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Immunophilins: Cellular Functions and Immunosuppressive Drug Targets
Keystone Symposia , Keystone Resort, Keystone, Colorado
February 24 - 29, 2000

The recent synthesis of novel dimerizing ligands based on FK506 promises to revolutionize the control of gene expression in mammalian cells, which may lead to novel therapeutic approaches. In summary, these fields represent a highly unusual convergence of studies encompassing immunology, signal transduction, yeast genetics, cell cycle, x-ray structures, synthetic organic chemistry, protein folding, regulation of gene expression, and medicine. Thus, this areas represents a rich and fertile ground for further scientific and medical advances.

Organized by:

Joseph Heitman, Jermy Luban and James R. Stiehr

Invited Speakers:

Gunter Fischer, Weinian Shou, Claude B. Klee, Gerald R. Crabtree, Joseph P. Steiner, Jon C. Clardy, Robert T. Abraham...

Deadline for Abstracts:

October 25, 1999


Early Registration: December 22, 1999
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