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First Electronic Cell Biology Conference

Virtual Environments International , Internet
November 3 - 14

Topics to be covered include:

* Advances in Cytoskeleton Research,
* The roles of cadherins in Cell Adhesion,
* Extracellular Matrix Proteins and their Receptors,
* Cell Culture Systems in in vitro Toxicology,
* Cell Motility,
* Somatic Mutation and Cancer,
* Comparative Microscopy of Cell Structure and Function,
* Insulin and Signal Transduction,
* Photosynthesis and Pigment Biosynthesis and Degradation under Control and Stress conditions,
* Protein kinase C in early development,
* Microtubule-microfilament interactions in Cell Motility,
* Intracellular protein translocation,
* Apoptosis,
* Telomeres,
* p53 Growth Regulation,
* Cell Adhesion,
* Cellular Mechanisms of Development,
* The Role of Chaperonins in Protein Folding,
* Endocytosis and Molecular Sorting,
* Transcriptional Regulation in Yeasts,
* Cytokine Receptors and Signal Transduction.

Registration :
See the URL: http://www.vei.co.uk/ecb1/ for further details.

Deadline for Abstracts: 10/10/97

Email for Requests and Registration: brett@vei.co.uk

Posted by: Dr Brett Burridge, Conference Administrator (Virtual Environments International).) Host: s1450.essex.ac.uk date: September 30, 97 12:36:40
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