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registry of biomedical companies

  April 17, 2021
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Constructed Cell Modeling (CCM)

An SBO Company

Phone: 1-604-945-8408


This our information co.'s interest in studying the recent paradigm in porin modeling [protein construct, plugged flow modeling and electro-gating and construct modeling using bioinformatics and advanced imaging techniques (e. g. X-ray crystallographic techniques)]. Approaches to studying and manipulating the cell membrane's layers surrounding the cell cytoplasm.
a) Porin modeling and blocking cell leakage from lethal osmotic shock with a plugged flow mechanism or protein.
    Probiotics will likely be biocontained in the rumen compartment stomach of cows as one application.
b) Immunocontrol of protozoa and pathogenic microbial organisms in rumen digestion in order to improve protein nutrition and the health or well-being of the animal.
c) dsRNA adjuvants for delivering gene silencing inside target cells for purposes of modifying microbial silage and rumen fermentation.
    Anti-bacterial action is also predicted to be an application, as for e. g., with mastitis in the udder of milking cows.The reported incidence of mastitis in tropical settings and it's display of elevated somatic cell counts in milk will pose future issues in non-GMO labeled medicinal like products that  should be duly labeled. 
d) Porin modeling for inorganic nutrient exchange in marine habitats for mariculture (e. g. seaweed).
e) Wine spirits as toniciades with microbial porin export of plant compounds with medicinal qualities in fermentation.
f) Porin facilitated uptake and retention of potassium and phosphate in commensurate soil microbial spp. and plant root calli to improve performance with organic composting practices with fallow of soils. GMO technology with GEditing and site-directed mutagenesis is, once again, applied as an approach.

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