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Psychopharmacology & Mental Well-Being for Primary Care Physicians

X World Congress on Psychiatry , Madrid, Spain

Invited Speakers: Dr. Uriel Halbreich, Dr. Jorge Alberto Costa Silva, Dr. Norman Sartorius, Dr. Bedirhan Ustun, Dr. Donald Lipsutt, Dr. Allan Studemeir, Dr. Victor Stiebel, Dr. Peter Stokes, Dr. Sigfried Kasper, Dr. Brian Leonard, Dr. peter Loosen, Dr. Lorraine Dennerstein, Dr. Steven Cole, Dr. Stanley Watson, Dr. Wade Berrettini, Dr. Jack Gorman, Dr. Robert Cancro, others.

An updated review of diagnosis and management of Mental disorders for clinicians and primary care physicians; enhancement of patient-doctor relationships; update of medicine for psychiatrists. A hosted, cultural tour of Spain will follow this program.

Registration :
Contact Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, 201-744-0410, 201-744-2764 (fax), and FRIENDLYAM@AOL.COM for all registration materials. Time to enroll is short.

Deadline for Abstracts: N/A

Email for Requests and Registration: FRIENDLYAM@AOL.COM

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