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Cell & Molecular Biology of Aplysia & Related Invertebrates

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory , Cold Spring Harbor , New York
Wednesday April 16 - Sunday April 20

Invited Speakers: Plenary Speaker: Eric Kandel, Columbia University/HHMI

Speakers who will attend include:
George Augustine
Douglas Baxter
Paul Benjamin
Gene Block
Thomas Carew
Gregory Clark
Arnold Eskin
Wijnand Garaerts
Hersch Gerschenfeld
David Glanzman
Paul Hardin
Elizabeth Jonas
JacSue Kehoe
John Koester
Irving Kupfermann
Barry Ganetzky
Philip Lloyd
Eve Marder
Catherine Rankin
Christie Sahley
Micha Spira
Tim Tully
Nancy Wayne
Klaudiusz Weiss

This meeting will focus on the discussion of new methods and findings that have emerged in the cell and molecular biology of Aplysia. We encourage reserchers working in complementary areas in a variety of other model invertebrate systems including crayfish, leech, squid, Drosophila, Manduca and C.elegans to present their work at this meeting. Seven oral presentation sessions and two poster sessions are planned. In addition to the invited speakers, the majority of speakers will be selected on the basis of the abstracts submitted. We particular encourage submission of abstracts by junior researchers in the field. Sessions are anticipated in the following areas:

mechanisms of synaptic transmission
ion channels and channel modulation
peptides and small molecule transmitters
cell imaging
circadian rhythms
neuronal circuitry and behavior
learning and memory

Registration :

Deadline for Abstracts: January 22 1997

Email for Requests and Registration: meetings@cshl.org

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