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registry of biomedical companies

  March 24, 2019
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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-/ 1440 Barberry Dr. PT COQ BC CA V3B1G3
Palinpinon, 6215 Rep. of the Philippines
Toll free: +011-604-941-9022 (help line)

Phone: +011-604-945-8408
Fax: +011-604-941-9022 (FAX line)


We are part of an organizing alliance in Negros Province, the Philippine Republic, with an interest in influencing developments within the Negros Island NDA Region 7 - Central Visayas: Negros, Bohol, Cebu and Siquijor. The NDA or National Dairy Authority in the Philippines is perceived to encourage dairying as a key product of livestock raising given the marketplace, demographics and consumer preferences using caramilk dairying as one outlet and conventionalized dairy cattle raising as the other using common AIPBs such as raw sugar cane and SCT.

The TECHIE CLUSTER comprises:

A) Feeding.

[1] Nutraceuticals or Functional Feeding.

     (a) Histidine and Other Functional Amino Acids (Livestock, Dairy, Eggs and Poultry, Swine)

     (b) Forage such as corn, sugar cane tops (SCT), sorghum, soybeans Improved for Total Nitrogen (Protein) and

          Histidine. Soy is touted to be the future growth cereal in neighboring Australia.

[2] Post-Harvest Processing of FCR Feeds (Yeast, SSF, Ureolysis, EFEs-lignases).

     (a) Milled Bagasse

     (b) Straw (Rice)

     (c) Stover (Corn, Sorghum)

     (d) Haulms (Legumes)

[3] AIBPs and NCFRs (including new Browse Trees & Shrubs)

[4] Water Buffalo Ranched Feeding with Ensiled Whole Corn Plant & SCT.

B. Microbial Soils & Crop Research. 

[1] Re-uptake and Sequestration by Active Transport Processing of K+ and (PO4) 2- Conservation in Soil Microbes and Root Calli of Plants. Research is required to establish methods of soils enrichment with fallow using intercalated plant hedgerows with ploughing back into soils together with soil microbe cultures subsisting there and use of DNAase treatment to breakdown residual DNA material in the compost.

C. GMO "Labelling" and Livestock. 

[1] Medicinal GMO Milk Cows via Gene Editing, Fed Silage & Histidine Functional Amino Acids.

[2] Low-cholesterol GMO Layers and Eggs (ducks, quail and chickens), and Turkeys Fed Histidine Functional Amino Acids.

D. Marine Seagrass Pilot Plants & Cottage Industries and Goatary Co-ops and Cheese-making Factories & Slaughter Houses and Food Processors.  

[1] We are planning a laboratory-cum-plant in neighboring Sipalay, NegOr.


Other Enterprises Slated for Enactment in Future: 

[1] ZuluPolera Laboratories (Palinpinon) - Growers, Microbiology, Feed Formulation

[2] ZuluPolera Growers Co. (Palinpinon) - Growers, Tree Farming, Aquafarming, Energy

[3] ZuluPolera Feed Co. (Vancouver) - a subsidiary in Vancouver, B.C. CA in Feeds for CaraRanching, Piglet & Finishing, Fisheries, Goatary Dairying with Specialties in Functional AA Supplementation. Like the unique wheat based pasta, polenta, poler a refers to the Indian golden yellow GE-back crossed rice variety that we plan to develop through IRRI in the Philippines and process via importation into the Vancouver market to be exported to China and the rest of Asia including the Philippines.

[4] Genus Laboratories (Sipalay) - (see: hum-molgen.de)

[5] American Gryphon 5 (Palinpinon) - Car parts & distribution (import/export), concept cab vehicles (subject to further local investment in the Kabangkalan area by American motoring concerns in concept mini cars and mini SUVs)

[6] National Dairy Associates Co-op (NDA Co-op), Mabinay NegOr. PHIL - An amalgamated dairy ranch-like facility essentially comprising meat buffalo livestock and conventional Holstein-Friesian mixed breeds fed SCT, bagasse and whole corn plant using new, experimental & advanced feedstock from mechanical postharvest processing as silage. Extensive use of other FCR, AIBPs, and NCFRs will be also employed. The product will be organically raised dairy milk marketed as pasteurized milk product and meat sent to the slaughter house for packaging and marketing. Co-op membership will be enrolled and labour code management used and shares offered to members and the public. We will be part of fulfilling the NDA Region 7 of Central Visayas mandate for increasing the pool of dairying marketed products and their sustainable resource development with organic farming practices.

SKYEVIEW: The current issue with evolving dairy production towards land-based aquacultural high quality fodder production's viability as a future industry depends on the ff. critical developments: (1) evolution of auxin production towards as growth promotant factors in plant feeding, (2) protoplasmic fusion regenerants with herbicide-based biocontainment, providing super growth XL promotants with high quality (high digestibility) feedstock from forage for both animal feeding and energy generation applications and (3) more economical means for producing land-based drugs as cheaper alternative to biofermentation or farmland use in terms of downstream processing and more sustainable and economical use of land-based resources. The "appliance"-"greenhouse-pilot plant" model involving evolution of aqua-bloc with systems control engineering using filtration, ducts and recirculation lines for food and waste and protocols and manpower for round-the-clock operations and formulation of sustainable feed/feeding systems are still on the drawing board. We at Skye Blue would like to formulate plans to start a pilot project in developments like Sipalay township, Negros Occidental, the Philippine Islands with full production plants in coastal Bais/Tanjay in Negros Oriental neighboring province.

SKYEVIEW: Leveraging is taking a new turn in the Philippine Islands with energy exploration to exploit reserves rivaling that of Saudi Arabia's in the Philippine Western archipelagic shelf. We hear of reports of as much as 25% in exports of the oil wealth lying there destined for the Far East including Mainland China while for the Philippine nation itself as much as 55% in reserve will be kept as a national trust to spur industrialization in the Islands.  Trade, an ever important issue, will further cement relationship with the mainland, viz., in regards to job creation, income in countries, manufacturing activity and export of goods and services with trade and the benefits of consumption of goods & services from these overseas markets.  There arises the question of the need for capitalization to base industrial activity but without the ready money supplies from drawing cards industries like tourism and industrial and commercial manufacturing (note, medical tourism and future expatriate investors would be one source to exploit) and there will be a need to raise much needed foreign exchange for hard currency and overseas investors in domestic markets, with the much needed expansion of the labour force in the form of shared co-ops where local capital can be used to raise stock offerings from its members and investors although these are "softer" industries compared to oligarchy-owned enterprises and other monopolies in the country. Currency supplies to fuel co-op industries and activity will be provided through revitalization of business activity, including the foreign exchange from trade, with expanding or growing populations and continuing OFW (overseas foreign worker) labour markets. 

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Last update of this entry: March 19, 2019

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