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First International Symposium on the Biology of Vertabrate Sex Determination

Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species & Mid-Pacific Genetics, Inc. , Outrigger Prince Kuhio Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii
April 7 - 11, 1997

Invited Speakers: Roger Short
Yoshitaka Nagahama
Jeff Lang
Claude Pieau
Al Place
Andrew Sinclair
Mike Clinton
Kiyoshi Shimada
Jenny Marshall Graves
Shirley Tilghman
Huntington Willard
Anne McLaren
Robin Lovell-Badge
Peter Koopman
Vincent Harley

Invited Speakers, oral presentations and posters
April 7 - Sex determination in Fish and Amphibians
April 8-9 - Sex determination in Reptiles and Birds
April 10 - Sex determination in Marsupials and other Mammals
April 11 - Sex determination in mice and humans

Registration :
Dr. Valentine Lance lvalenti@sunstroke.sdsu.edu
Dr. Mark Bogart 102634.3156@compuserve.com

Deadline for Abstracts: January 31, 1997

Email for Requests and Registration: lvalenti@sunstroke.sdsu.edu

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