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Animal Biotechnology and its Applications to Animal and Human Health

  February 09, 2007  
European Science Foundation (ESF), Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, United Kingdom
14-16 June 2007

The exciting scientific and technical advances in biotechnology have the potential to eliminate or control many of the important diseases/dramatically improve the health of animals and humans. This meeting aims to bring together those using genetics, genomics, transgenesis, developmental analysis and other techniques of molecular biology to discuss applications to veterinary and medical sciences, including, for example, stem cells and cloning, transplantation, vaccines, diagnostics, disease surveillance, animal models of human disease, novel breeding strategies and other applications of genomics. The issues of public awareness, ethical and regulatory considerations will also be discussed.
Sessions will focus on: Cloning & Stem Cells; Genetic Modification; Animal Breeding & Genomics; Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals & Diagnostics, Models of Human Disease; Ethics & Regulatory Issues.
Organized by: European Science Foundation (ESF); Wellcome Trust
Invited Speakers: Leif Andersson Uppsala University, SE; Ronald Bontrop Netherlands Proteomics Centre, NL;; Russel G. Foster University of Oxford, UK; Yoshimi Kuroiwa Okayama University, JP; Kerstin Lindblad-Toh Broad Institute, US; Jean Manson Institute for Animal Health, UK; Alan McNeilly University of Edinburgh, UK; Theo Meuwissen University of Norway, NO; Karim Nayernia University of Newcastle/Tyne, UK; Heiner Niemann Institute for Animal Breeding, DE; Paul-Pierre Pastoret Université de Liège, BE; Etienne Pays Université Libre de Bruxelles, BE; Alexander Pfeiffer University of Munich, DE; Fabienne Rolling INSERM, FR; Peter Sandøe KVL, DK; David Watkins University of Wisconsin Madison, US; David Wells AgResearch, NZ
Deadline for Abstracts: 10 April 2007
Registration: Closing Date for Application 10 April 2007
E-mail: corefice@esf.org
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