratories; CSO, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Alexei Yeliseev, Ph.D., Staff Scientist and Head, Protein Expression Group, LMBB, NIH

Nicholas Yoder, Ph.D., Scientist, Biochemistry, ImmunoGen, Inc.

Xiang-Qing Yu, Ph.D., Principal Clinical Pharmacokineticist, MedImmune

Alex Yurkovetskiy, Ph.D., Senior Director, Chemistry, Mersana Therapeutics

Marie M. Zhu, Ph.D., Director, Process Sciences, Technical Operations, Agensys Inc., an affiliate of Astellas, Inc.
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