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Early Assessment of Health Technologies: Do the Risks Justify the Benefits?
Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment and Euroscan , Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
12-13 October, 2000

The Purpose of this symposium is to act as a catalyst to initiate debate on issues surrounding the early assessment of health technologies. Four main themes will be addressed by this symposium: Do we need early evaluation of health technologies? What are the risks and benefits? How should early assessments be done? Where do we go from here? Sessions will include debates, panels, and case studies, as well as formal and informal presentations. This symposium provides a valuable opportunity to disscuss early evaluation with the various stakeholders, including government health care and hospital managers, members of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, technology assessment agencies and academics ivolved in early assessment.

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Before June 6, 2000:
$225 for people from non-profit organizations
$425 for others
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