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The BCPC Conference - Pests & Diseases 2000
British Crop Protection Council , Brighton, United Kingdom
13 - 16 November 2000

The BCPC Conference is widely recognised as the leading international event for the worldwide crop protection industry. The focus of the first Conference of the new millennium will be Pests and Diseases. The wide ranging sessions will cover a variety of topics including a discussion on 'Is pesticide-free production a viable option?', genetically modified foods and sustainable pest and disease management in tropical and sub-tropical crops. A full programme can be found at

Organized by:

BCPC Secretariat

Invited Speakers:

Dr David Evans, Zeneca Agrochemicals
The Earl of Selbourne
Dr Neil Carmichael, Aventis CropScience
Dr Robert Tomerlin, Navigen Sciences Inc
Dr Joel Mattsson, Dow AgroSciences
Dr Frank Ellner, BBA
Dr Mark Martens, Monsanto
Professor Joyce Tait, University of Edinburgh
Professor Sir Colin Berry, The Royal London Hospital

Deadline for Abstracts:

5 April 2000


Register on-line at or contact the conference secretariat on telephone +44 (0)20 8940 5555 or fax (0)20 8940 5577 for a programme and registration form.
Email for Requests and Registration:

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date: August 14, 2000 16:48:45
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