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First International ‘Single Cell Biology & Real-Time PCR-2011-Meeting’ on "Single Molecule Detection to Amplification & Molecular Imaging.”

  October 14, 2010  
GeneExpression Systems, Inc., Waltham

Single Molecule Biology




Gene expression in living cells at single molecule level

Fluorescence in Living cells


The Unique Theme to Combine Biology & Chemistry with Microfluidicss

Key topics:

Single Molecule Biology

Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Assays

Single cell qPCR in Stem cells, tumor cells

Fluorescence Spectroscopy & Correlation Microscopy

Single Molecule Genomics

Atomic (Single Molecule) Force Microscopy

Bioscrening & Microfluidics

High throughput qPCR & Chip-integrated platforms

Fluorescent proteins and in vivo Analysis

Imaging gene expression in living cells at single molecule level

Fluorescence in Living cells 

Organized by: GeneExpression Systems, Inc.
Invited Speakers:

Keynote Speakers:
Martin Chalfie, PhD. (Nobel Laureate),  Columbia University New York, NY, USA
Xiaoliang Sunney Xie, PhD. Mallinckrodt Professor of Chemistry, Harvard University 
Cambridge, MA, USA 

Global Speakers Include:  Mehmet Yanik, Michael Strano (MIT-USA), Francesco Pavone (Italy), Ola Söderberg (Sweden), Somenath Roy (Singapore), Philip Dormitzer (USA), Natasha Paul (USA), Chinh-Hwa Kiang (Rice U-USA), David Duffy (Quanterix- USA), Hiroyuki Kushi (UToyoma-Japan), Kai Lao (ABI-USA), Vasillis Ntziachristos (TUM-Germany), Vahid Sandoghdar (Swiss), Maarten Merkx (Eindhoven-Netherlands) and many more pioneers from academic, biotech and pharmaceutical Communities will be speaking.


Deadline for Abstracts: 01-Feb-2011

PhD Students: 399 US Dollars

Academic Delegates: 699 US Dollars

Industry Delegates: 1,199 US Dollars

E-mail: Genexpsys@expressgenes.com
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