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Eighth International Catecholamine Symposium

Asilomar Conference Center , Pacific Grove, Monterey, California, USA
13-18 October, 1996


Registration :

The Symposium registration fee covers the welcoming reception, entry to all the scientific meetings, poster sessions, wine and cheese receptions, Festschrift activities including the dessert reception at the Monterey aquarium Wednesday October 16, and the banquet supper Thursday October 17.

The Symposium registration fee is $425 for registrations received by June 1, 1996. After that date, the Symposium registration fee will increase to $575.

For bona fide students, the Symposium registration fee is $200, but this fee must be received by June 1, 1996.

Deadline for Abstracts: June 1, 1996

Email for Requests and Registration: daveg@box-d.nih.gov

Posted by: Graeme Eisenhofer Host: date: January 16, 96 23:12:26
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