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registry of biomedical companies

  November 12, 2019
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Senior Indie Professions

An SBO Company

Phone: +011-604-945-8408
Fax: +011-604-941-9022


We accept submissions for e. g. in animal studies covering health or physiology, biomolecular science or biotechnology, pharma, animal nutrition, feed technology and feed preservation (a growing field which we encourage interest in by our readers). We encourage original reports where exciting results are happening and new theories or ideas are being introduced (including any novel approaches or protocols).




Concept Equipment Co. Supplier: "DT - A Novel SDS-Like Dye For Tagging Proteins As With 2-D Gels For ESI-MS and Sequence Analyses Compared to Coomassie Blue Stain." (See: hum-molgen.de, Raccoon InfoSyse for laser tech specs)


Concept Equipment Co. Supplier: "Electro-Field Reporter (EFR-3). Field-Rugged Jacketed Assembly/Convenient Carry-On. GPS/WiFi/Radio Reporter Capabilities. Online Digital Data Capability. Disposable WetAnalysis Kit. Multiple Reading Capacity {pH :: NH4 :: Bicarbonate}. Simule-Probe/Calib-ratio Modes.* * 

* * Feed samples are about postharvested treated feeds using chemical-biologicals and include: alkali/acid-treated cane pithe, urea-ammoniated corn stover, fine-chopped SCT silage, dried copra meal for cararanching and dairying in NDA Region 7 in Negros Oriental, Philippines.


Elaboration of Lanosterol's (Animal, Fungi) Side - chain for Vit D Analogues as Non-competitive Inhibitors for Anti-Chronic Inflammatories as Potential Heart-Health Drugs.* * *

* * * D. A. Flores has ascertained from both the literature and e-media sourced info that the ff. points are to be made: (1) to develop a schema for enzyme rxn. sequences in seco-lanosteroidal derivitization to seco-cholesteroidal derivative target compound and onto the bioactive VitD derivative or analogue; (2) the enzyme rxn. in a specialized enz. reactor is with input-output continuous flow flash stirred (ultra-vibrational) stop-n-go mechanism; (3) bifunctional solvent systems to accelerate via attenuated diffusion of the rxn. mixture and (3) non-denaturing enzymic, aqeous solvent system with both miscible organic solvent and uM amounts of Tris-HCl buffer and bovine serum albumin. Ff. studies include investigation of the micellar structural-functional relationships and these will be further elaborated with micellar solvent systems for membrane studies. It is speculative at this time what source (e.g. hepatocellular microsomal membranes  or nephrocytic inner mitochondrial membrane as reconstituted in enzymic for across bilipid/protein membranes.




Modelled Binding of Seagrass Halophila gaudichaudii and Cymodocea serrulata Pollen Mother Cell Mitotic Spindle Microfribillar Disassembly with Plant Alkaloid Vinblastine 2,* and Its Commerical Chemical Derivatives 2,* at Economic Cost (2,* - to be screened). 



Masters and Doctoral degress on two tracks: (1) silage alfalfa protein nutrition and functional amino acid feeding with a literature review on low quality feeds; (2) published but still research in infancy on probiotic use with protein nutrition in ruminants; (3) Ph.D. on dsRNA focusing on WSCs and PFAAs approaches to protein nutrition in addition to lignocellulose biotechnology applications, partially published (17 of 19 chapters almost completed); and (4) low-quality feeds utilization as a D.Sc. degree by coursework and review (to be published); we are working on this as we speak. 


*  D. A. Flores 1980-2023 (c) and all other lab bench research/animal husbandry work and pertaining intellectual property or patents are accrued in rights to the holder.  All rights reserved. 

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Last update of this entry: September 06, 2019

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