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6th International Conference "AIDS, Cancer and Related Problems"

Biomedical Center , St.Petersburg, Russia
May 17-22, 1998

Invited Speakers: TBA


We invite you to participate in the 6th International Conference "AIDS, Cancer and Related Problems", which will be held in St.Petersburg, Russia, in the period of May 17 - May 22, 1998.
Russia is one of the few major countries the population of which is not yet significantly infected with HIV. In this country the possibility still exists to implement scientific expertise and appropriate prevention measures in order to reduce the spread of epidemic.
Your participation in exchange of ideas and experiences will help to make an important step in this direction.
You will also be able to enjoy the beautiful season of Bright Nights and Art festivals at St.Petersburg.

General Information

The conference will cover a broad spectrum of problems of HIV/AIDS, cancer and related problems, from molecular biology to epidemiology and social aspects. People from major CIS countries will discuss peculiarities of HIV/AIDS epidemic in Russia and CIS. Traditionally, the honorary Kalinka Award will be presentated at the opening ceremony for the international leadership in the field of HIV/AIDS.

Tentative Scientific Program:

Social Aspects of HIV Infection and AIDS.
Collaboration of Governmental and Non-Governmental AIDS-Service Organizations.
Problems of Sexual Education.
HIV Infection Among IVDUs.
Legislation on drugs and HIV/AIDS.
Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and Opportunistic Infections.
Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases (EREIDs).
Pathogenesis and Clinical Problems of HIV/AIDS and Cancer.
HIV Vaccine.
Molecular Design, Directed Synthesis and Manufacturing of Substances and Drugs Against HIV/AIDS.
Molecular Virology.
Molecular and Cellular Biology of HIV Infection.
Cytokines in AIDS, Malignancy and Other Diseases.
Laboratory Diagnostics, Monitoring of HIV and Opportunistic Infections.
Fundamental Aspects of Tumor Growth.
Experimental and Theoretical Biology.


Commercial exhibition and symposiums will be organized. Space for commercial advertizing is available in Russian Journal of HIV/AIDS and Related Problems.

Registration :

Abstracts should be in English and fit within 11.5*16.5 cm frame. Use single spaced text. Type title in capital letters and center it. Initials must precede last name. Underline the name of the author presenting the paper. The abstracts could be sent by E-mail. The format ASCII, MS Word for DOS/Win or Word Perfect is recommended.

Registration Fee:

Payment received before March 1st, US$ 350
Payment received after March 1st, US$ 400
Accompanying person, US$ 75
Exhibition and Advertisement Fees:
One square meter of exhibition area, US$ 250
Presentation at commercial symposium (15 min), US$ 200
Colour advertising page A4 in the Journal, US$ 600


Deadline for abstracts, registration and other payments: March 1, 1998


Participants will be accommodated at the hotel “St.Petersburg” (5/2 Vyborgskaja Emb.) The daily rates are US$ 75/day for a single room.

Bank Account:

Registration fee should be sent to Biomedical Center Account No. 517070823 at Industry and Construction Bank, 38 Nevsky Pr., St.Petersburg. Industry and Construction Bank has a correspondent US$ accounts No.9498320 in Deutchebank, Frankfurt, and No.04094753 in Banker's Trust Company, New York.

Registration form for participants

Please type or use block letters

Family name
First name
Institute / Organization
Mailing Address
City Country
Telephone Fax E-mail
Please attach to your registration form a cheque or a copy of the transfer form for your registration fee.

Deadline for Abstracts: March 1, 1998

Email for Requests and Registration: biomed@mailbox.alkor.ru

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