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PowBioSys - International Symposium on Power-law Modelling of Biological Systems

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência , Oeiras (Portugal)
October 4-7, 1998

Invited Speakers:
António Coutinho
Victor Fairen
Alexandre Quintanilha
Michael A. Savageau
Winchill Vaz
Eberhard Voit

Session themes (tentative):

Mathematical developments in the framework of the power-law formalism
Software for simulation and analysis of biological systems
Strategies for modelling biological processes
Modelling of ecological systems
Modelling of supracellular physiological systems
Large-scale modelling of biochemical processes
Modelling of specific biochemical processes
Biophysical aspects of metabolism
The search for design principles in Biochemistry

Registration :
Electronic registration forms available at URL: http://www.itqb.unl.pt/sss5

Deadline for Abstracts: April 15, 1998

Email for Requests and Registration: a.salvador@mail.telepac.pt

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