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Man & Nature in the New Millennium
Hanlin Academy, Xinfuren Club, Donghaidao Municipality Governement , Guantao Hotel, Longhaitian retreat, Zhanjiang city, Guangdong province, CHINA
November 27th - 29th, 2000


November 25th - 26th Registration (free program)

November 27th Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speakers, Paper presentations

November 28th Panel discussions (full day)

November 29th Morning: sightseeing tour
Afternoon: Closing Ceremony

The humanity has entered into the new millennium with the hope that the 21st century will become a different epoch.
Even before the ending of the past millennial cycle, the world’s leading scientists had determined numerous coincidences in the teachings of the ancient sages and the conclusions of the modern scientific experiments. This has changed some understandings on the connections between Man and Nature. Yet, whether, as a whole, in view of this question and in its behavior, human society does not still remain on its old level?
What does represent the living matter and its place in the Universe? How to restore the harmony between man and Nature? What are the possibilities of resolving the health problems of Homo Sapiens and increasing his adaptability toward the changing environment on Earth and in the Universe? How to expand the cognitive potentials of the human brain, in order to achieve new breakthroughs in the scientific knowledge and stimulate the healthy development of the people of the Earth? These are some of the issues which the Conference proposes for discussion, regardless of position - whether holistic or from the point of view of the concrete classical sciences, their integrative and frontier fields.
We invite scientists and specialists in the spheres of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Philosophy, Medicine (Western, Eastern, Alternative), Biology, Physics and Quantum Physics, Chemistry, the Life Sciences, Qigong, the Sports and Health, Nutrition, Green foods and healthy products and all other fields, connected with the study of the relations between Man and Nature, to take part in the International Conference on Man and Nature in the new millennium.

Transportation: Zhanjiang Airport has direct flights from/to Hongkong, Guangzhou (Canton), Shenzhen, Beijing and Haikou. During the time of registration (November 25th-26th) a special transportation service will be organized from Zhanjiang airport to the Conference site. Please notify the Organizing Committee your flight number and the time of your arrival at Zhanjiang Airport.

Business Center: During the Conference, a specifically established Business Center will work for the needs of the arriving businessmen, interested in business talks and cooperation.

Organized by:

Hanlin Academy, Xinfuren Club, Donghaidao Municipality Government

Deadline for Abstracts:

October 20, 200


Registration: November 25th and 26th, Guantao Hotel

Opening Ceremony: November 27th, 09:00 AM, Guantao Hotel

Confirmation for participation: by October 31st.

Registration and participation fees: USD $200

Payment instruction: Please remit USD by T/T to: First Union Bank Inc. New York in favor of:
further credit: HUANG YUANFU
ACCT: 0755 31148552

Guangdong province - 524076
Zhanjiang city, Donghaidao Municipality Guan wei hui
“Man & Nature in the New Millennium” International Conference Organizing Committee

Telephone: 0086 759 2964303, 0086 759 2962333, 0086 759 2964307
Fax: 0086 759 2965198
Email: ;
Email for Requests and Registration:

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date: August 19, 2000 5:55:05
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