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registry of biomedical companies

  July 16, 2018
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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CBDN Member Relations and Network

A Member Professional Networking Group -
Toll free: +011-604-941-9022 (help line)

Phone: +1-604-945-8408
Fax: +1-604-464-0103



Established: 01-01-2010


Our Group is to build on its skills in web-based research with the goal of advancing research we are active in with recent developments in agronomy and its impact on food, alternative energy sources, and animal nutrition and production science, health and animal research using the Internet/media to discuss in the public domain the issues of bioethics, regulation and applications of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) (viz. pharmaceuticals, crops, food, livestock & green bioenergy). Our field, web-based researchers are active in agrobiotech and animal production sustainability including by-product feeding practices. We are also active in food, animal and health research and we are beginning our drug discovery in pharmaceutical biotechnology with synthetic biology and medicinal chemistry.


Innovating with emerging biotechnologies with GM crops, GM/non-GM feeds processing & biofermentation, theoretical/practical rec-DNA rumen microbial applications, synthetic biology/medicinal chemistry, gene therapy, stem cell therapy, the proteome [and the low molecular weight [LMW] proteome] for systemically and ex vivo drug discovery and finding the metabolic basis for nutritional genetic variance and response, and their newly discovered "unified" pharma at SBO, and bioengineering biofuels to improve commercial viability and for their sustainability. There are screening methods to examine with bioinformatics the [LMW] proteome and annotate genes that have mutated from the wild-type genotype including oligonucleotide binding assays. In vivo and ex vivo studies with [LMW] proteome high-throughput gene analysis will serve to identify these. 

If you wish to associate with us apply by sending your resume/C.V.: mailto:dannflores5@aim.com if you have one or more of the following or related backgrounds: E.g.s., animal research in rumen microbiology and use around real ruminant models (with rumen simulated techniques); low-quality feeds and livestock production systems (e. g. hay or straw, direct-fed probiotics for dairy production); ligno-cellulosic biotechnology (agro-prebiotics and feeds processing/storage, pulping and energy fermentation); medical biochemistry and health; and pharmaceutical biotechnology.  

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Vision Statement

Our SBO "collective" introduces our start to our private vision, a part of the future of the  projected Russo Hi-Tech Mainland (RHTM) (IT & Life Sciences) (for the Russian Far East and Sakhalin Island).  

We are suggesting that RUSSIA and partners develops its infrastructure of centres of excellence and human resource development can become a major Eurasian life sciences hub.  Our 'Collective' set out in agrobiotechnology and pharmaceutical biotechnology as starting points.  Biotech encompasses diverse other fields such as: the physical sciences (e. g. physics, chemistry, nanotechnology), engineering (e. g. bioengineering, physics engineering), biosciences (e. g. biochemistry, biophysical chemistry, molecular biology, forestry & environmental science), and sociology, to study their impact on rural farming developments and communities and increasing urbanization.  Improvements in bio-cropping with GM technology, animal production improvements including feeding and its nutrition, genetic breeding & reproduction, biologics, diagnostics, therapeutics, health delivery and biomedical device engineering, will develop to create millions of jobs.  Corporate employers, businesses and various other organizations will  be hiring people like you as: molecular biologists, plant breeders, molecular geneticists, livestock production scientists, chemical and bioengineers, biomedical scientists, engineers, food scientists, food process engineers, nutritionists and others.  The SBO Group is allied to agriculture and food, health and alternative energy and will further address issues in food security, advance health treatment & delivery, including biomedical devices & engineering, and provide for expanded and renewable energy sources.

To take examples of a careerist exploring the possibilities of opting further his academic career in the applied sciences from a basic background in the Life/Biological Sciences at SFU, Burnaby in the greater Vancouver regional district in programmes in the agricultural sciences research field including such diverse areas as forage science, livestock production science, dairy science, animal nutrition, metabolism and physiology, applied genetics and breeding, reproductive techniques, molecular plant breeding techniques for crop improvement, pest & disease control, ecosystems and the environment sciences including sustainability of feeding and production systems and the issue of identifying potential scientific facilities that engage students in training in advanced fields including current potential opportunities in animal and plant biotechnology.  Agricultural programmes offered in the RHTM will develop with better state planning and progroms towards development of a contemporary, moderne  'technno-landscape' there.

SKYENEWS: The future of the FHTM-FTHM Valley (Fraser Hi-Tech Mainland - Fraser Tech Higher Mainland) Valley as situated along the Fraser Valley corridor from the Vancouver area district up to the highland valley along an upscale graded access would include the following: logistics for e. g. animal research and food research and facilities for laboratories and auxilliaries and on the valley floor health teaching facilities and clinical laboratories and hospitals for research, also, vital bioinformatics /biological systematics computer facilities with IT for studying areas such as those opening up at SkyeBlue regards biomass research and energy, marine ecosystems and their rich diversity if producing biomass and as "factories" for specialty chemicals and materials, meat quality and production research, occupational health research, geriatric-quality of life research, cell growth, reproduction and developmental technology and their applications to productive ends, cancers, aging, disease states and their progression, gene therapy and genetic diseases, plant cropping and forage and grain quality and nutritive performance with livestock agrobiotech; there are the additional issues of manufacturing using automation via mechanization/robotics, allied food services industries, allied waste management services, allied energy utilities and telecoms, transportation services and expediting services, government public works maintenance services and including housing to provide for those with meaningful employability. 

SKYENEWS: Industrial diversification in an island state or entity like the Philippines has been discussed in eye-popping fashion where the sugar granary is positioned to expand as we speak into liquid petrol alternatives of higher grade from cellulosic biomass further from sugar and/or molasses and what has just been proposed at SkyeBlue for land-intensive mari-culture and canning and eco-tourism for recreation, cultural and various ecological nature attractions, farming allied co-op related enterprises (e.g. vermi-culture for composting); the question is further to this is what will facilitate movement of people flow with amalgamation planned between the two sitios of Negros to one state and three airports, Bacolod-Silay, Kabankalan, Municipal Civil Instruction Airport in Dumaguete-Sibulan and now the new relocation of the airport in Bacong-Dumaguete which will be safer in terms of population density, cheaper in terms of land acquisition for expansion, city income from gravel and concrete quarrying and jobs in the several billions of pesos in total cost and proposals by the Philippine Airforce personnel mentioned in a report that the old location could also expanded and converted to a civil instructional facility for commercial aviation authorities to train pilots and staff and in SkyeBlue's opinion as an adjunct military multinational training airport facility to better police and serve Philippine interests in the Western Philippine Sea and region regards oil exploration and wealth and use for trading with militarized/industrial operations with countries in ASEAN, INDIA, China/ROC, the Koreas, Japan, a close traditional ally of the Philippines. This is an assumption at this time as tourist demand with civial aviation would mix with militarized operations in this one location but would not doubt be a lucrative venture for the new state of Negros although it is expected as before that the ruling administration there remains reserved or cautious about such presence in their midst due to the limiting "holding capacity" of the island state. It should be said lastly that Cebu to the South and Manila (Pasay), Clark and Subic in the North are already saturated with plans for "super expansion" towards human traffic and cargo in the future leaving only the more distant Southern sector of Mindanao as the other alternative, but possibly another one. For more on oil exploration and wealth building, cash will flow follow to government coffers via taxation and technology transfer cos. to help finance banking with coops and the slow but steady progress towards industrialization with its eventual apparent economic benefits in the standard of goods and services and the material standard of living more in consonance with the rest of its neighbors and its own soon to be Tiger economy.

Disclaimer: Websites as described by the SBO Group or Skye Blue Publications are as described: e-data/e-commerce web outlets aiming to generate information communications content from the Internet of the mission to transfer information from academe to industry of which representations of stock symbols do not represent stock offerings but simply suggestive offerings of a future nature. We are described a: "one-man outfit" based out in Western Canada within Northern America. 

Disclaimer: All claims made to the effect are largely based on findings from the scientific literature and may not necessarily be shared by Skye Blue Publications or its "companies" and may be speculative at best. All opinions expressed, unless claimed elsewhere by proprietary concern, are copyrighted for: Abbatech, Agri-Food & Energy, AgroPharm, Agro-technica, Bio-technica, Business Life Services, Cardiopharm, Can-Biocor, CBDNet, Citech (and subsidiaries), D. A. Partners, G Bio-Growers, G, Gelogicx, Genus, IBPN Tires & Shoes, Immunogen, INC (Canada), Life Producers Specialists, Ligno-Cel Mills, Manilla International Associates, MedBios, SkyeNews, Microgene-CAN, Novo Global, Novo Lux, Ohkotsk Bay 9, Organische Botanie 7, Promega(Canada), Reprogen Life Sciences, Scientific International Project Services, Seco-Steroidal Projecta, Skye Blue Organization, Skye Earth, Skye Global, SolPolara, Symbiose-CAN, Foodies Group, and Zambia-China Consortium (Zambia). All right reserved. D. A. Flores. 2003-2023 (c).

WE are a member of the |Nonprofit and Public Services Guild of Kalamazoo College| based in Kalamazoo College MI USA 49006-8890 now called the |Professional Networking Group| based in Kalamazoo College MI USA 49006-8890.

WE are launching IP projects derived from protected invention ideas we are researching, developing, marketing, and for eventual manufacturing and sale with projected vendors in the U.S. marketplace (also Japan and Canada) together with corraborative initiatives for intended collaboration with students of higher education such as Kalamazoo College and MIT of Boston Massachussetts USA and Douglas College of New Westminster Brit. Columbia Canada.

WE use all donated funds to strengthen in part our networked commitments and causes with other like-minded organizations (e. g. World Vision Ecuador, SOS-District 69 of British Columbia Canada, Salvation Army, New Westminster British Columbia Canada) and with the public-at-large for development and ending world poverty and hunger.


Internet Services or Products: 

  • Meta Search.  Knowledge-based search for meta tagging/URLs generated, narrowed to algorithmic-like "strings" that best term or connote concepts, issues or problems for search.
  • Template Writer.  Generating composition based: (1) on outline form, (2) grammatical structure in scientific legible form and (3) word usage from a communal thesaurus, and finally, edit to consistency.
  • Synthetic Bench Search.  Review of "prep" syntheses and reference texts on organic fundamentals (molecular structure and reactivity type or pattern), solvent system rxn. temp., rxn. time, equipment use, diagnostics, purification to yield, molecular fingerprint IDing in order for the outlay of the action plan.




All copyright held by D. A. Flores. 2003-2016. All rights reserved. 


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Last update of this entry: July 06, 2018

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