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Pharmacokinetics for the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Scientist

Universities of Minnesota, Pisa and Malta , Malta


Dear Colleagues,

There are still a few places left for our Pharmacokinetics Summer School

Combine a learning experience, at a reasonable price, with a holiday in
one of the most fascinating islands in the Mediterranean!!

Please send me an e-mail asap if you are interested

Dr Janet Mifsud
Department of clinical Pharmacology
University of Malta
Msida MSD06 Malta
tel (+356) 32902845 , fax (+356) 320281
email janmif@um.edu.mt

site address http://www.cis.um.edu.mt/~clph/pharmacokinetics/

Janet Mifsud

in collaboration with

presents courses in

for the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Scientist

The University of Malta,

site address http://www.cis.um.edu.mt/~clph/pharmacokinetics/


These courses have been designed to cover the fundamental principles and
applications of pharmacokinetics in the pharmaceutical and biomedical
sciences. The program will benefit those who wish to acquire a good
working knowledge of the basic concepts, in pharmacokinetics, and to
apply pharmacokinetic principles in the patient care and drug
development arenas. Concepts will be covered in depth in lectures, and
problem-solving will be emphasized in the workshops.

Two courses will be given. A five-day introductory level course, and a
two-day intermediate level course.


Introductory Level Course
Morning sessions will be devoted to lectures by Professors Sawchuk,
Rescigno, Zimmerman, Brundage (U. Minnesota), Mifsud (U. Malta) and
Saettone (U. Pisa). Afternoons will be spent in small-group workshops
led by these same faculty. These sessions will focus on the solution to
problems in preclinical as well as in clinical pharmacokinetics, with an
emphasis on conceptual understanding, as well as data analysis and
interpretation. Participants will be encouraged to raise questions
related to their own practice or research setting. The latter portion of
the afternoon sessions will be set aside for additional review, data
analysis, and informal discussions with the faculty.

The first three days of the course will address topics of general
interest to all participants. The last two days of the Introductory
Level Course will focus on specific areas in parallel sessions. These
topics will also be covered in lecture and workshop, and participants
will elect to attend one of three sessions according to their specific
interests (see Course Topics).

Enrollment will be limited to 30 participants. To enroll, please
complete the application form and send as directed as soon as possible. In
view of the limited enrollment, we encourage your prompt response.

A limited number of places at a reduced academic fee (see below) will be
reserved for students and academic staff.

The Maltese archipelago consists of 3 main islands, Malta, Gozo and
Comino, with a total surface area of 316 km2 the largest island being
Malta. The geographically strategic location of the Maltese Islands has
always attracted the world1s maritime powers in their efforts to control
shipping in the Mediterranean. The earliest known inhabitants, the
Phoenician traders, were followed by numerous other conquerors, each
leaving an indelible mark on the islands. Malta was thus exposed to
diverse cultures, enhancing its archaeological, historical and cultural

Air Malta and other international airlines link Malta with major cities
in Europe and around the Mediterranean. There are daily connections to
London (Heathrow and Gatwick) as well as frequent direct flights to
Milan, Rome, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Athens, Tunis, Cairo, Tel Aviv
and Dubai. The National Tourism Organisation of Malta has offices in
several key cities. For information of a touristic nature, please call:
New York 212.695. 9520 Milan 2.5830.7559
Amsterdam 206.2097.223 London 171.328.0506
Frankfurt 6928.5890 Paris 1.4800.0379

The climate in Malta is warm and inviting, with September air
temperatures ranging from 21-28C, and sea about 25C.

for further enquires contact

Dr Janet Mifsud
Department of clinical Pharmacology
University of Malta
Msida MSD06 Malta
tel (+356) 32902845 , fax (+356) 320281
email janmif@cis.um.edu.mt

site address http://www.cis.um.edu.mt/~clph/pharmacokinetics/

Registration :

Deadline for Abstracts: 30th June 1998

Email for Requests and Registration: janmif@um.edu.mt

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