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Advances in Congestive Heart Failure, Research and Therapeutics

Cambridge Symposia , Hyatt Regency, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
March 10, 1996-March 16, 1996

Heart Failure (CHF) affects over 3 million Americans and is growing in incidence, prevalence
and hospitalization in the elderly. In spite of multi-pharmacology approved for chronic
treatment of CHF (diuretics, digitalis, ACE inhibitors and vasodilators) the mortality rate
continues to be very high (about 50%/5years). Recently, the FDA has halted clinical trials with
carvedilol, a multiple action vasodilating b-blocker and antioxidant due to remarkable positive
outcome. The carvedilol CHF studies indicate the possibility of substantial improvement of
current therapy and highlight the need for better understanding of the fundamental mechanisms
of cardiac remodeling in the progression and deterioration of CHF patients. The proposed
conference aims to review and analyze the pathomechanisms of CHF with new insights in the
genomic aspects of the disease, and the new role carvedilol and potentially other drugs now play
in management of CHF patients.

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Deadline for Abstracts: December 6, 1995

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