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Functional Genomics and Systems Biology Workshop

  September 17, 2009  
Wellcome Trust Scientific Conferences, Wellcome Trust Conference Centre
30 November - 2 December 2009

High-throughput functional genomic technologies are generating enormous amounts of information describing the nature of genes, proteins and their interactions within the cell. Through the combined use of computational and experimental techniques, we are beginning to achieve comprehensive mappings of cellular and molecular networks. A major challenge we currently face is how we should integrate these disparate data sources and use them to improve our understanding of biological systems and the molecular basis of disease.
This meeting will provide a forum for discussions on post-genomic science in human and other organisms. Rather than focusing on any particular subject we aim to cover an eclectic mix of post-genomics science. Topics will include:
•         High throughput technologies and their applications
•         Cellular assays and imaging
•         Functional genomics of disease and model organisms
•         Single cell/molecule level analysis
•         Genome regulation
•         Human genetic variation and disease
•         Biological networks
•         Frontiers in computational biology

Organized by: Jemma Beard
Invited Speakers:

Organising Committee:
Alvis Brazma, European Bioinformatics Institute, UK
Tom Freeman, University of Edinburgh, UK
Nicholas Luscombe,
European Bioinformatics Institute, UK

Confirmed speakers include:
Jurg Bahler, University College London, UK
William Cookson, Imperial College London, UK
Eileen Furlong, EMBL, Germany
Mark Gerstein, Yale University, USA
Seth Grant, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
John Hogenesch, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Frank Holstege, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands
Wolfgang Huber, EMBL-EBI, UK
Douglas Kell, University of Manchester, UK
Marc McCarthy, University of Oxford, UK
Steve Oliver, University of Cambridge, UK
Luis Serrano, CRG, Spain
Gavin Sherlock, Stanford University, USA
Jussi Taipale, University of Helsinki, Finland
Mathias Uhlen, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Gert-Jan van Ommen, Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

Deadline for Abstracts: 16 October 2009
Registration: https://registration.hinxton.wellcome.ac.uk/register.asp?id=129
E-mail: j.beard@wtconference.org.uk
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