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registry of biomedical companies

  March 17, 2018
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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OpenKnowledgeNet (OKNET)

-/ 1440 Barberry Drive
Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 1G3

Phone: +011-604-945-8408
Fax: +011-604-464-0103


Open Knowledge Network (OK.net) is announced as we launch this new portal into "reality" e-media viewing for the new vision of the Fraser Hi-Tech Mainland ("FHTM") that SBO ("SkyeBlue") has been involved with on the Internet for the last two decades.

We are supporting in principle the "green" movement of B. C. for better sustainability and self-sufficiency within the lower Mainland and building together a supported "knowledge industry" through innovation in science & technology and with invention research and development for the "Fraser Hi-Tech Mainland". We will be closing our portals on this biomedical/biotech cos. listings registry on hum-molgen.de after 2023, planning to convert them to tech applications ("apps") either in small or micro industries including co-op, patents after research and development for license or sale to large industry and converting our services to ones such as these in ICT to e-media services serving with other e-media with the goal to further develop society or community, its governance, the economy and protecting the environment. 

We are announcing here network areas in research for:

1) Feeding protected histidine [HISp] amino acid as an organic alternative growth promotant for beef and dairy. The protected histidine will be sourced manufactured with our proprietary methods congruent with a sugarmilling plant or station for bagasse milling and production of media.

2) Producing of an asphalt superpolyresin from bagasse fermented CH4/HCHO (viz. an: Iminobenzoprene Nitrile).

3) Straw and stover as farm byproducts will be used as solid substrate fermentation (SSF) processed feeds to expand further herd per capita similar to treated hays including Wintering livestock herds by producing "Yeast Straw" and "Yeast Stover" similar to "Yeast Bagasse" but with higher sugar energy availability from straw, even more with stover it is guestimated. Grain feeding will complement this feed regime.

4) With encroachment on farmland by residential real estate and cost of land the need to intensify hydroponics raising and the intensification of dairy as it exists on farmlands in Canada will suggest seagrass fed animals livestock together with grain feeding. Several commercial "platforms" as models available for land-based marine aquaponics will be introduced into this Canadian market. 

5) National Carta Retailers (NCR) Equipment Company: a proposal to 1) contract, mfg., distribute, service and sale/lease concept pedicabs and cars for the new fast commuter industry in the Philippines, 2) blocked tanks contractors for the sea/marine grass growers industry after developments for robust grass varietals (labeled GM) and 3) a detergent-tagged "multiplex" mobile unit dedicated to detecting and reading biofermented products such as food proteins, biopharma, enzymes, and vaccines, as examples.


White Papers available on order by sending your request(s) at: skyeblue@skyebluepublications.com.  

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Last update of this entry: November 28, 2017

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