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registry of biomedical companies

  June 19, 2019
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Foodies, Research and Ideas Germany

An SBO Company
Toll free: +011-604-941-9022 (help line)

Phone: 6049458408
Fax: 6049419022



Nutrition, food and design:

     Functional foods with high performance or modified-fibre, our proprietary oleo-PUFA L-fat from edible oils and complex carbohydrates or sugars as cardio- and insulinemic foods and immunogenic food products are being developed through our enzyme and GMO biotechnologies. With cardionemic foods there is a dual effect on physio-musculo tissue function which one can speculate as to putative biogenic factors in tissue acting to improve or facilitate cardio-musculo health and other aspects of cardiovascular health. Flax seed oil supplements (a source of omega-3 fatty acid) is implicated in reducing inflammation with auto-immune disease such as lupus and may have implications in cardio-health as do all omega-3-fatty acid sources including fish and olive oil.  The old adage that complex carbohydrates contributes to repair, maintenance and development of tissues of the body is suggested. The use of complex carbohydrates implicated in maintaining cardio-health by the Canada Food Guide and implicated with inflammation is likewise a factor in cardiovascular health and perhaps cardiac tissue health, e. g., ventricular pumping, kidney health and breakdown with long-term heavy drug use overtime and diabetes milletus and protecting against certain cancers (e. g. breast cancers) where again inflammation plays a key role and can be supported with 'as is' or semi-processed complex carbohydrates from 'fruit-and-veg' sources such as has recently been practiced with foods sliced sandwich bread, 2 slices carrying half a daily serving (1/2 cup). The issue of what are growing markets in phyto-based nutritionals (vitamins, minerals, phyto-active health ingredients) and their consumption with sustainability of food supplies will be underlying factors of shelf life and supply or availability (viz. fruits and vegetables and other phyto-organo sources). This assures a growing market for these type of products in Western-type economies with diets that have been processed and purified or semi-purified rather than supplied 'as is' for bulk consumption. There has already been precedent for this approach in providing nutritionals in the diet as with Iron (Fe), Vit. A, the B complex vitamins and folate (which lowers the incidence of neurological defects in the newborn) in foods such as varieties of rice and bread and use of synthesized artificial fruit flavours in various drink products at considerable reduced cost. Vit. A, like Vit. D, has speculated benefits as nutritionals to further explore neutraceuticals or drug pharmacopiea in energy metabolism as they did with Vit. D and anti-inflammation in diabetes type II, atherosclerosis and cancers. 

     It is believed that energy metabolism is central to cell development, prevention of diseases (e. g. cancers) and longevity. Pharmacogenesis for animal feeding and animal health has a distinction between functional animal feeding, e. g. enzymes, probiotics, ionophores (critical for partitioning proprionate:acetate production in the rumen for meat production vs milk output), toxic secondary compounds such as anti-protozoals from legume tree shrubs and immunogeneics (e. g. antigen-bearing forages against gastroenterology dysfunction), and the pharmacopeia with developmental growth factors in the market in addition to current proposals for stem cell research.

     We are also attempting breaking new ground in the bioengineering of metabolism in animal livestock, as well, including the energy metabolosome and engineering energy use with better productivity in terms of inputs including uptake, utilization and regulatory factors. Thermogenic homeostasis is a factor and so with its evolution in excess. There is prebiotic rumen microbial data with water-soluble carbohydrates (WSC) and pre-formed amino acids (PFAAs) increasing metabolic efficiency and growth.  One wonders what lies ahead in its molecular biology. In reference to the portfolio of projects on probiotics and the new emerging field of nutrigenomics and meat science that it plays in nutritional supplementation there is an important breakthrough in the possible use of VitD, fructan and folate, as examples, of recent studies with their role with the VDR receptor for VitD between it and fructan and cell signaling pathways and a possible use for energy conservation and greater microbial cell protein (MCP) synthesis in digestion of ruminant livestock and in meat production using recombinant gene manipulations to code for production of these co-factors.  There has been evidence to show in microbial culture that, for example, rumen microbes that function to breakdown fibre and contribute substantially to MCP synthesis via use of pre-formed amino acid [peptides + free amino acids] can be used as cellular models and so with evidence involved with fructan and related WSC. The role of cofactor-enzyme interactions has to be biochemically explored and documented involved specifically in energy cell metabolism. Which is (part of) the proposed hypothesis on this matter. And further from studies at McGill U. (1980) in the Dept. of Biochemistry, folate and energy metabolism have also been linked.  Are there networks in folate-related metabolism that link together in regards to use of ATP in terms of: cell membrane (CM) transport processes, cellular catabolism and/or anabolism and cell mitogenesis or reproduction. We hope that this will contribute revolutionary finds towards more sustainable practices in animal protein production in solving economic demands and world hunger, in general. Both the use of biocropping (Gen-species), which has begun, microbial GMO biotechnology in animal feeding, still in its nascency, and newer approaches to making an GMO animal livestock spp. nutritionally enriched with vitamins and minerals may be new breath to an "old convention" based on true and v. specific metabolic engineering of both its components and "systems approach".

Reverse "osmosis" with a plugged flow model on a hydrophilic filter letting H2O through retaining the glycerol and l. c. fatty acid molecules as a proposed for of downstream processing fat that was biozyme reacted and hydrolyzed in a 20% aqueous solution and through the pore limited sized filter.



Nutrition & Health Products:


 1) Active-X (R) fibresorb supplement, is designed to adsorb dietary fat/cholesterol made from synthetic, enhanced dietary "beta-glucan" of highly-branched cellulose and pectin and supplemented with polyphenols which can be consumed with cereals, greens and fruit salads and soups (e. g. porridges) which is only at a preliminary stage of development and depending on the complexity of involvement of synthesis, has several years yet until testing on humans.  (Enquiries to collaborate are welcome at this time.  We could have a reference available from Japan to be leased or licensed eventually to interested parties.), 2) dairy products such as hi-fructan youghurts, ionophoric food products made from bacterial cultures with rec-DNA transmembrane ionic channeling for fructan (viz. inulin) permeation and retention in solids contents, 3) creamed oleo L-fat (lipase-treated PUFA oils such as fish oils or virgin olive oil that crème or gel at lower temperature useful for confectioneries, gravies, soups, sauces, dressings, dairy products such as buttermilk, sour cream and cream cheese, 4) complex carbohydrates and sugars such as fructans, a functional food for hypercholesterolemia and glycaemia, and as a dietetic in cereals or vegetables including egg plant, bananas, peppers, chillies, artichoke, avocadoes, mushrooms, onions and soya bean cakes and soya-based drinks, and finally 5) our immunocontrol foods are for public health control at risk for epidemial outbreaks such as typhus, cholera and amoeboid dysentery with non-ionic, acid-stable vesicular IgG sequestered full head coconut and other orchard-grown fruit species and grain nuts processed as mash without treatment such as heat. 

At Skye Blue we have also been proposing the use of approaches to dilute caloric intake from "as is" foods such as with density qualities + fibre.  The "zero" caloric level is attractive for example with foods like mushroom with added fibre and soybean cake (through genetic modification, GM).  This would be a dietetic appearing at the grocer as a 'veg' for cardio-, anti-glycaemic foods and hi-fibre (weight control in obesity).

For our creamed oleo L-fat from PUFAs from sources such as olive oil (a source of cardio omega-3 fats) our products include: mayonnaise and creamed dressings, gravies, prepared cream-filled confectioneries and cream cheese including cheesecakes, sour cream, youghurt and frozen desserts. With respect of heart health, omega-3 fats have reduced incidence of angina pectoris (heart-related chest pains) and are implicated in cardionemic musculo-skeletal function and in addition cardiovascular function.

It has been commented upon, albeit, colloquially that the "delivery" "as is" of fish oils in fish itself is most beneficial by this route rather than as opposed to PUFAs by way of, say, bakery goods like bread. It is hypothesized that protein in fish would not lead to as greater a degree of fat in circulation or in tissues as opposed to carbohydrates and sugars from grain, fruit and vegetable "carriered" or "cogenitored" in the diet and thus less efficacy in the protective action of PUFAs.  The advancement of fat is correlated highly with the development of heart and vascular disease.


Fruit & Veggie Products: 


We are fielding prepared products such as fresh Strawberry Punch (R), Blood Orange Royales (R), Grapefruit-Go (R), Banana-G Delights (R), Pineapple Fruit Rounds (R) and drinks and beverages such as green tea-flavoured pectin and as an aspic glaze finish on food with seafoods and other meats and pastries, Equal-R (R) sweetener (fructan and sorbitol) and soya-based health drinks & tonics.  

"King William's" Frescana-C (R), a dietetic with Vit C and an anti-insulin resistance aide, anti-cholesterolaemic and toniciade; recently, this has come to our attention as to two powerful toniciades formulated for taste and efficacy in a 1:1 ratio between Seanol:Resveratrol (4:1, in effectiveness), grown via biofermentation from algal and phytobotanical culture of cocoa pod cells, possibly in tonic format for breakfast, snack and for exercise. Human clinical trials have already begun for them as dietary supplements including data as to their shelf-life, preservative qualities and half-life in the blood and their efficacy, firstly, as an anti-oxidant protective and for lowering blood pressure (b.p.) as a cardio-food or nutritional. This product will prove to be ideal as a nature's supplement to perscription drugs if they can be formulated to lower b.p. by 10-20 % points.  Nature's Natural Essences (R) in fruit flavours are suggested: grape-blueberry, cranberry-pomegranate, and grapefruit-limoncita-con-naranja. These are suggested for aged seniors to maintain cardiovascular health, usually that can lead to, if unchecked, congestive heart failure and eventual death.

"The Pulp-Magic Kick (R)" with active ingradients: Sustamet (R) and Sudagen (R), is our new pulp-based product idea operating under the principles of using complex CHOs for health nutrition and fitness according to the Canada Food Guide of eating 6-8 portions of fruits & veggies per day "keeps the doctor away". It suggests that we use fruit sources ideally already plentiful in the market, can be separated out as pulp (vs. juice), in part, enzymatically processed via hydrolases to produce a product that has the same profile as natural fibre and complex CHO and sugars with enhanced availability.  The dry powder can be added into and consumed as smoothies to meet the daily requirements for energy and fibre/complex CHOs and sugars. We are heartened by the fact that tropical plantations locales in developing countries supply juice and further can diversify the pulp product vs. animal feeding and other uses. Psyllium might even be added in products in formulated instant drink products. The claimed health benefits of these CHOs/sugars are manifold including diabetes type II control/prevention, heart disease control/prevention and cancers especially colon, and other cancers. Fruit sources for the farmer to look ahead to are blueberries var. Duke and pineapple. The growing enzyme technology craze in industry, e. g. hi-fructose syrup as a sweetener in drinks from sugar or glucose syrup from bagasse in the sugarcane industry as an e.g. of food product diversification using enzyme manufacturing technology will soon come to pass in Negros island in the Philippines, as an example.  

The recent finding of a parallel implication of both fructan and Vit D as protective against diabetes type II insulin resistance, as anti-cholesterolaemics and as protective against colon cancer make them prime candidates for supplements in Nature's Natural Essences (R). 


Nutri-Juice Bar (R):


A custom water-filter, vitamin-mineral mixer, juicer, natural essence, extracts and fermented extracts, tonic, herbal drink bar. The custom-installed high-tech filtration, juicer and dispenser device with autofill cap ejector (juice bar screw cap with autofill and spring-ejector screen filter gasket) and self-cleaning sanitizer system (food-grade) (steam on cycle) for easy maintenance is oriented for the modern, health product-minded consumer.

'Lomboy Fruit' Tonic Aperitif, e. g. lomboy juice extract, a Philippine berry, vodka, clam juice, fish sauce, tamarind paste, lemon grass oil extract, vegetable juices (tomato, carrot, celery), ginger and extracts (optional, toniciades from grapefruit and cocoa).  Serve on a flight (i. e. plane food) as an aperitif with hors d'ouvres with a seafood entrée of Japanese batter fried tiger prawns and other delectable seafoods (e. g. clams, oysters, mussels, scallops) in a bed of lettuce and Italian marinara sauce (can be used in a hot sauce with a clam juice extract) and mayonnaise.




Food Labs: 


We aim to formulate food products as food scientists that have shelf life, convenience, excellent commercial-grade gourmet quality yet reductionist  in its elegance in approach and elaborated enough to be enchanced and true to value or character of the original cuisine and with use of our experimental nutritionals. Robust food sources or creations are those that: 1) are methodologically straightforward to prepare, 2) ingredients are affordable and available to procure reliably or accessibly, 3) recipes are full and satisfying in their culinary qualities (taste, texture, and colours), 4) excellent appetizing in presentation and 5) stability with 'shelf-life', at their prepared, storage and serving cooling & heating temperature. 

Spice and/or herbs, the essences of cookery at Skye Blue can be made to complement dishes in general based on like borrowed principles as the original dishes.  It is suggested as has been successfully made with hunger relief rations of grains or cereals and legumes to package and prepare them for use in the preparations of food or dishes (below) illustrated in this website in addition to use in compounded form. 

We have great plans to start our Filipino-Style Deli and Counter with these whimsical offerings, for e. g., (1) Canadian Turducken Roll or Meat Loaf, (2) Vienesse-Style Weiners or Sausage for Breakfast, (3) Filipino Stuffed Embutido with sausage and boiled egg, (3) Longesina Links - a Filipino breakfast treat on Philippine Airlines, (4) Longesina-Style Tube Steak with House BBQ Ketchup, (5) Fusion Meat Loaf (collagenous corned beef mince from hash), (6) Dietetic House Special L'Oleo Sausages (pre-cooked), (7) Salami and Mortadella (with cheese), and (8) Filipino Blood Sausage from pigs blood.

"Blood Pudding". A surprising project we are working on is this traditional Filipino dish using natural ingredients: (1) rice vineagre, (2) Worcestershire sauce, (3) soy sauce or patis as it called, (4) sesame seed oil, (5) d'avoigne or oatmeal, (6) soybean meal, (7) and collagen powder, (8) finely chopped pigs intestines, (9) a lemon grass truss in the Thai tradition, (10) oignon, (11) garlic or ail, (12) sugar, (13) red or green sweet chillies. To be served either with bread as sop or with plated rice and then whole roast pork or a side of lechon as it is called. Do not forget the salt and black crushed pepper. Compare with Irish black pudding using liver and porc fat instead of intestines.


Le Cafe:   (Situated amongst Chinese Eateries, Mongolian-Korean BBQs, and Lebanese Kebab Restaurants; featuring trendy items: entrees, salads, desserts and snacks, along the Eurasian-Filipino tradition)

1) Bibingka Custard Cake, 1/2 mix of bebingka: rice flour, coconut milk, eggs, milk, cheese, sugar and cassava bebingka of: fresh young coconut, coconut milk, sugar, eggs, almond oil, nutmeg spice, cassava and molded (spring-formed) banana leaf wrap.

2) Beef Wellington is our English-style menu item of aspic wrapped/corn meal, boiled or steamed corned 'pink' veal compounded loaf seasoned with pickling spice and parsley or cilantro.

At Skye Blue meat production is being evaluated genetically based on microfibrillar composition and functional components to improve the flavour, tenderness and juiciness of meat products and including the productivity of production using meat developmental growth factors such as IGF1 and the products of the Wnt7a gene family with stem cell technology which has increased muscle productivity by as such much as 15% with IGF1. The metabolomics approach to identifying growth factors, composition and sensory qualities to muscle tissue amongst differing breeds genetically is a future approach to achieve this goal of improving meat quality. (See also: BIOSCIENTIA TECHNICA, Hum-Molgen.De.)

3) With a dessert entree parfait topped with mechanically shredded pork/beef meat candied with sugared 'a l'orange' topped over marinated pear and blue berries with mint leaf garnish jubilees with unsalted whipped low-fat, sour cream, an under layer of full-head shavings in heavy cream and white, granulated sugar and vanilla of GM, protein-enriched, 'macapuno-style' coconut with candied shards of lime and lemon twist with a base of 'milky' Yorkshire pudding mix flavoured with vanilla and caroube (1/3)/extra sugared crepe mixture (2/3), encrusted coated in a battered baked scone (a 'cone').

4)'Baked Alaska' with baked meringue top, drivelled with caramel on ice cream served with our cold or hot CaraMilk Tasse (R) of fresh creamery caramilk, caroube, vanilla, cardamom, brown sugar and cinnamon.

5) Extra moist banana dietetic of high-fructan Musa variety eating banana, flour, molasses, oleo-L-fat for shortening, eggs, milk and potassium bicarbonate, cardamom, vanilla and cinnamon, for a Rio Sugar Loaf (R) with sugar additive Equal-R (Gen) sweetener grown as a peptide extracted from GM sugarcane, served with an Eggnog Chai Latte from Sri Lankan tea infusion, with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, oeufs, Equal-R (Gen) and milk.

   Our banana sliced bread loaf for making breakfast toast with 'oleo' olive oil margarine is a variant substitute where artificial banana extract is added, molasses, vanilla, cinnamon, eggs, whole wheat or rye flour fortified with complex carbohydrate sugars, sugar, milk, and water in addition to yeast to give it a brown colour and aroma. On a slice butter up with olive oil homespun oleo or margarine (non-hydrogenated) for a much more flavourable experience, better nutrition and savings on the growing banana trade barriers in future in places like British Columbia. 

6) A fusion dessert entree is of GM proteinaceous rice vermicelli, steamed with a brown sugar, GM bean gum and caroube, purple sweet yam, vanilla bean and licorice base molded, cut in squares and deep flash-fried, topped with roasted sesame seeds (no honey added).

7) Another fusion dessert is our orange suffusement-ginger iced sherbert using ice cubes and an ice crush food processor, hot water and suffusement (gelatin set in juice concentrate) satchel with reduced juice from artificial biofermented orange pulp sacs and ginger root callus with a 'zing' of ginseng essence or our 'combo-juicer' of carrageenan mango hearts with mint leaves garnish and julep rosel syrup topped with whipped cream.

8) Strawberry gelatinous squares from carrageenan seaweed or 'Filipino' jell-o-mix as a parfait with oleo-L-fat cream whipped topping with a frosting of pineapple juice on the glass, coated, with a choice of mint, julep or grape flavours.

9) Bread pudding with GM protein enriched spiced pumpkin and bread pudding with eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon and nutmeg topped with caramel, corn syrup and oleo cream whipped topping made from albumin, oleo-L-fat and cream.

10) Yoghurt shakes, in strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavours, made with sugar-enriched GM-modified Lactobacillus culture (e. g. with fructans exported outside the cell into media using non-regulatory iso-osmotic transmembrane channelling) and iced milk cream and syrup concentrate, dessert white cheeses from goats milk and caramilk.

The use of ionophoric foods which uses food-grade microorganisms with intracellularly sequestered inulin synthesizing enzymes of lower degree of polymerization (DP) exported by osmoregulatory membrane porins from Mycobacteria of 500-700 Da pore size and other conceptions of functional foods fermented such as cheeses, sour cream, youghurt and wines and spirits for hypertoniciades (strong blood pressure lowering plant substances such as from the cocoa plant in chocolate) and anti-oxidants and their use per os as preventative and health maintaining dietetics is not new at Skye Blue.

11) Banana split surprise with GM dietetic banana (Musa spp.), halved, caramel, chocolate syrup, cream, L-fat oleo cream whipped, ice cream in three flavours (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or mint), a topping of peanuts & pecans or white macadamia.

12) Coated GM banana stick or cube (eating banana) deep-fried caramelized in brown sugar coated in corn syrup, peanut flour, honey, caroube, cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, nutmeg and vanilla extract.

13) 'Monterrey' Crepes with a turning griddling iron with caramelized onions, 'smoked' Canadian back Bacon, veal strips, leeks and potatoes with GM Monterrey Jack melt [with sugars from non-regulatory, transmembrane, iso-osmotic ion channelling GM technology] (no garlic, MSG or scallions).

14) 'Golden El Greco'. Creme Topped GM sweet 'Musa' Banana, Sweet Potato and Cassava Pie with Filo Pastry Wrap folded in with milk and honey. With savoury chervil, hazelnut and almond oil essence, allspice with tahini sauce (ground roasted sweet sesame seed paste), dark soya, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar and minced pork loin cutlets by sauteeing in pan with an accompanying Daiquiri drink of pre-boiled rosel juice, citrus 'calamansi' juice, lemon, julep, iced, with Grenadine (R) and topped with lime sprigs and a marascchino cherry.

15) Japanese Ham Sandwich. Sour dough bread with smoked, honeyed Spanish pink ham, Japanese prepared horseradish, tahini sauce (a roasted sweet sesame seed paste), GM edible banana leaf wrap, L-fat-oleo creamed dressing and red sweet roasted bell pepper+onion sauce & spices (H2O + vineagre + honey + salt&pepper + cumin + cinnamon + red chilli powder).

16) High-Fructan Banana, Tuna and Mango Thai Salad Julienne. Deep-fried cooking banana in caramel, honey, ginger and lemon grass, tuna in Thai red chilli sauce and ripe-to-semi-ripe dessert yellow Philippine mango in marinade of light soya sauce, sugar and lime juice. Bed of bib lettuce, fresh basel, lemon juice and minced pineapple fruit.

17) 'Barracuda' with Greek Salad and Brown Rice Pilaf. Philippine 'manulsog' for sustainable food and seafood production roasted in lemon, canola and rosemary, sauteed in ginger, balsamic vineagre, tamarind, garlic, tomatoes, sea salt and lemon grass added with sili leaves or greens and basel. Lemon zest added. Note, prepare the 'manulsog' by gutting and remove fins and the head and sandwich in a screen and grill or roast with a rotisserie; slice by deboning and removing the dark, unappetizing flesh before sautéeing. (Suggestion: rinse sliced, gutted fish with a fruit and veggie wash.)

On a seaside spit, a mixture of lemon juice, lime juice, soy sauce, brown sugar and tamarind makes for a good BBQ.

18) A 'Scotch Murphy' of oysters 'talaba', harvested from seaside shoals amidst the barnacles, in 'coddled' soft-boiled eggs and a drivel of Scotch whiskey with salt and pepper to taste. Serve as an evening snack on English-style muffins or biscuits, buttered up, with a 'wee dram of Scotch'.

19) Turtle Bean Guacamole. Bean paste combined with milk, salt, black pepper, olive oil, chili powder, cumin, corriander, sun-dried tomatoes and red sweet chilies, sour cream and melt in white cheese (no garlic, avocado, red onion, cilantro or lime juice).

20) Filipino Pork 'Jerky' Deli-meat Loaf. Mince fruit (apples & sweet peppers) and lean Irish pork and marinate in spices (sugar, salt, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, cardamon, onion powder, garlic powder, dried ginger essence, black pepper) and add nitrate preservant to meat. Dessicate minced fruit. Mince pork skin casings through a grinder and mix with PUFA oleo mix to a 'fatty' paste. Combine the fruit, meat and ground casings in a loaf and place in casing and dry in a sun-dried dessicating oven (fitted with an exhaust fan duct); use thinly sliced deli-style.

21) Filipino Longesina 'Corned' Mutton Sausages. Mince mutton fine, lean ground, pre-marinated in nitrate as preservative to 'corn' the meat and so with grinding mung bean, barley and pine nuts (1:3:1) as 'grain' filler (9:1), that has been pre-cooked in a steamer-double boiler, and mix adding raw, granulated from rock sugar (refined), salt, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, chili, cayenne pepper, paprika oil of extract and cumin and mince pork casings through a grinder with PUFA oleo mix to a fatty paste. Combine the meat with cooked 'grain' filler mixture with ground casings and place in casing, strung at 3.5 inch intervals and cool at 5 deg C or store in freezer at -5 deg C. Serve fried with fried rice and eggs and sticky rice cakes in coconut milk sprinkled with granulated refined sugar. Orange juice and coffee will be served as beverage service.

22) Filo Mango-Apple-Banana Pastry. Filo-cased suet of mashed dessert Filipino-style mango, peeled, minced apple and mashed Philippine cooking hi-fructan sweet bananas marinated previously in allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamon, vanilla and brown sugar and lemon juice to prevent discolourization, and sprinkled with honey-roasted A1 Philippine peanut bits.

23) Corned Beef con Arroz y Frijoles.  Cooked Filipino-style, without the fat, warm tinned beef or mutton in skillet, with oil (no olive oil preferred), chopped onion and garlic, sauteed previously, add in whole black & white pepper corns coarsely ground, a bay leaf and sun-dried tomatoes.  Cover to cook. Add in fried rice and beans, as side dishes.  Serve with two eggs, sunny-side up and canned chili-con-carne for hearty breakfast fare. Garnish the top with chopped chives (or scallions). 

24) Corned Carabeef Brisket Stew (Filipino-style). This is a first here on this site also known as "White Thai Curry."  Brown trimmed brisket or Zebu lean shank steak into cutlets, add fluid to cover and add to simmer carrots, onion and celery and then add 1 can coconut cream or extract. Also add, one bay leaf, white turmeric (no yellow variety), fish sauce, tamarind paste and a few dabs of tomato paste until tender with fork then cook until tender slivered white potatoes and cabbage. Serve topped with scallions and parsley.  Low in cholesterol and fat and healthy in oils.

25) The "Triple O-O-O's" snackwich of a triple-layered spread of margarine on whole wheat white bread finished by trimming off bread crust consisting of: 1) cucumber relish to a paste (cucumber, green peppers, vinegar, sugar, mayonnaise), 2) gouda cheese with mild sweet chili peppers of pimiento flavour and 3) oleo L-fat margarine, date palm, honey and cinnamon pomace. (The original Philippine recipe was of a sandwich of cucumber and mayonnaise, Velveeta pimiento processed cheese and roasted red bell peppers and raisins.) This would make the Earl of Sandwich and English proud! 

The sandwich spread's second layer can be varied with either of two spreads: Pesto (parmesan cheese, pine nuts, garlic, basel and olive oil) or Tangy Marinara (sun-dried tomatoes in puree, roasted red bell peppers, peeled, and roasted garlic cloves all mixed to a paste).

26) Pecan 'Pastey' Pie. Whole pecan nut paste, peanut butter paste of A1-grade Philippine sugar-coated dry roasted peanuts, molasses, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, allspice ground nut, milk, eggs and flour with Twinkie meringue (R) plugs.  Use a Graham cracker crust.

27) Cheesa Pomade. Cheese cakes and petite-fours. A Philippine fruit pomace, persimmon, gouda, cream cheese, sugar, milk, topped with whipped cream and jus a fruites (sugar, honey, jus de pomme, jus a pomegranate, jus a passion fruite, cinnamon and lemon juice/lemon zest, for freshness) (no lime juice added) in aspic and use mini-puff pastry shells with filling for hors-d'oevres.

28) Filipino-style Home-made Pork-n-Beans. Dried fancy Philippine flounder sun-dried with sea salt and sugar, smoked with brown sugar and mint herb (honey, minced rosemary, berry vinegar, mint, salt, minced basil, sun-dried tomatoes, canola, minced garlic and oignon) to complement brown baked white navy beans with smoke-flavoured back bacon pieces or slices and tomato sauce with onion, sun-dried tomato puree with maple syrup/brown sugar (no low-salt, chicken broth added).

29) Chi-ken-itsa  A Philippine noodle tossed snack (parboiled and fried in canola oil in a cast iron pan with the added spices) with various flavoured proteins (e. g. turtle bean)(we got this idea from mungbean noodles used in oriental dishes) to genetically modified (GM) wheaten oriental noodles, using lime juice, salt and pepper, chili powder, cumin, coriander, cardamon, red, yellow or green curry, turmeric, onion powder, garlic salt (no dried shrimp or soya sauce added, and no MSG with children). Also try dill, rosemary, thyme, sage and basel with dried shrimp. Or simply use the instant noodle packet for flavour in this prepared manner garnished with lime juice.  For x-tra Filipino taste, there is a simple dish of rice vermicelli with a sauce of white wine vinegar, flour and water to thicken, soya sauce, ginger, garlic, tamarind or Worcestershire sauce, pieces of dried shrimp meat, and salt and pepper to taste, garnished with chopped spring onions.

      Chi-ken-itsa using the recipe from wheaten oriental noodles using chicken-of-the-sea bits lightly sprinkled and tossed or use chinese dried, shredded pork or beef or bits of pork or beef jerky off the corner store shelf with the instant beef or chicken buillon powdered mix. L'Oleo Salami Bits Or any farmer-style sausage will also do. For pasta use a stand alone mixer with gluten-free flour or whole grain. 

30) Filipino 'Green' Chowder. Native saluyot leaves, sili leaves, bamboo shoots and puso ng saging (i. e. hearts of banana plant), halved and quartered, Scottish kale, and hi-fructan artichoke hearts in coconut milk, lemon grass, with minced pork and dried shrimp, oignon, garlic and ginger, tamarind paste, diluted fish sauce and white pepper.

31) Flower Pie-r.  Mini-molded flower-shaped chicken pot pies filled with chopped white chicken breast basted in thickened broth (use corn starch), parsley, thyme, white pepper, dry mustard, carrots and GM slow-release yams, garlic, oignon and cayenne pepper (note: to bring out the sweet, mellow flavour, sautee in butter beforehand.).

32) Filipino Pressemolo Italian Wedding-Style Soup. An egg noodle soup mix with chicken stock using pork-filled dumplings wrapped in double-yolk egg noodles seasoned with garlic, ginger, pressemolo (parsley), fennel, white pepper and beaten egg  and cornstarch in a soup base of chicken broth, oignon, light fish sauce, tamarind paste and lemon grass. Shrimp may be substituted for minced pork in the dumpling mixture. (Note: the original Filipino recipe is termed Ilo-ilo-an 'Pancit (for noodles) Molo'.)

33) Filipino Pork-n-Beans.  First soak white navy beans overnight and add to stewing pot. Stew lean pork cubes also in the stew pot with oignon and ail in olive oil, cover with chicken stock and add the following herbs or spices: rosemary, bay leaf, thyme, sage, tomato paste, tamarind paste and molasses with coarse ground black pepper to taste and stew until done.  Add parsley.

34) Sardinas Italie Antipasto. Parboil sardinas in a pot.  Marinate in olive oil, white wine vineagre, ginger bits, garlic bits, tarragon, prepared horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, pink and green peppercorns, azucar, chopped scallions and lemon zest; add on the side sliced cucumber with balsamic vineagre, azucar, salt, chilli bits, ginger and black pepper (no lime juice, dill).

35) Yorkshire Pudding Petite-fours. A fennel, rosemary, prepared horseradish, cheese powder (edam and aged cheddar) and dry moutarde filled puff of thickened souffle-style mix (beaten whole egg, flour, milk, pinch salt and sugar). Served with Prague-styled canapes of dill, fennel and chives, dash red paprika, on creamery goat cheese, on candied ginger shredded beef a l'orange and chorizo on a browne rye crust.

36) Steak 'n Potatoes.  Thin-cut boneless shank steak, marinated in a dressing of fennel, dill, dry mustard and thyme with honey, tamarind paste, soy sauce, salt and black pepper to taste flash broiled on either side, seared 'half-rare', and scalloped poutine of medallions of fried potato roundelles decked on with gravy (L-fat oleo, beef extract powder, water and starch to thicken) and Hollandaise sauce (beaten egg into cooking mixture of vineagre, water, cheese powder, mustard, nutmeg and paprika with a roux of flour, L-fat oleo, butter and milk until it thickens to a paste).

37) Crab Apple Seafood Cheesecake.  In a pre-baked pie crust using preferably Crisco (R) for shortening add the mealy thickened mixture set in gelatin of: cooked, mashed crab apple sauce (laced with lemon juice and sweetener like honey)(edible, backyard variety) (e.g.s. Sweet Crabapples and Parkman Crab Apple varieties are suggested for their sweetness and tartness in flavour used for preserves in jams and jellies), drained crab meat paste, avocado paste blended with evaporated cream milk, cream cheese (low-fat), dried parsley, oignon and garlic flakes, sage and thyme.

38) Dessert Parfait and Platter. Arrange Italian di  bufala white dessert cheese made from its caramilk on a platter. Whisk together ingredients of pre-cooked cassava paste, Philippine pre-cooked sweet potato, boiled plantain or banana paste (add lemon juice or any jus au citrus to prevent  the Browning reaction and loss of colour), corn syrup, grated coconut shavings (to add bits of "gummy" scrumptuousness), both separately melted dark and white milk chocolate, the latter with vanilla, and mixed with half crème fraiche/half evaporated milk and sugar into a slurry to make the parfait by mixing in, in alternate layers, dark and white chocolate.

39) Philippine Airliner Service: A) An entree: Carabeef Steak seasoned with salt, black pepper, sage, thyme, rosemary and bay leaf from a slab cut of tenderized flank steak, topped or dressed with stuffed sliced pimiento XL size jumbo Spanish olives, seared sliced cherry tomatoes, dill bits and medallions of quesong puteh (white cheese from caramilk). B) Fruit Cup/Salad: bib lettuce bed with strawberries (quartered), avocado mash and mango slivers, smothered in a caramilk, white sugar, caroube & vanilla  sauce with a side of cottage cheese also from caramilk. C) Dessert: Pie a la Mode - Crisco (R) crust filled with butong and coconut cream milk, caramel and vanilla with cornstarch and caramilk made to a consistency of softer pudding comparable to flan and seared with a topping of brown sugar (creme brulee comes to mind).  Served with refreshment: Bottled spring water with slice lemon, Bloody Caesar [e. g. Motts Clamato (R)], Orange Juice [or Instant Iced Tea] [filled with healthy fruit or vegetable juice and pep].

40) Filipino-style Tapas [Hors-d’Oevres]. Melba toast thin-cut, brush lightly with oleo-L-PUFA and topped with slivered medallions of deli-loaf (taken from 20) and use on top a slice of pear-apple-prune jelly, then topped with slivered shavings of candied pork & beef candied with sugared a l'orange, topped further with marinated pears and blue berries and mint leaf garnish jubilee. Alternatively, take instead thinly sliced squares of seasoned packaged meat with salt, black pepper, sage, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf + added nitrate seasoning or Prague powder.

41) Filipino-style Cold Dogs Hors-d'Oevres. Mechanically core hot dog-style casings with: ground corned beef or chinese-style pork chorizo (sans gras) further with a layers of ground pickled egg and then ground pickled pimientos and finally herbed oignon, garlic, sage, thyme, bayleaf and green & pink peppercorns and salt dressed either with with mild hot pepper corn sauce or pesto (garlic, basil, olive oil, pine nuts and parmesano) sliced and served cold at room temperature. Serve on a cracqueline or finger biscuite of potato flour, eggs, parmesano, moutarde and chives as sliders.

42) Filipino Rice Squares. Take glutinous rice in a large wok made from mixing rice with coconut cream, brown sugar, vanilla, blackstrop molasses and boil to firmness and then fry by turning in the wok. Then take the Philippine sweet purple yam (or ube) and mix the mash with white sugar, coconut  cream, vanilla and turn the melange with added 5-star anise spice, add roasted sesame seeds. Mix rice and yam to a melange and form and cut into squares. Flash-fry in canola oil thin-layer (1-3 mm) squares in molds with caramel made from packaged crystals with coconut cream and butter added which is then melted in a double boiler and spread on top the glutinous squares. Then add molasses & brown sugar also melted in a double boiler, with boiled whole chopped peanut bits added as a second layer and finally at the very top layer melted sweet med.-d. chocolate (see package instruction). At the mold’s base layer sesame seed bars that have been pressed (crushed) from whole candy (optional). 

43) Marinated Fruits on a Sticky Rice Platter. Plate out, as if on a straightened out "lei-out" formation, in layer-fashion, the following so-to-speak "sweet meats" (e. g. candied suet also come to mind of X'mas tarts fare) of canned chinese lychees, peeled and sliced, and marinated in Filipino calamansi sweetened juice and pineapple bits, topped with sliced marascchino cherries, candied a l'orange kisses with pork shavings and filled-in centre with marinated, sliced sago and nipa palm hearts with a sticky white rice base that is boiled in coconut milk, salt, cane sugar and molasses and sugared, buttered purple yam, also prepared to a paste, then the mixture fried in coconut oil a cast iron 'kawali' or wok with honey roasted sesame seeds and 5-star anise spice added.

44) Poor Man's Risotto Casserole. Serve with roast beef as a substitute for mashed potatoes and gravy. Mix corn meal flour (yellow), barley and wild rice (brown), a can of creamed chipped beef, corned beef from shank in cut bits, low-salt clear chicken broth, milk or cream, gravy mix from packet, pepper & salt, oignon flakes, garlic flakes, parlsey, sage, thyme and risotto (optional), Italian white cheese (optional), butter (optional) or bone marrow from beef (optional). 

45) Indian Star Anise Pancit. Fashion Indian 5-star anise with okra tempura, pancit (med. egg noodles from the Philippines or China) blanched in duck tureen/chicken broth, long-chopped sili leaves blanched, duck meat (deboned and skinned) and crabmeat slivered, added with chayote, carrots, celery sprinkled atop with a marinade of vineagre, shallots, garlic, sugar and sweet chillies (med.) and limes juice. 

46) Filipino Corn Torta. Omelette (egg + H20 beaten) when firm with a bechamel sauce centre (milk 250ml:2 tblsp cornflour/butter, oignon, garlic, bay leaf, butter, flour, dash Worcestshire sauce, sugar, salt & pepper. Edge the peaches-n-creme around the omelette.

47) Sweet Bread Puff Egg Salad Hors-d'Oeuvres Surprise. Fashion dinner bread rolls, cream puffs shells in half-half mixture and fill with an egg salad delite of mashed egg, mustard, mayonnaise, boiled potato, ricotta and white Italian cheese. The dinner rolls should be made sweet and savoury with sugar, salt to taste, parsley, chives, oregano, sage and thyme. Serve the finger foods with skewered folded deli meats (e. g. pastrami) + baby pickled oignons + pimiento olives. Also use skewered pieces of date palms + cucumber + old cheddar cheese.

48) Egg-O-My Cake. Ingredients are for in estimated measures: 12 eggs (beaten), sifted flour (2 c.), creme ( 500  cc.) (or buttermilk or almond milk), baking soda (1/2 tblsp), salt (1/2 tsp), icing sugar (1/4 c.), icing sugar sifted topping (1/4 c.), butter (1 1/2 c.), cheese finely grated (1 1/2 c.) and strawberries jubilees (candied). Mix sifted flour, cheese with baking soda and salt, icing sugar with creme and add beaten eggs and melted butter and bake in a form spring pan. Remove and top cake with icing sugar sprinkled on top with jubilees. 

49) Shrimpaste Antipasto (R) with Eating Banana and Cassava. Sautee oil, tamarind paste, slivered sweet mild chilies (red)/sun-dried tomatoes and paste, minced garlic, minced ginger and chopped scallions and mix in liquids with sugar of lime juice + salt, rice vinegar, and fish sauce and put aside cooled and then blend thoroughly with whole shrimp paste (fancy, pink variety). Serve with a serving bowl at centre with boiled or fried banana and cassava wedges around.

50) Stroganoff-Goulash. Fancy your favourite meatloaf recipe of lean beef or pork with added shredded carrots and zucchini to texturize the mix further. Then make a glazed sauce by mixing a roux of butter and wheat flour and ground walnut flour (as the Spanish use) and simmer in coconut creme fraiche and finely minced mushrooms with shallots, tarragon, nutmeg, beef buillon and salt and pepper and for a s. soured effect, as with roasts, calamansi juice (from the Philippine citrus round). Dress atop with decoration of B.C. cranberries jubilees and on the side, a gravy boat train, for the Fall Season fare as a Yule or Harvest Log with Corn Bread on the side. As a modern touch add in fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) extract from chicory which has a s. sweetening, filling flavour for gravy sauces and other claimed health-conferring benefits.

51) Philippine Salted Egg Balut Platter with Breakfast. Salt duck eggs sliced and tomatoes with scallions. Add fried eggs (2), canned chili reheated, dried shrimp fried rice with shredded pork and beef, oignon, ginger and garlic, soya sauce, sesame oil and chopped scallions and fried kippers made from dried fancy Philippine flounder sun-dried with sea salt and sugar, smoked with brown sugar and mint herb (honey, minced rosemary, berry vinegar, mint, salt, minced basil, sun-dried tomatoes, canola, minced garlic and oignon).

52) Smelt Tortellini Pasta Vineagrette Salad. Prepare fresh egg noodle pasta (flour, water, milk, butter, oil, salt, herbed with basil) and prepare filling with smelt (gutted) with mushrooms, long silver variety, steamed with vineagrette style dressing (H2O, salt, pepper, rice wine vineagre, tarragon, sage, thyme, bay leaf spice, oignon, garlic).  Prepare the tortellini and steam to cook filling. Toss the salad in the vineagrette with the olive oil.  Serve cold with paw-paw concombre (hybridized) (combine fruits as substitute) achara (Philippine style). Add a mayo dip, epice (sweet paprika, turmeric, cumin, coriander, cardamom, dill).  On the side, flat pan de sal (buttered and grilled) and a sweet bread of ensaymada Spanish style.

53) Cinammon Chiabattas. Use a pizza dough recipe that is both tender and chewy with flour infused with bacon drippings (filtered through cheese cloth) (avoid using Crisco (R) with mixture) and work in spices for a tasty and aromatic flavouring of cinnamon, cardamon, allspice cloves and hazel nut oil leaving the bread lightly fleshy in colour (no brown sugar, no sesame seed or poppy seed). Thickly honey glaze until l. golden brown with baking in an oven (380 deg. C). 

54) Eggs Steak Fritata. Take 12 egg whites separated (season with salt  & pepper) and remove the rest of the yolks (unbeaten). Take a steamer and layer (first) half the whites and steam until hard, and then fry the 16 oz. steak seasoned with rosemary, black pepper, salt, cayenne and nutmeg with canola oil, lay it on top followed by the yolks (seasoned with salt & pepper) and steam immediately and then finish with the top layer of whites and steam. Serve on a side platter sliced with French crusty bread, pate and sautéed baby mushrooms. 

55) B-B-Q Savoury Platter. Arrange after finishing skewered savouries of cubed Banana-Q (caramelized eating banana cubes in a deep-frier wok-kawali), gabi, deep-fried and lightly buttered (the real butter), egg plant cutlets that have been tempura batter fried with egg and finally, the piece-de-resistance of our plate, "Barracuda" (see:foodie no. 17 in this portal) cutlets of herbed rosemary and marinade savoury either of Philippine Lapu-lapu or Japanese tuna (for airline food), Philippine mackerel or manulsog scad (or common name "galunggong", considered a sustainable fish in the islands).

56) Soy-nut Patti Cracquelin: a Philippine airlines snackfood idea: ingredients are as ff.: ground BBQ dry roasted peanuts, roasted Wasabe unflavoured soya beans ground, tahini paste (sesame seed of roasted honeyed sesame seed paste) and BBQ satay spices or sauce (coconut cream, peanut butter, grated onion, dark soy sauce, brown sugar, and red pepper flakes) with choice of added: beef, turkey, vegan (no addition), with or without psyllium for hi-fibre cookies.  

57) English Custard Casserole (Vegan): a) ripened mild cheese (e. g. edam), b) Bernaise sauce (egg yolk, butter, oignon, white wine vineagre, heavy cream and lemon juice), c) eggs beaten (egg: water, 20:1) (use hi-omega-3 fatty acid eggs for heart health, d) tofu extender and e) chopped scallions.  Mix the Bernaise sauce and tofu extender to a smoothie consistency then layer beaten egg  omelette on top in a ramekin and tops with cheese last. Add chopped scallions. Bake at 380 deg C for 35 mins. Serve with Beef Wellington (aspic wrapped in corn meal), Yorkshire Pudding Petit-fours (see: this webpage) and Prague-style Canapes (see: this webpage).

58) P'noy Fish-n-Chops. Do your kind a service on the Barbie this Spring and follow this recipe I happened on a Professor at Macdonald Farms, Qc by marinating your fish and chops use the ff. marinade as: sugar, vineagre, salt, H2O, light sweet soy, sesame oil, ginger, pepper, light fish sauce and Ca2PO4 and also apply to acharra mix steeped over a few weeks of carrot, cornichons, baby oignons, singkamas (Filipino watercress rutabegas) and steamed bamboo shoot. Serve the fish (e. g. salmon) and the chops with trimmings of cherry tomatoes, bib lettuce and cherry-plum sauce with the Chinese egg rolls. You can alternatively use a broiler for the Barbie at 380 deg C for 25-30 mins the salmon or broil at 380 deg C for 45 mins. the chops. A bit of advise, the Acharra is steeped much more greatly in vineagre (malt). Bon appetit! 

59) P'noy Kinilaw and Radishes. Our unique recipe using salmon and radishes uses a blend of salmon (e. g. steelhead), honey, lemon grass, coconut milk, rice vineagre, salt, dash of white pepper, fish sauce, horseradish, chopped chives and persil, lime juice, canola oil and dressed with roasted bell peppers. Instruction are to blend the ff.: prepare the coconut milk and lemon grass (trussed), whisk in the honey, rice vineagre, salt, dash of white pepper, fish sauce, horseradish, lime juice, canola oil.  Marinate overnite the at 5 deg. C and dress with the chives, persil and roasted red bell peppers thinly cut and sliced. Likewise, marinade the horseradish thinly sliced, overnite, and serve as an appetizer (cf. pickled herring).  

60) BBQ Dipping Sauce a la Satay-Hummus Flavoured Gravy. Use a common recipe for hummus (viz. cooked garbanzo beans, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini and salt & pepper to taste) + satay gravy (red chilli flakes, roasted peanuts in a paste, coconut milk, small oignon, dark soya sauce, brown sugar and Knorr (R) beef or chicken stock) cooked to a heavy paste-like gravy. Use Kebabs of BBQ Beef or Pork, respectively. More on peas (Wasabe-style) later... Or for vegans try with veggies + soyabean cakes as kebabs. Alternatively, use chicken, beef, or lamb (for vegans- falafel) in pita-style pockets, as a sauce. We will be promoting this on the home website.

61) A Halloween Treat without the Tricks, "to serve toasty and warm during a cold nite on Oct 31st to trick or treat guests: a) Pumpkin Spice Mocha using instant mix with caramel toffee with foam creme topping and Kahlua (R) liquer; b) Italian Torte Tortilla: sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, olive oil, salt and pepper, tomato paste with oregano, basil & rosemary, Italian med. spicey dry salami, cracked black pepper, garlic, oignon bits and ementhal, mozzarella and med. aged cheddar; instruccions: place layered torte with pizza filling to six tortillas depth for the pie effect and bake in a special upside-down round pan lined with wax paper and Crisco (R) and bake at 380 deg. C for 45 mins or until done. Take the torte and lay upside down on a torte server and sprinkle with parmesan and chilli flakes and serve into (8) slices to serve to guests. 

62) A Berry, Berry, Berry Good Pizza! Prepare the berry mixture of approx. 1 c. H2O, 1/2 c. white granulated sugar, 1 1/2 oz. of cranberries, 1 c. of  ripened A-grade blue berries and 1/2 c. of ripened A-grade raspberries kept boiling for 15 mins. over hi-medium heat. Prepare some pizza dough in a med.-large pan and coat with canola or olive oil, add oregano, tomato paste (seasoned with thyme, sage and oregano, salt and pepper), then the whole berry jam mixture, then top with either pancheta or shaven spanish sugar ham (if available) and goat's cheese and mozarella. You might even want to try this with sweet sour pineapple pieces as well (1:1 pineapple and berry mixture). 

63) As They Say: The Ube ("purple yam") Cheesecake Parlour Parfait! Construct in parfait glasses, for baking, layered from the bottom, up: graham cracker crumbs and sugar crust and blend for the ube cheesecake layer mix margarine, packaged crem cheese, sugar, vanilla and eggs, ube, heavy cream, almond milk and vanilla and finally top with blueberry compote of blueberries, H2O,sugar, lemon zest and fresh lemon juice and then dress with topping of young coconut (Philippine "butong"). 

64) Chicken, Beef or Pork Kecep Pizzeria! Secret recipe for the Sambal Kecep Manis Sauce is out at Skye Blue! See: Wix.com for people, ideas and research Ristorante. Look up our recipe for Sambal Kecep Manis or peanut chilli sauce minus the peanuts. Substitute our sauce for the seasoned tomato paste by adding rosemary and oregano on the rectangular med.-large pie shell on top of the brushed oil and then proceed to add A-grade frankfurters or hot dogs from your favourite deli-meat store, together with grated Velveeta and mozarella cheese. A simple but tasty pizza pie. 

65) A bright idea for comfort food that has a more complex kick to its blend and piquance in flavours is "Chicken Rice" al Khabsa Saudia but on near the complexity of our exampled dish. The directions are to suggest Knorr (R) products like their new barley, rice and quinoa selections to be added with meat and veggies. We would like to suggest preparing the rice in beef and/or chicken consomme, oignon, garlic, salt and pepper, and carrot, and broccoli bits with a prepared mix of beef and chicken pieces as in skewered meat that have been marinated, grilled in a B-B-Q and smothered in cooked gravy from the Sambal Kecep Manis marinade sauce or gravy. Thicken sauce with cornstarch. 

66) Creme Parfait Glacee Tutti Frutti- the 4-Flavour Medley ice cream with the ingredients with the fruit flavours: (1) papaya, semi-ripe mango, lime, lemon, cream sugar; (2) blueberry, ube, cream, sugar and vanilla; (3) langka, magnolia flower oil essence (visit your local Filipino food store), citrus round oil essence, cream and sugar; (4) butong, coconut creme, cream, vanilla, and sugar.

67) Estoufado Indonesie. Mix together chunky style potatoes and Uncle Ben's (R) wildrice according to use or instructions; combine chopped walnuts, beef tenderloin and chicken thigh meat beaten with a mallet and tenderized with meat tenderizer overnight, and mix in Knorr (R) chicken - beef gravy combined and bake in a crock for 45 mins at 325 deg C. Remember to add the finishing touch of gravy or sauce - Sambal Kecep Manis as a savoury topping and mix and serve piping hot to rival Quebecoise poutine.

68) Porc Hopia de la Empanada. To fashion pita pockets (half-crescents) make dough from: eggs, H2O, sugar, salt, flour, butter and yeast (leaven). Rise twice and knead and set aside before apportioning. Filling is as ff.: cooked and mixed to a paste after cooking with ingredients: minced pork meat (white), potatoe flour, salt, sugar, starch, oil, H2O and 5-star anise. The dipping sauce is outline elsewhere in our foodie website on Wix.com (see: Sambal Kecep Manis, #foodies, #wix.com, #dannyflores)

69) Pizza Pie, Mama Mia! This is a square pizza pie that is meant for dessert coffee cakes using either a choice of banana paste (made from citrus juice, mashed cooking bananas, white granulated sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg and a pinch of salt) or pineapple [again with citrus juice and white granulated sugar (optional)]. Rhubarb, strawberry and/or cranberry and blueberry can also be replaced for this recipe. The crust holding the filling is distributed on a baking pan with a border and crisscross design using the dough on the pie. Use an egg wash to bring out the golden colour. The dough will be made with wheat flour, rice flour and banana flour mix with coconut milk, eggs, sugar, milk and sodium bicarbonate. For gluten-free version use for the wheat flour a choice of: almond, coconut, tapioca, sweet sorghum, millet, or teff (amongst others). Serve with a favourite flavoured coffee. 

70) Sweet Potato Side a la Gingembre and Cranberries with Turducken. Prepare the chutney beforehand using orange juice, H2O, cranberries, ginger, brown and granulated sugar and salt and pepper to taste then proceed to island layer it on yellow yams to be baked with brown sugar and margarine or butter. Serve with your favourite turducken from the meat shoppe aisle for Christmas Eve dinner. The Filipino community might take interest in this similar fare cf. to their traditional beef embutido or chicken relleno. 

71) The Fully Decadent Choco-holic's Valentine's Cake. Prepare this double chocolate cake with our propietary soon-to-be L'Oleo made with soy lecithin as preservative and emulsifier. This is to be added to the cake as well as the milk chocolate fudge frosting or creamy vanilla buttercream icing. See: GeniusKitchen.com for instructions. Ingredients include: flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, salt, grated zucchini (3 c. per recipe) and salad oil with 1 portion patty of L'Oleo butter, a dietetic or functional food from PUFAs and their health-conferring benefits. Also add an extra patty to the icing mix before applying / piping the cake decoratively.

72)  Star Apple Slush. Mix together in a fruit bowl nata de coco, fresh coconut creme, milk, sugar, vanilla, nutmeg and caroube (optional). Other flavours of strawberry compote, mango puree, ube (purple yam) and caramel.

73) Sukang Paombong-Style Hot Sauce. Sambal Manis Kecap anyone that we presented to you earlier? Well its in the works towards a marketable product covered by our own proprietary copyright. But meanwhile, we will add another what is to be a Philippine favourite hot sauce Sukang Paombong in our own version. For convenience take a bottle of Tobasco Sauce (R) from your favourite grocers shelf and mix in garlic, onions, chillies and ginger with the Sukang Paombong (Philippine-made Coconut-based Sap Fermented Vineagre) and douse your favourite pasta dish, fried chicken, friend eggs and sausage (e. g. try Filipino Longesina from your favourite food store). 

Serve Siders:

     Serve on the side with Philippine "Achara" (pickles, assorted cut baby onions, sweet gherkins, carrots, and radishes); sweet breads can be added on the side as accompaniment (e. g. Philippine ensaymadas with cheese topping or margarine and sugar).  

SKYEVIEWIt's time we picked this fruit off it's vine for world-wide export as all our former home-grown fruits used to be more lowly in standing and now are 'Mexican gold', for example, to countries like the USA and CANADA in the North.  Here is the low down on this fruit the guayabano as it is commonly called in the Philippines (or soursop); it has anti-oxidants that protects against stress, produces insulin indirectly which works in T2Diabetes and perhaps protects against cancer in the long-term. If you can convince a lucrative American market to take in its nectar/tea leaf extract for breakfast daily for its Vit C and other goodness, that is, it's anti-inflammatory properties you will have the latest competition to our latest discovery at Skye Blue Organization with VitD and fructan with its grapefruit cocktail Frescana-C (R) (see above).

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