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EFIT'98 - 6th International Expert Forum on Immunotherapy and Gene Therapy

EFIT'98 , Centro Internationale Congressi Firenze, Florence, Italy
May 6-8, 1998

Invited Speakers: R. Ader, USA, M. Badamchian, USA, F. Belardelli, Italy, T. Blankenstein, Germany, R. Chandra, Canada, M. Dardenne, France, G. Doria, Italy, C. Ebner, Austria, E. Garaci, Italy, E. Gleichmann, Germany, L. Harrison, Australia, P. Jardieu, USA, Y. Kawakami, Japan, J. Lamb, UK, S. N. Meydani, USA, R. A. Miller, USA, P. Miossec, France, P. S. Norman, USA, I. Pecht, Israel, M. P. Protti, Italy, S. Rose-John, Germany, R. S. Sohal, USA, P. Stinissen, Belgium, C. Weyand, USA,

Tolerance and AutoimmunityThymic Peptides and Cytokines in Infectious Diseases and Immune DeficienciesNutrition, Environmental and Psychological Influences on the Immune SystemAgeing and ImmunologyAllergiesImmunology and Therapy of Malignant TumoursScience and Media - a Dialogue

Registration :
OIC, 24Via A. La Marmara50121 Florence, ItalyPhone +39-55-50351Fax +39-55-5001912E-mail: efit@oic-srl.comorDr. Susanne Koch Waldstrasse 11D-53721 SiegburgGermanyPhone +49-2241-56882Fax +49-2241-56484E-mail: susanne.koch@metronet.de

Deadline for Abstracts: 01/31/1998

Email for Requests and Registration: susanne.koch@metronet.de

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