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Recombinant DNA Methodology

Center for Advanced Training in Cell and Molecular Biology (CATCMB) , The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.
July 7-11, 1997

Invited Speakers: Instructional staff drawn from a wide variety of disciplines.

This comprehensive lecture/lab "hands-on" training course
provides the participants with the tools needed to
successfully return to their labs and begin employing
the diversity of techniques used in Recombinant DNA

Registration :
To receive registration information via fax or mail contact
our offices at (202)-319-6161 or by fax at 202-319-4467.
You may also review all course information via our Home Page
at http://www.cua.edu/www.catc

Deadline for Abstracts: n/a

Email for Requests and Registration: cua-catcmb@cua.edu

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