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Molecular Interaction Technologies '98

Palo Alto Institute of Molecular Medicine , Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco, CA

Invited Speakers: KEYNOTE: Stuart Schreiber, HHMI, Harvard
Carlos Barbas, Scripps
Ron Barrett, Affymax
Paul Bartel, Myriad Genetics
Helen Blau, Stanford
Roger Brent, Molecular Sciences Institute
James Broach, Princeton
Gerald Crabtree, HHMI, Stanford
Reto Crameri, Swiss Institute, Davos
Stan Fields, HHMI, University of Washington
Michael Gilman, ARIAD Pharmaceutical
Hennie Hoogenboom, Univ. Hosp., Maastricht
Jarko Kochan, Hoffmann-La Roche
Pierre Legrain, Institut Pasteur
Lawrence Loeb, University of Washington
Gary Nolan, Stanford
Carl Pabo, HHMI, MIT
Don Payan, Rigel
Andreas Plückthun, Universitat Zurich
Mike Roth, Tularik
Gerald Rubin, HHMI, U.C. Berkeley
Erkki Ruoslahti, Burnham Institute
Robert Sauer, MIT
Peter Schultz, HHMI, U.C. Berkeley
Paul Sternberg, HHMI, Cal Tech
Jeremy Thorner, U.C. Berkeley
Roger Tsien, HHMI, U.C. San Diego
Marc Vidal, MGH Cancer Center
James Wells, Genentech
Marvin Wickens, University of Wisconsin
Kleanthis Xanthopoulos, Aurora Biosciences

Tentative Schedule:
Sunday October 18

3:00 - 7:00 PM Registration

Monday October 19

7:00 - 8:30 AM Registration

8:30 AM Welcome

8:40- 9:25 AM Keynote Address: Stuart Schreiber

9:25- 9:50 AM Stan Fields: The Two-Hybrid System: Newer roles and bigger jobs

9:50- 10:20 AM Break

Session 1 - Protein Interactions Methodologies

10:20- 10:45 AM Jarko Kochan: The Yeast Tribrid System: A Means of target and lead identification

10:45- 11:10 AM Helen Blau: Protein Interactions Monitored in Live Cells via ß-galactosidase Complimentation

11:10- 11:35 AM Jeremy Thorner: A Differential Interaction Trap Assay for Dissection of Protein-protein Interactions

Stephen Michnick: Putting Protein Folding to Work: Oligomerization domain- directed reassembly of active enzymes from fragments as a protein design strategy and for functional relationships among proteins in vivo

11:35- 12 Noon Andreas Pluckthun:

12N-1:30 PM Luncheon for Speakers

Session 2 - Drug Screening

1:30- 1:55 PM Michael Gilman: Imparting Small-molecule Control to Gene and Cell Therapy

1:55- 2:20 PM Kleanthis Xanthopoulos: Integrating Genome-wide Functional Analysis with High- throughput Systems

2:25- 2:45 PM Garry Nolan: Retroviruses for Functional Genomic Analysis and Motif Generation

2:45- 3:10 PM Don Payan: Retrovirally Delivered Combinatorial Libraries for Pathway Mapping

3:10- 3:35 PM James Wells: Pleiotropic binding at hormone-receptor interfaces

3:35- 4:05 PM Break

Session 3- Chemistry

4:05- 4:30 PM Gerald Crabtree:

4:30- 4:55 PM Roger Tsien: Imaging Protein Interactions in Live Cells

4:55- 5:20 PM Peter Schultz: Functional Molecules: A Lesson from Nature

Tuesday, October 20

Session 4- Peptides/Antibodies/Phage Display

8:45- 9:10 AM Ron Barrett: Identification of Cell Surface Receptor Ligands from Encoded Combinatorial Libraries

9:10- 9:35 AM Reto Crameri: Selective enrichment and high throughput screening of cDNA clones from complex allergenic systems

9:35- 10:00 AM Hennie Hoogenboom:

10:00- 10:25 AM Erkki Ruoslahti:

10:25- 10:55 AM Break

Session 5- Nucleic Acid/Protein Interactions

10:55- 11:20 AM Lawrence Loeb:

11:20- 11:45 AM Robert Sauer:

11:45AM- 12:10 PM Marvin Wickens: Analysis of RNA-protein interactions and 3'UTR regulation in
C. elegans germline development

12:10- 12:35 PM Carlos Barbas:

12:35- 1:30 PM Luncheon for Speakers

Session 6- Genomics

1:30- 1:55 PM Pierre Legrain: Exhaustive analysis of viral, microbial, and yeast genomes through genomic two-hybrid screens

1:55- 2:20 PM Marc Vidal: A C. elegans protein interaction mappi ng project

2:20- 2:45 PM Paul Bartel:

2:45- 3:10 PM Michael Weiner:

3:10- 3:35 PM Roger Brent::

3:35- 4:05 PM Break

Session 7- Model Systems

4:05- 4:30 PM James Broach: Selection of Novel Peptide Ligands for Orphan G Protein-Coupled Receptors

4:30- 4:55 PM Paul Sternberg: Whole organism gene interaction analysis: gene discovery and pathway definition in C. elegans

4:55- 5:20 PM Gerald Rubin:

Registration :
For More Information Contact:
The Palo Alto Institute of Molecular Medicine
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Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
Tel: 650.694.1420 Fax: 650.694.7717
E-Mail: paimm@netgate.net
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Deadline for Abstracts: 10/1/98

Email for Requests and Registration: paimm@netgate.net

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