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III Spanish-Portuguese Conference on Controled Drug Delivery

INETI , Lisbon
September,6-9, 1998

Invited Speakers: J. MoraisD. BazileM.J. AlonsoA. AlmeidaM.E. CruzG. StormG. Lopez-BeresteinD. BreimerP. Vieira

Pharmacokinetics aspects of controlled release formulationsMechanisms of immune responsePolymers as excipients in drug deliveryLipid based drug deliveryOligonucleotides and gene therapy

Registration :
INETIBioquímica IEstrada do Paço do Lumiar1699 LISBOA CODEXPortugalTel: + 351- 1- 716 27 12FAX: + 351-1 716 65 91/716 36 36

Deadline for Abstracts: May,31st

Email for Requests and Registration: alzira.botequim@ibqta.ineti.pt, conceicao.rebelo@ibqta.ineti.pt

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