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registry of biomedical companies

  October 21, 2019
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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SBO Cos.

Toll free: +011-604-941-9022 (helpline)

Phone: +011-604-945-8408 (landline)
Fax: +011-604-941-9022 (FAX)
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



  We offer the ff. services to the professional or public member: 

  • Agricultural services (consulting and mentoring future students advancing in their fields)
  • Community services ("go fund me" raising and bottle drives through volunteering)
  • Printing & publishing services (Indie publishing with self-copyright)
  • Research services (paid search and accessing library databases)
  • Fielding Events services (announcements, presentations, meetings, marketing/sales)


We are listed under printing/publishing manufacturing, liaising between academe and industry and disseminating information between the scientific community and the public and bringing information to the public domain including our areas in biotech as part of our professional, scientific and technical activities as biotechnology industry sponsored as an NGO / NPO concern with our proud partners and officially recognized by: hum-molgen.de (FRG) and our home-bases in academia (not mentioned here).  

Our Resource Network for Co-ops in the Philippines and Asia are: 1) knowledge - as a commodity we supply input to industry; 2) infrastructure - infrastructure - biomaterials for buildings, roads and manufactured goods; and 3) financing - investments for stock commodities and R&D and equity (also for insurance.

Providing knowledge through the info commercialization industry via the Internet is Skye Blue's organizational prime objective.

We are an association of member contacts who open up a subscription to our informational products on the latest biotechs covering diverse areas of interests in life sciences, nutrition and food sciences, health fields in medicine and the bioresources sectors.  We consult, do technical, web-based research, desktop publish with sale of our informational product and services.


SKYEBLUE  is a skeleton membered roster, ongoing, which creates, uses, transforms, consumes and manages information using IT to provide web content for the web. As member, you will help manage computers with PC Wifi, enterprise management software, and contractual obligations to remunerate benefits from private funding and evaluate C.V.s/Resumes for further referral, engage print, copy, photo services, shipping and our makeshift mail room.  SkyeBlue builds on a subscription base for those wishing to hear of the latest and best that advances in biotech in agro, biomass, food and medical areas in the form of news releases and v. bloggings. We have a very visible "label" amongst our websites. We accept payment via banquer's cheque.

We are actively seeking fundraising sources and collaborate sharing interests in common research areas.  We occasionally have enquiries from those starting their careers who are interested in employment.  We have ongoing research portfolios for further R&D, so do not hesitate to enquire further by sending us your resume so we can ff. them in kind.     

We cover and focus on backgrounds in: biochemistry, animal nutrition, biotechnology and livestock production with crops and animal feeding, the issue of alternative feeding strategies to support and increase livestock and food production for the growing world population.

One area we would like to open up is known as anabolic signaling which plays a role in determining product or body output and composition in livestock (e.g. marbling score) and that there are verifiable quantitative trait loci and single nuclear polymorphisms (SNPs) that can be used located in chromosomal numbered sites that can bracket multi-trait determinant genes utilizable as markers for genetic breeding.

We are now situating ourselves in the Central Asian republics and further around as understood with Russian, the Far East, South Asian subcontinent and the Islamic Western Asia (e. g. Turkey). These are research projects with our portfolio that could cover basic, high-risk research, as well as research for greater environmental sustainability, with biotechnology and agriculture, largely in mind. About world Life Science Bio-Hubs and their "Techie Clusters" will be featured with our weboutlets. The Hi-Tech Mainland of the Russian Far East part of our vision for Asia in the near future.


All copyright held by D. A. Flores, trade specialist; biotechnologist. 2019-2050. 

DANNY AGUSTIN is a biotechnologist, writer; b. Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines, Apr. 19, 1959; BA in Chemistry, Kalamazoo Coll., 1980; MAppSc, U. NSW Australia, 1988; Attended PhD programme, awarded Friend:Friend to the U New Eng, Australia, 1992-1995, PhD-level Monograph, 2013, by internal/external study; awarded HonDSc, HonDL & HonM.Sc., but declined, the International Biographical Centre and Publishers Concern of the UK in 2015. Awarded the Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 for his hard work and dedication to his field of interest in the Sciences but also declined. Affiliated as a  Problem solver Ideaconnection.com, Victoria, BC, Canada 2012-; and an Independent Scholar of the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars, CAIS, Continuing Studies, SFU, Vancouver, BC Canada 2018-; internet webbased rschr The Rsch Coop, Kyoto, 2013-; writer, rschr Skye Blue Orgn, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada, 2013-. Home and Office: 1440 Barberry Dr Port Coquitlam BC Canada V3B1G3; Office Phone: (604)-945-8408. Fax: (604)-941-9022. E-mail: dannyflorda@gmail.com.

In Support of the Just Cause for Organic Farming Movement: Our author and writer shares the viewpoint of uncertainty even at this time of DNA technology of the recombinant kind that is labelled GMO or genetically modified organismal technology. We support instead organic, non-chemical input farming practices also for their sustainability and support of the economy that is nearing a breaking point with overpopulation, pollution and global warming, non-GMO technology like chemical or X-ray mutagenesis, protoplasmic fusion, dsRNA technology applications and/or MAS or marker-assisted selection and crop breeding and finally non-GMO product labelling where they are effectively free of transgenic DNA as in GMO cows and their touted medicinal milk product homogenized with ultrasonication and somatic and WBC components separated out, treated with DNAase, and ultrafiltered also with ultrasonication and homogenized egg yolk material with GMO chicken layers and their low-cholesterol eggs. - D. A. Flores  


Disclaimer: Website content and opinions expressed herein are not necessarily held by SkyeBlue and its member roster. All rights reserved. D. A. Flores. 2003-2023 (c). 

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Last update of this entry: August 02, 2019

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