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registry of biomedical companies

  October 04, 2022
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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The E-mail Time & News - Edition 2

BBL - Barberry Community House / Lodge
PoCo (Tri-cities area) BC

Phone: 16049458408
Fax: 16049419022
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


--o o O) E-mail Time & News (O o o--

As you all know the ConstantContact.com platform for emailing our various newsletters was halted in 2021 due to lack of feedback or interest even from our favoured Filipino viewers / readers and ended with some issues in surmises of using photosynthetic manipulations in cropping leading to what is referred to as the XL Grow varieties including seagrasses and agave for energy feedstock, amongst others. It is being announced for our purposes in this e-mail messaging both, snail mail, instant messaging (IM) (via LinkedIn) and/or e-mail despatch using Aol.com or Gmail.com that our follow-up stories in the The E-mail Time & News are exclusive to us. We will be opening with: Issue #1: Habitat Renewal, the Burnaby Mtn. in BC Canada's Parks Restoration of That Green Space; Issue #2: Enhancement of a Habitat for Salmonids in the Tributary in the Watershed Area of Hyde Creek, PoCo BC Canada with a Short Story for Salmon Rescue, as a starter.  
--o o O) ( O ) (O o o-- 
Issue# 1:  ''The Burnaby Mountain Forests Are to Continue Greening in their Local Nature Reserve in Beautiful, Natural British Columbia: as a plan.''

We in Vancouver can pass by the famous Simon Fraser University, Burnaby campus, there are 3 different types of bus lines in all, from stopping over between either the largest shopping complex in Burnaby or from downtown Vancouver to Coquitlam or in general the Tri-Cities area and beyond to Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge.

You cannot help but admire the mountain's lush greenery and with its forest cover. But look closer and if you have spent time in earlier eras you will notice a difference.
We can notice the drying conditions (including spells of little precipitation, and even drought) with summer heat waves, now ever more these days, presently poorer solar irradiation due to pollution despite Aircare(R) and increased CO2 release rather than it sinking to tree biomass in the greenery of the forest cover, and thinning of the green space with rezoning for land use in general in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) of BC Canada.
To take the e. g. of this Burnaby Mountain Park in that municipality, there is significant and very gradual warming and thus more moisture loss daily with drying. It is a warning that unless rain precipitation can be balanced off amongst the regions here in North America and in the Pacific Northwest with more regular rainfall, aquifers to be replenished by collecting in the ground water, and lakes suffering with less precipitation plus evaporative loss from elevated temperatures, would eventually have to force conservation measures to lessen ground water and reservoir use, and, with less air, viz. O2(g) to breath, due to limiting forest and other plant cover would ensue gradually in the future.
It is suggested that tree planting of both saplings and undergrowth in the forest floor will considerably boost the quality of the appearance of forest cover, the parks-n-trails, and thus their recreational value, also important the commercial value of surrounding real estate with the SFU, Burnaby campus, at the 'crown' of the mountain's parks area.

The appearance of the park is mostly evergreen and very picturesque and even used to have their characteristic aroma hanging in the air from their resin or sap and had an intense verdant look in a stunning backdrop with mountain range with its many snow-covered peaks.
As a fact, parks and recreation is known to have got their act together in terms of techniques and programs in tree planting for replenishment of the tree cover claiming benefits inducing better water conservation in soil and the fragile soil cover, viz. soil erosion could ensue if unchecked.
Citizens' action is now called and an awareness in the long term to be good stewards to environmental conservation in local lands and including our precious Land Food Systems (LFS) serving all local areas within BC region of Canada.

Bygone are the days when the mountains were a backdrop of pristine beauty of bluish-green, effervescently scented in the surrounding air, due in part to both the moisture-laden air in the atmosphere, the constant rain during the Winter months in our sub-tropical arctic rainforest, in part, due to the so-called "Pineapple Express" from Hawaii.
--o o O) ( O ) (O o o-- 

Issue# 2: Rescue Mission for Coho Fingerlings at the Hydecreek Watershed Catchment Stream on Northside of Port Coquitlam BC Canada.
It was recently noted that the cycle of Hydecreek as a stream, in particular, from June onwards and before the beginning of the Fall rains in October, has significantlydried up the stream down to its gravel, sandy bed along its Creek. The stream just down from the bridge under the Coast Meridian Rd. traveling north of Prairie Ave. in Port Coquitlam northside from the Hatchery and Education Centre has a 3 foot deep wading pool where about mostly 650 Coho fingerlings were rescued.
Their earlier release into the freshwater catchment area was based on their lifecycle spending so much time after their spawning and fertilization and growth to fry and artificial rearing in the hatchery troughs for either Chum or Coho salmon, where Chum usually spend more time, about 6 mos., in the next stage in the property's rearing pond while the Coho are usually released directly to the watershed catchment stream tributaries in their soon-to-be habitat before making in out on the Fraser River and then off to the saltwaters of the Pacific Ocean where they will be spending 5-7 years in cycle in the North Pacific spanning an area between the Columbia River in the USA and Russia, before returning to their original streams to spawn and start a new life cycle for salmon.

To go further down stream City crews pumped water with one line into rescue Pool A and then the other line of evacuated H2O to Pool B, at another section downstream to the dry creek bed as the volunteers and workers scooped out and collected in pails complete with O2 bubblers in two lots salmon which were then loaded onto a City of Port Coquitlam flatbed truck which travelled further downstream to their new, temporary home at a Pool C serviced naturally by an aquifer spring.
Municipal workers were at hand to dredge the gravel bund which was high and dry on the stream's bed floor to facilitate flow later in the Fall season's rains just at the edge of the rescue site. Also, a large maple tree 'awning' at the bank over Pool A had to be retained from falling due to erosion by building a wall by City engineers to prevent tree and bank from collapsing.
There will be a need to address fish feeding supplied courtesy of the hatchery as the aquifer takes care to supply fresh water with fresh O2 to the fish in Pool C.
This was the author's first experience in witnessing and helping out with a humanitarian and conservation measure to preserve the salmon streams and its salmon runs in the Hydecreek area watershed of Port Coquitlam in British Columbia Canada.
--o o O) ( O ) (O o o--

Our new community group email loop will be called E-mail Time & News (R), just in time for your morning coffee and Youth alike (parental guidance).
It will offer links of various information features and will be more substantial than what our social media accounts on Twitter.com and Facebook.com and Instant Messenger (IM) with LinkedIn.com can offer.

Let us enjoy!
D. A. Flores c/o
Global Services Edition
& the Skye Blue Internet
PoCo (Tri-Cities area) B. C.

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