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registry of biomedical companies

  July 15, 2019
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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V & T Twinnings Industries Co.

An SBO Company
Toll free: +011-604-941-9022 (help line)

Phone: +011-604-945-8408
Fax: +011-604-941-9022 (FAX line)


We are part of an organizing alliance in Negros Province, the Philippine Republic, with an interest in influencing developments within the Negros Island NDA Region 7 - Central Visayas: Negros, Bohol, Cebu and Siquijor. The NDA or National Dairy Authority in the Philippines is perceived to encourage dairying as a key product of livestock raising given the marketplace, demographics and consumer preferences using caramilk dairying as one outlet and conventionalized dairy cattle raising using common AIPBs such as raw sugar cane and SCT.

A) Agropur Organic Feeding Supplements 

     (a) Hi-NEAA/Hi-HIS Yeast Cultured Supplements.

     (b) dsRNA (non-GMO) for silage and rumen/digestive management.

     (c) Alkaloid biosafety-contained HQ XL Grow mariner grass varieties for high quality long fibres from estuarine and pond culture with semi-purified ligno-cellulose (e.g. Avicel (R)).

B. Microbial Soil & Crop Research

Re-uptake and Sequestration by Active Transport Processing of K+ and (PO4) 2- Conservation in Soil Microbes and Root Calli of Plants. Research is required to establish methods of soils enrichment with fallow using intercalated plant hedgerows with ploughing back into soils together with soil microbe cultures subsisting there.

This would represent a breakthrough in organic farming practices using microbial interventives practiced in the Philippines versus chemical intensive inputs.

C. The Future of Genetic Engineering of Farmed Livestock

[1] Medicinal GMO Milk Cows via Gene Editing, Fed Silage & Histidine Functional Amino Acids.

[2] Low-cholesterol GMO Layers and Eggs (ducks, quail and chickens), and Turkeys Fed Histidine Functional Amino Acids.

Zulu-Polera's subsidiaries:

[1] BioAgroSile Feed (BASF) Laboratories (Palinpinon) - Growers, Microbiology, Feed Formulation. Proposing to further investigate recent finds of (1) HQ long fires for improving protein digestion as (2) Avicel (R) or lignin in poultry diets to improve protein digestion. Various approaches: (1) down-regulation by GM of proteases in grain (but where in the grain and it's distribution is yet to be determined, (2) heat denaturation by extrusion and feeding, (3) Avicel (R) or purified lignin which is hypothesized to denatured protein to optimize availability for digestion, and finally (4) yeast bagasse vs widely used and available bagasse-based feed can also be further studied using Avicel (R) with heat extrusion and pelleting.

[2] ZuluPolera Growers Co. (Palinpinon) - Growers, Tree Farming, Aquafarming, Energy. There is a movement in the biorenewables industry to twin both lignase-III systems to mineralized lignin to CH4 and ferment the cellulose fractions with fungi in tandem with Methanobrevibacter spp. Also to CH4 for formate formation to be shipped elsewhere for IBPN manufacturing to various infra and capital products and consumables.

[3] ZuluPolera Feed Co. (Vancouver) - a subsidiary in Vancouver, B.C. CA in Feeds for CaraRanching, Piglet & Finishing, Fisheries, Goatary Dairying with Specialties in Functional AA Supplementation. Like the unique wheat based pasta, polenta, polera refers to the Indian golden yellow GE/back-crossed  & selected rice variety that we plan to develop in the Philippines and process via importation into the Vancouver market for export to China and the rest of Asia including the Philippines and India. Other varieties of pasta from rice and wheat, and flour starch from root-based crops with either wheat or rice may be marketed eventually in the African market and world-wide health food market.

[4] Genus Laboratories (Sipalay) - (see: hum-molgen.de) (To be ceded in partnership as collabs in future.) Priority is on capital-intensive agropharming production and HQ feedstock for biofuels generat ion followed by hi-volume use for livestock feeding.

[5] American Gryphon 5 (see: Wix.Com site) (Kabankalan & Palinpinon) - GMC Car parts & distribution (import/export), we predict will become available for our concept car or cab vehicles subject to further local investment in the Kabangkalan area by such American motoring concerns in concept mini cars and van-a-wagon formats.


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Last update of this entry: June 24, 2019

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