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2nd Heidelberg Conference on Dynamic and Functional Radiological Imaging of the Brain

Dept. of Neuroradiology , Renaissance Hotel, Heidelberg
10/29/98 - 10/31/98

Invited Speakers: Elbert, Essig, Evens, Forsting, Frahm, Goebel, Grodd,
Haberkorn, Hacke, Hajnal, Hari, Heiland, Hoehn-Berlage,
Jansen, Kahn, Kalender, Knauth, Kretschmann, von Kummer,
Lufkin, Moseley, Ĝstergaard, Rienmüller, Ross, Sartor,
Scherg, Schröder, Tatsch, Tofts, Warach, Wildermuth,
Williams, Wirtz, Yousry, Yuh.

The conference will focus on radiological techniques
giving insight into normal and abnormal cerebral
physiology: dynamic and functional MR, dynamic spiral CT,
SPECT, PET, and magnetic source imaging.
For further details see web-site.

Registration :
Diana Brinkmann,
Dept. of Neuroradiology,
University of Heidelberg Medical School,
Im Neuenheimer Feld 400,
D-69120 Heidelberg,
phone -49 (6221) 567566;
fax -49 (6221) 564673;
e-mail: Diana_Brinkmann@ukl.uni-heidelberg.de

Deadline for Abstracts: no

Email for Requests and Registration: Diana_Brinkmann@ukl.uni-heidelberg.de

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