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registry of biomedical companies

  August 20, 2019
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Raccoon InfoSyse

An SBO Company

Phone: 1-604-945-8408
Fax: 1-604-941-9022
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


We are in the process of consulting future licensing manufacturers for subsidiaries.

We have gathered business intelligence from MIT Boston MA USA that LED laser can be developed in the USA with a Mexican subsidiary for later manufacturing and also through lab contacts at McGill U. where our Principal Investigator used to work.


Design of our Digital Densitometer Scanner provides two (2) formats:

(1) DM = desktop mounted for lab bench

(2) M = mobile dedicated device for biofermentation design, scale-up and prototyping and routine monitoring for production

I LASER's Defn. = light amplified by stimulated emission of radiation

   -Laser is a photonic pulsed laser with focused, sensitive, specific and multiple readings and is accurate

II Components of Experimental Device

Ar(g) Laser (pink) 45 mW with galvanometer rotors (with transistors, ICs) using deflecting and splitting mirrors (reference & analytical beams) that is top mounted (desk mounted) or front stack (vertical mounted); the beam is split into 2- the reference and analytical beams by a grating and configured via microappliances driven by IC chips using mirrors to project to the electronic detector while the other acros 2 before and after confocal lenses to focus through the column and  then focus diffusion of the analytical beam to the electronic detector.

Reader or plate holder with chassis / body of smoked resin / glass on galvanometer rotors ( with transistor ICs)

Detector is light (lambda) activatable using transistored photovoltaic cells; travels along galvonometer rotors (with transistor ICs) that is bottom mounted (desk mounted) or back stacked (vertical mounted)

WiFi operated with laptop unit using a DM or M (in-house unit as a dedicated device)

III READability of LASER Specifications:

Issue #1: Can analyte band be intense enough to be measured, viz., if it is too strong past 'the saturation point' of absorptivity (epsilon)

Issue #2: The duration of time sampling (pulsed) allows for very fast instantaneous readings: can pick up lots of information due to sensitivity; and sensitivity is excellent without reaching saturation of aborptivity (epsilon); the latter being the point beyond which there is no more significant increase in detectable absorptivity (epsilon) with respect to the reference beam


IV MODEL of a Digital Laser Densitometer (Multiplex): GE Amersham Molecular Dynamics Typhoon 9410 Molecular Imager

(Google this title or entry for the link) 

WE believe in: (1) Sustainable technology of PAGE electrophoresis such as SDS, and in this case, DT due to its continuing cost-effectiveness, sensitivity, reproducibility and accuracy comparable and if not better than other techniques such as HPLC; (2) the reagent demonstrated here is unique to our proprietarship with no other known absorption tag known (extant) in the market and (3) the time savings advantage that is indeed problematic in this technique cf. to Coomassie blue due to staining/ destaining like SDS; i. e. the science literature suggests a unique caveat we are carving as we speak.


V LASER DEVICE's Electronic Configuration

     BEAM - Excitational Forward Capacitor Controlled Laser (g) ------>MEDIA - Interactive on a Tagged Gel (aq) Medium

     (the laser beam is incipient on tag per photonic irradiation ------->DETECTOR - Resistor / Expansive Capacitor ------->

     DATA PROCESSING - Print Out from Electronized Controlled Device.

     ANALYTICAL AND PREP RUNS - Hi-throughput runs are available for genomics studies.

              - Analytical denaturation electorphoresis, e. g., monitoring fermentation of food-grade material, for further molecular protein (and also DNA) analyses where denaturing runs are cf. non-denaturing ones by rank order of band position on the gel. Further analyses, with protein MW as major marker, will be used to fully ID or characterize the protein analyte(s) in question including activity for enzymes and other clinical analyses indicators.

             - Prep(-aratory) runs, e. g. overexpressed protein from microbial fermentation using GM species produce a markered band of protein component(s) on a normally expressed background of other protein bands.    

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Last update of this entry: May 19, 2019

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