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Cell Culture and Hybridomas: Quality Control and Cryopreservation Techniques

American Type Culture Collection , Rockville, Maryland
October 25-27, 1995

Invited Speakers: Faculty: Robert Hay, Ph.D. (Workshop Director), Director, ATCC Cell Culture Dept.;
T.R. Chen, Ph.D., Senior Staff Scientist; William Rall, Ph.D., Cryobiologist; Marvin L. Macy, M.S., Collection Manager, Cell Culture Dept.; Patrick McClintock, Ph.D., Associate Staff Scientist; Yvonne Reid, Ph.D., Associate Staff Scientist.

During this three-day workshop, you will learn freezing and quality control procedures for
mammalian cell cultures and hybridomas. Lecture topics include the theory of
cryopreservation, an overview of cell banking principles and practices, detection
methods for microbial, mycoplasmal and viral contaminants, chromosome analysis,
isoenzyme and DNA hypervariable probe analyses for cell line identification, plus
qualitative and quantitative testing for antibody production.

Laboratory techniques taught include ATCC methods for cell freezing, isoenzymology
for species determination, cytogenetics, microbial contaminant testing, including direct
and indirect methods for mycoplasma detection. Step-by-step instructions will be given
in the laboratory. Participants will acquire a direct working knowledge of the
methodologies employed.

A copy of the "ATCC Quality Control Methods for Cell Lines" will be included with the
course manual.

Registration :
FEE: $850.00 Limited to 24 Participants

Deadline for Abstracts: N/A

Email for Requests and Registration: ahudak@atcc.org

Posted by: Ken Carter, Assoc. Director, Education Program, ATCC Host: date: September 21, 95 19:37:02
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