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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory , Cold Spring Harbor, New York
October 10 - 23, 1996

This lab-based course is aimed at investigators using genetic and physical mapping to isolate their gene of interest. It covers techniques involved in physical mapping, contig building, gene isolation, and functional analysis of cloned DNA. Experiments will include: analysis and characterization of large-insert clones (YACs, BACs, and PACs) by partial digestion and pulsed field gel electrophoresis; creation of nested derivatives of YACs by fragmentation at repeat sequences or exons; end sequence rescue; contig building by STS content mapping; gene identification by cDNA selection and exon trapping; manipulation of YAC DNA by homologous recombination for the introduction of mammalian selectable markers and specific mutations; and preparation of YAC DNA for transfer into cells in tissue culture by lipofection and into transgenic mice by pronuclear injection. There will also be computer based sessions on accessing data from the World Wide Web and using databases. The practical component of the course is supplemented with lectures by invited speakers who are prominent researchers in the field and who then spend time talking to the participants. There is also structured discussion of how to apply the current technology to the specific research projects of the participants.

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Deadline for Abstracts: July 15, 1996

Email for Requests and Registration: meetings@cshl.org

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