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registry of biomedical companies

  March 26, 2023
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Bio-Growers Info Canada

1440 Barberry Dr.
Port Coquitlam
Toll free: (604)-945-8408 (land line)

Phone: 16049458408
Fax: (604)-941-9022 (FAX line)


Bio-Growers is currently exploring the value of the following boosted production parameters in field crops, marine cropping and silvicultured cropping:

(A) Hi-histidine Cropping of Feedstuffs. Our issues are formulating a Mammalian Cell Primer (preferably on-line). Exploring the use of enterochromaffin cells as a model system and source of TFs and promoters (P) for histidine synthesis. Formulate experimentatiion to clone 4 cassettes with 4 "hyper" promoters (hyper-acting promoters are expected and characteristic of specialized organellar cells and their TFs based on the model for Corynebacterium for histidine production into root calli of common farm forage plants (alfalfa, corn) and finally exploring the issues of bioreactor use for experimentation using root calli.   

(B) Hi-Performance Seagrass Cropping. Seco-steroidal containment. Maternal seggregation.  And mechanisms for hi-growth performance.

(C) Hi-Compost Tree & Shrub Latitudinal Cropping. Shedding frequency, boosted compartmentalization in roots & leaves and K+ depoting (turnover). The canopy is limiting for trees; less limiting is the root area is which is immense and tree farming is then limited by planting/seeding either man-made or natural in regards to the density, viz. a forest grove, and is measured only for harvestable crop, e.g.s., berries (sugar berries), nuts(coconuts), seeds (almonds), sap (maple syrup), fruit (apples), leaves (Stevia(R) artificial sweetner from leaves), bark (cinnamon), etc.

(D) Guano-Grade Potash Fruit Crop Recycled. Behavioral studies of bats and the recyclability of bat dung proves the recyclable tite of potash and phosphorous from elements in the guano dung are from bat concentration due to recycling of green and human waste compost with fruit tree arboreal refuges.  There is a biosafety issue to be addressed via per os vaccination (e. g. rabbies) and confirmed by random controlled testing. The recovery of bat dung from reserves (e. g. caves) can be earmarked and effected via robotic hovering visualizing venture "probes" in caves and further mined or hauled via sound-dampened robotic armed truck loaders that can be hauled with heavy terrain. Further bat studies with cave habitats have to be done to study bat habituation in their habitats with any disturbance to their behaviour from sound pollution, human activity and pollutants to their habitats. 

SKYEVIEW: Biotech in general hopes to expand the horizons of industrial development and use for the ff. social projects in government and civil planning in the island state of NegOr. the Philippines: (A) Biotech Co-op: (a) Food Co-op (including seafood), (b) Feed Co-op, (c) Fertilizer Co-op (e. g. vermiculture), (d) Low-cost Housing Co-op; (B) Industrial Co-op: (a) Solar Cellular Power Sourcing, (b) Geothermal and electrical utilities, (c) Bioenergy fuel fermentation, (d) Food mfging., processing and packaging, (e) Housing & Furnishing mfging., (f) Food Services & Hospitality (e. g. tourism services), (g) the giant soon-to-be Concept Mini Cab & Car Van-a-wagon Design & Mfging. and allied industries. We hope to spread the word in other congenitor countries, unlike Singapore, in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma in Indo-, Mainland China, and Republic of Taiwan (ROC).

SKYEVIEW: We would like to consult further with amino acid (AA) fermentation food cos. using various AAs for feeding with animals as supplements on the biosafe practices (GMP) of mfging. high HIS yeast SCP feed material including processing, packaging, and post-material handling by workers using rules of WHMIS (a Canadian scheme on materials handling). The bioactivity of these materials when eaten by pestilence or in the wrong hands in subjects, can pose a bio-hazard to the surrounding population indirectly or directly (by human ingestion).  

(c) D. A. Flores. 2003-2050. Port Coquitlam. B. C. Canada V3B 1G3.  

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Last update of this entry: July 27, 2021

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