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registry of biomedical companies

  December 14, 2019
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Skye Blue Association

An SBO Co.
Toll free: +011-604-941-9022 (help line)

Phone: +1-604-945-8408
Fax: +1-604-941-9022
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Established 2007


Our members are to build on skills in web-based research with the goal of advancing areas we are active in with recent developments in agronomy and its impact on food, alternative or renewable energy biofuels, nutrition and animal production, health fields using the Internet/e-media approach in order to discuss in the public domain the issues of bioethics, regulation and applications of GMOs and technology (viz. pharmaceuticals, crops, food, feeding & livestock & biofuels). Our field extension and web-based researchers are active in v. areas including by-product feeding practices. We are also beginning our drug discovery in biopharma in such fields as synthetic biology and medicinal chemistry.


If you wish to associate with us, apply by sending your resumes/C.V.s mailto:dannflores5@aim.com if you have one or more of the following related backgrounds: e.g.s., animal research in rumen microbiology and use around real ruminant models (together with rumen simulated techniques or RUSITEC (R)); low-quality feeding and its amelioration with v. livestock production systems; ligno-cellulosic biotechnology (prebiotics interventives in feeds, feeds processing/storage, pulping, enzyme technology and, finally, energy fermentation for downstream processing for renewable biofuels); medical biochemistry and health fields; and the field of pharma.  



                                                                                                            Vision Statement

To take an example of a careerist exploring the possibilities of opting further his academic career in the applied sciences from a basic background in the Life/Biological Sciences in the greater Vancouver regional district in programmes in the agricultural sciences research field including such diverse areas as forage science, livestock production science, dairy science, animal nutrition, metabolism and physiology, applied genetics and breeding, reproductive techniques, molecular plant breeding techniques for crop improvement, pest & disease control, ecosystems and the environmental sciences including sustainability of feeds and production and the issue of identifying potential scientific facilities that engage students in training in advanced fields including current and potential opportunities in animal and plant biotechnology. 


WE are a member of the |Nonprofit and Public Services Guild of Kalamazoo College| of Kalamazoo College MI USA 49006-8890 now called the |Professional Networking Group| in Kalamazoo College MI USA 49006-8890.

WE are launching towards IP authorization from protected invention ideas we are currently researching to be developed and marketed for eventual manufacturing with sale amongst vendors in the U.S., Japan, Canada and the Philippines together with corraborative initiatives for collaboration with students of higher education.

WE use all donated funds to strengthen in part our network (see: Linkedin) commitments and causes with other like-minded organizations (e. g. Vision Mundial Ecuador, SOS-District 69 of British Columbia Canada, Salvation Army, New Westminster British Columbia Canada) towards international development, ending world poverty and hunger.


Provided by Members Various Free Service Offers at Cost: 

  • Meta Tag Search.  Knowledge-based search for hashtags / URLs that are generated and narrowed to algorithmic strings that best term or connote concept, issues or problems for such a search.
  • Personal Writer.  Compositional writing based on: (1) an outline or template, (2) grammatical structure in scientific lecit and (3) in exacting syntax, the fashion of word usage from thesauri, finally, edited to a consistent cohesiveness.
  • Synthetic Bench Search.  Review of prep syntheses and of reference texts on organic molecular structure and reactivity pattern, solvent systems, temp., time, equipment use, reaction diagnostics with completion, purification yield, molecular fingerprinting to outlay action plan.




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Disclaimer: Websites as described herein in content and opinions are not necessarily held by SkyeBlue. All rights reserved. D. A. Flores (c) 2003-2023. Port Coquitlam, BC Canada. 

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Last update of this entry: September 11, 2019

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