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  April 24, 2019
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Raccoon Foods (Germany)

-/ 1440 Barberry Dr PT COQ BC V3B 1G3 CANADA

Phone: +1-604-945-8408
Fax: +1-604-941-9022
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Raccoon Foods (Germany) & Affiliates


In the Vancouver-area we are planning a gourmet and dietetic food line of:

  • Forte Lait (R) - made from GMO-Labelled fortified enriched protein milk food, e. g. milk drinks that are pasteurized and pre-treated/filtered to purity.
  • Daily Bread (R) - Compote Swirl Bread (R) and Buns with Supportive VitD-Agoniste Enriching Supplementsin bread filling.
  • Sudafed in Shakes and Flavoured Yoghurts with a daily dose of fibre and enriched complex carbohydrates.
  • L'Oleo brand salami and other deli meats (e. g. mortadella) in cooked sauce concentrate exclusively here marketed by the name Sambal Manis Ketchup (R).
  • Sausages (our brand of Filipino Longesina) made from Hi-protein meat stock from cattle, pigs and salmon raised on Hi-Histidine regimes and our exclusive Sambal Manis Ketchup (R) sauce in filling.
  • Golden LC Eggs (R) product line in dry powder and flash-frozen form from GMO-labelled hen chicken layers low in cholesterol in brown egg shell. 
  • Breakfast Youghurt in the English tradition with cream cheese-style yoghurt with a orange marmalade and strawberry Compote with our proprietary L'Oleo product.
  • The ff. points are made in order to study further the methods of establishing the veracity of claims made at "Skye Blue" regards dietetic delivery food systems using byproduct fruit mast as processed postharvest and downstream for complex carbs in the diet of humans:
    1) Study of heterogeneity of celluloses, xylans and galactans.
    2) Semi-purified for lignans with endproduct residual in low concentration.
    3) Mast digestion in situ (bag method) in animal cannulated (e. g. small intestine at X3 ends + caecum).
    4) Structure of the polysaccharide(s) using known theories in digestion and metabolism - structural health benefits.
    5) Human studies per os in shakes and its health benefits: wt. loss, blood sugar, cholesterol, TGL and immune function.
    6) Cost-health benefit studies in terms of a food delivery system, viz. as a dietetic; NB: agri-food byproduct with low cost but considerable postharvest processing - (a) masceration, (b) enzyme / filtration, (c) flash dessication and (d) packing under vacuum.
  • Green Hot Sauce. This is to present a new idea in taste/appetite enhancement in care facilities with a 1:10 ratio of jar fermented Philippine gogi berry (iba) and green habanero/jalapeno/capsicum using apple cider vineagar,  salt and sugar (5%), rosemary, cumin, cardamon, lemon juice, brine with equal portions of salt y azucar for eggs & ham, steak, pasta, fish and cocktails like a Bloody Mary.
  • Tango Fruit Kecap. Cook mash of apple, plum and pineapple in br. sugar, and then whisk in and simmer with tomato paste, pineapple vinegar,  garlic powder, oignon powder, cayenne pepper, cardamon and salt. If bottled add preservative of citric acid.


We invite any queries for investment and tech development to our dietetic food product lines.

SKYEVIEWBecause of considerable developments in the public eye of our putative drug candidate on the drawing board, VitD-Agoniste, Retonibionol (R) (generic name), we are beginning patent applications for the preliminary 8-step syntheses of the seco-steroid-al derivative at 26C-13 dubbed the "Flores Synthesis" before drawn out and exhuastive work to be scheduled with future drug discovery collaborators in the pharma industry in Canada and the U.S.A. back from 1980 at Kalamazoo College, Michigan on further synthesis/production through microbial and enzymatic syntheses together with future plans to develop production systems using marine seagrasses fed the derivative together with pharmacokinetic studies using both effects of the putative ligand on titre at the enzyme site as well as receptor/cell signaling binding and effects on VitD plasma titre in animal and human subjects. This drug, if successful for its claims, will be revolutionary towards "fortifying" the "limiting titre of plasma VitD (activated form)" from enriched diets in North America from milk and bread especially for both Caucasoid and pigmented human subjects given the latitude/seasonality and exposure to UV-B light as in the United States where Cancers tend to predominate due to these limitations. There are future plans to market the drug in dietetic form as in enriched swirl bread and smoothie mixes.  We welcome any queries and questions you might have on this promising research objective. 


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Last update of this entry: March 19, 2019

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