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  July 18, 2002


  Cambridge Heathtech Institute, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
December 2-3, 2002

The completion of draft sequences for the human genome has focused attention on the tremendous effort still required to understand the function of expressed genes and the way in which genes and the proteins they encode interact within cells and organisms. Metabolomics, or the analysis of all cellular metabolites, provides a powerful new tool for gaining insight into functional biology. Snapshots of the level of numerous small molecules within a cell, and how those levels change under different conditions, are very complementary to gene expression and proteomic studies and are actively being applied to studies of infectious diseases and production and model organisms, as well as human cells and plants. This pioneering conference will explore developments in tools for acquisition of profiling data, computational approaches for analysis, and modeling based on such data, as well as practical applications of metabolic profiling. Researchers active in any of these areas should consider submitting proposals for poster presentations and make plans to attend the meeting.

Organized by: CHI
Invited Speakers: Dr. Jens Nielsen, Fluxome Sciences (Denmark)
Dr. Richard Beger, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Dr. Bernhard O. Palsson, University of California, San Diego and Genomatica Inc.
Dr. Robert Plumb, Waters Corporation
Dr. John Connelly, Imperial College and Metabometrix (UK)
Deadline for Abstracts: Poster abstracts: November 1, 2002
Registration: Available on-line.
E-mail: jlaakso@healthtech.com
  Posted by:   Jennifer Laakso  
Host: wks217.healthtech.com
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