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Molecular Genetics of Mental Disorders
Pierre Fabre Research Institute , Castres, France
23 to 26 November 1999

Topics will include:
Experimental Approaches in Molecular Genetics of Mental Disorders
Gene knock-out techniques
Antisense technology
Transitory and permanent gene transfection into cell lines
Quantitative hybridisation of high density cDNA arrays
Differential display for detecting potential gene candidates
Orphan receptors as drug targets
Validation of a receptor as a drug target
5-HT modulin, an example of the integration of molecular genetic tools

Gene expression, Gene Polymorphism and linkage studies

Effect of antidepressants on gene expression
Genomics for discovering new targets
Constitutively active receptors - a particular aspect of polymorphism
Polymorphism of the 5-HT transporter and psychiatric disorders
Suicide, alcoholism and tryptophan hydroxylase polymorphism
Polymorphism of the enzymes involved in monoamine synthesis
Pharmacogenetics of Schizophrenia
Apolipoprotein E and the susceptibility to neurodegenerative disease

Molecular genetics in therapeutic practice

Gene therapy - The dream, the nightmare, and the reality
How will molecular genetics change the practice of psychiatry and neurology?

Organized by:

Mike Briley

Invited Speakers:

O. Civelli (Switzerland)
D. Cohen (France)
S. Cotecchia (Switzerland)
R.S. Duman (USA)
G. Fillion (France)
R. Hen (USA)
A. Kahn (France)
KP. Lesch (Germany)
J. Mallet (France)
DA. Nielsen (USA)
D. Nutt (UK)
P. Pauwels (France)
D. Pickar (USA)
G. Pietu (France)
J. Sallinen (Finland)
WJ. Strittmatter (USA)
F. Sulser (USA)

Deadline for Abstracts:

31 july 1999


Carte Blanche
19 rue Mahuzies 81100 castres France
tel (33)563723100 fax (33)563723032
Email for Requests and Registration:

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date: September 29, 1998 12:51:13
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