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Added Value Products from Plants: Starches, Proteins and Plastics

Plant Protein Club , University of York, UK
17-19 July 2000

Contact PPC office for programme.

Organized by:

Stephanie Gant

Invited Speakers:

Karen Bohmert (MPI Golm, Germany)
Henry Daniell (University of Florida, USA)
Ian Graham (Centre for Novel Agricultural Products, York, UK)
Kenneth Gruys (Monsanto, USA)
Robert Hall (CPRO-DLO, Netherlands)
Arnd Heyer (MPI Golm, Germany)
Steve Jobling (Unilever, UK)
Peter Keeling (ExSeed Genetics, USA)
Jens Kossmann (MPI-MOPP, Germany)
Simon McQueen-Mason (University of York, UK)
Yves Poirier (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
Peter Shewry (IARC-Long Ashton Research Station, UK)
Sjef Smeekens (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)
Steven Smith (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Richard Visser (Wageningen University,Netherlands)
Gene Yang (DuPont USA)
Samuel Zeeman (John Innes Centre, UK)

Deadline for Abstracts:

Contact PPC office for details

Email for Requests and Registration:

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date: June 22, 2000 10:48:35
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