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  10th Euroconference on Apoptosis  
  July 19, 2002

Cell and Molecular Biology / Anatomy

  Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
11-13 October, 2002

Topics : pro-apoptotic signal transduction, the death effector machinery, caspase-independent cell death, phagocytosis of apoptotic cells and inflammation, host-pathogen interactions.
Organized by: Marie-Lise GOUGEON (Institut Pasteur) and Guido KROEMER (Institut Gustave Roussy)
Invited Speakers: Emad Alnemri (USA); Giovanna Chimini (France); Klaus-Michael Debatin (Germany); Valerie Fadok (USA); Carmen Garrido (France); Victor Goldmacher (USA); Marie-Lise Gougeon (France); Alain Israel (France); Marja Jäättelä (Denmark); Adi Kimchi (Israel); Stanley Korsmeyer (USA); Peter H. Krammer (Germany); Guido Kroemer (France); Xin Lù (UK); Daniela Malide (USA); Patrick Mehlen (France); Thomas F. Meyer (Germany); Shizekazu Nagata (Japan); Donald W. Nicholson (USA); Sten Orrenius (Sweden); Rosario Rizzuto (Italy); Patrizia Rovere (Italy); Hans-Uwe Simon (Switzerland); Aviva Tolkovsky (UK); Jürg Tschopp (Switzerland); Junying Yuan (USA)
Deadline for Abstracts: August 31 2002
Registration: Fees (VAT 19.6% included):
Delegates 450 Euros
Students 350 Euros
E-mail: colloque@pasteur.fr
  Posted by:   Sandra Bobichon  
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