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registry of biomedical companies

  June 18, 2018
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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Fax: +91-22-8291368153
Stock symbol: Chemicals


Please find attached along with the list of chemicals / intermediates (Our raw material)1-Nitroso-2 Naphthol / 1-NITROSO BETA NAPHTHOLCAS NO-( 131-91-9) 100 KG 2,4 Thiozolidine Dione CAS NO-(60-10-6) 100 KG 2-4 ,Dinitro Phenyl hydrazine/ 2-4,DNPH CAS NO-(119-26-6) 500 KG 2-Bromo ethylene amine hydrobromide / 2-BEA CAS NO-(2576-47-8) 500 KG 4-Bromo Acetanilide / PBA CAS NO-(103-88-8) 100 KG 4-Chloro Acetanilide /PCA CAS NO-(539-03-7) 50 KG 4-Chloro Resorcinol CAS NO-(95-88-5) 200 KG 4-Hydroxy benzoic acid CAS NO-(99-96-7) 10 KG 4-Hydroxy Carbazole CAS NO-(52602-39-8) 25 KG 4-Nitro Acetanilide / PNA CAS NO-(104-04-1) 50 KG Adipic acid CAS NO-124-04-9 200KG AMMONIUM BROMIDE CAS NO-12124-97-9 250 KGAnthrone CAS NO-(90-44-8) 70 KGBarbutoric Acid CAS NO-(67-52-7) 100 KG Item Description              Quantity             HEXA METHYL DISILAZANE           19.96     KG 999-97-3GUANINE  44.483   KG  73-40-5TRIFLUOROMETHANESULFONIC ACID    1.83        KG  1493-13-61,3-DIOXOLANE  118.92   KG  646-06-0HEXA METHYL DISILAZANE           156.94   KGGUANINE      4.445     KGTRIMETHYL CHLOROSILANE   7.485    KGPERCHLORIC ACID            13.954   LTR CELIPROLOL STEP-III               25.72     KGCYTIDINE       91.196   KG  65-46-3TRIETHYL PHOSPHATE       177.08   KG 78-40-0PROPIONIC ACID      186.078 LTR   79-09-44-DIMETHYL AMINO PYRIDINE        4.98088 KG 1122-58-3SODIUM ETHOXIDE   1.32        KGSODIUM TUNGSTATE     0.24        KGETHYL CHLOROACETATE          5.427     KGETHYL CHLOROACETATE2.253               KGFORMIC ACID ANHYDROUS           2.41        KGSODIUM TUNGSTATE               0.006     KG2-AMINO BENZOTRIFLUORIDE   249.95   KG  88-17-5. ACTIVATED CARBON MB-250          102.74   KG2-AMINO BENZOTRIFLUORIDE   249.395 KGETHYL GLYCINATE HYDROCHLORIDE   4.68        KG 623-33-6CHOLIC ACID            0.97                KGETHYL GLYCINATE HYDROCHLORIDE   19.82     KG 623-33-6PHTHALAZONE  4.38        KG 119-39-1            43.99     KGHexamine               Kgs2-(1-naphthyl) Ethanol  Kgs 773-99-9Alumina Oxide Basic            KGMethyl Acetate          KGTertiary Butyl Magnesium Chloride (1.7 M            L  677-22-5Aminoacetonitrile hydrochloride       Kgs  6011-14-9p-(ß-Amino)-Ethyl Benzene Sulphonamide    Kgs  35303-76-5Potassium ferricyanide                KGFormamidine Acetate    KG 3473-63-0Malononitrile        Kgs  109-77-34-Hydroxybenzaldehyde              KgsFOM-Ether  KGAcetic acid LR Grade Ltrs4-Morpholinoaniline       KgsHydroxylamine (50% in water)            KgsMesylchloride            KgsD-AlaninolKgsDBL-Onp                Kgs3-Chloro-2-nitrobenzoic acid                KgsPotassium Tertiary butoxide  PowderKGDiisopropyl Azodicarboxylate (DIAD)  KgsFormamidine Acetate             Kgs3,5-Dimethyl-4-Hydroxy Acetophenone         KGPolyethylene Glycol 400          LtrsPropargyl Bromide 70% in toulene           KGEthylene Glycol           Kgs4-CTPB  Kgs2-Amino-5-methylbenzoic acid (ATL-1306)    Kgsn- Pentyl Chloroformate        KgsTrimethyl phosphite LR Grade                LtrsCBZ-L-Valine               KgsPotassium Thio Acetate         Kgs5-Bromoacetyl Salicylamide         KgsDiethyl Aminomalonate Hydrochloride           KgsSodium SulfiteKGSuccinic Acid                Kgs1, 8 - Diazabicyclo ( 5,4, ) UNDEC - 7 - ENE      KgsPyBOP           KgsPotassium Tertiary butoxide  Powder     KgsIron Powder 100 Mesh           KgsAcetyl Chloride          Kgs3-Chloro-4-fluoroanilline                KGMaleic Anhydride      KGManganese dioxide LR            KGTrichloromethyl Chloroformate           Kgs4-Aminobenzoic acid        KgsL-Malic Acid KG(S)-(-)-1,2-Diaminopropane DiHclKgsSodium Bisulphate Monohydrate             KgsActivated Carbon SC-40 Grade       KgsMethyl Magnesium Chloride (3 M. in THF)     KGTriisopropylsilane       Kgs3-Fluoro-4-TFM phenyl acetic acidKgs1-(2-Chloroethyl) pyrrolidine.HCl  KGFolic Acid       KGCyanoacetamide        KgsDicyclohexyl Carbodiimide                KgsYMC GEL SIL 6nm S-10µ M(25075)KgsCyanoacetamide             KG2,4-dimethylbenzaldehyde   KgsActivated Carbon, Darco G-60 -100 mesh   KgsPyridinium-p-Toluene Sulphonate    KgsCyclohexyl Isocynate               KgsSodium chloride (25075)KGMaleic acid LR Grade Kgs2,4-Dichloropyrimidine           KgsSodium chloride (25075)        KGSodium bicarbonate (25075) Kgs2-chloro ethoxy acetonitrile KgsL-Alanine Benzyl Ester Hydrochloride               KG2,2,5Trimethyl dioxane-5-carboxylicacid        KgsCyclopentyl-1-Carboxylic Acid             KgsMagnesium Turning  LR Grade            KgsDimethyl malonate  KGKromasil 100-7 Sil                Kgs3,5-Dibromo-4-hydroxybenzoic acid KGBoron Trifluoride Etherate           Kgs(2R,3S)-3(tert-Butyloxycarbonyl)       KgsTITANIUM(IV) ISOPROPOXIDE            LChloroTAP                KgsPhosgene Solution 20% in Toluene   LtrsDimethyl Malonate LR Grade              LLi DPA 2.0 m in THF/ Heptane   L4- Hydroxyacetophenone KgsHBTU     Kgs4-Nitro Benzoyl Chloride LR Grade    KgsBenzyl-1-homopiperazine carboxylate            KGCyclobutanone KG2 – Chlorobenzaldehyde 98%               LAmmonium Acetate (LR Grade)              KgsStearic Acid         KGMethanesulfonamide              KGEthyl chloroformate  KGCopper (II) chloride anhydrous  KgsVeratraldehyde         Kgs3 – Pentanone 98%  L2-Deoxy-2,2-difluoro-D-erythro                KgsCopper (I) Iodide      KGEthyl chloroformate LR Grade              LSodium sulfite LR grade               KgsOxalyl Chloride (25075) KgsRapamycin (25075)   KgsH-Gly-OMe.HCI         KgsOxymaKgsTriphosgene LR\gradeKgsTrichloromethyl Chloroformate      KGSodium carbonate LR gradeKGAmmonium sulphate (25075) KGSiliaBond Thiol-40-63µm; 60A (Si-Thiol)             KgsSulfuryl chloride               LtrsGlycine LR Grade      KgsActivated Carbon SC-40 Grade            KGAminoacetonitrile hydrochloride              KGSodium Iodide             KgsDiethyl Phosphite     KGP-Toluene sulfonic Acid LR grade                Kgs4-bromo-2-chloro-benzonitrile           KgsN,N-DiisopropylcarbodiimideKgsTert Butyl Magnesium Chloride 1.0 M THF        L3-Mercapto-1,2-propanediol    LtrsTetrakis(triphenylphosphine) pd (O)       KgsHydrogen Peroxide 50 % LR Grade    Ltrs2-Amino-5-methylbenzoic acid (ATL-1306)     KG4-Dimethyl Amino Pyridine LR              KgsActivated Carbon, Darco G-60 -100 mesh       KgsSodium thiosulphate pentahydrate LR              KG3,4-Dihydro-2H-pyridooxazine 2HBr salt                KGAmmonium sulphate (25075)               Kgs2 – Iodo AnilineKG(DHQ)2PHAL                KGMitomycin C KgsPotassium Osmate ( VI ) dihydrate    KGMORPHOLINE 179.001,3 DICHLORO 5-5 DIMETHYL HYD. 840.002 THIOPHENE ETHANOL 835.00METHYL 3-OXO PENTANOATE 24.00P-TOLUDENE SULPHONYL CHLORIDE 1366.00N-CY-EYL-MAA (M-13) 636.00Hydrazine Hydrate 15.00Triphosgine 13.002-methyl 5 nitro imidazole 20.00TEA+Hcl 20.00Catlyst R 13.00Maltol 2.00N-chloro Succinimide 3.002 Methyl; 3-4- dichloro pyridine 3.00HYDROBROMIC ACID 33% SOLUTION            LT            37.5COPPER METAL LR   KG          1.5Potassium carbonate                KG350SODIUM NITRITE KG          62ALLYL BROMIDE           LTR         553-Methoxy benzaldehyde       KG                26Acetonitrile (Comm)  Kgs         160Allyl alcohol                 Kgs         196.35Allyl bromide        LTR         50Diphenyl phosphine 98%(DPP)     KGS        138Cuprous Cyanide       Kg50.00Diethyl ether      Ltr           564Diethyl ether Ltr 784Dibasic sodium phosphate          KG86.7Dibasic sodium phosphate             KG          100Dimethyl sulfuxideLTR            215Ethylene dichloride            LTR300Formaldehyde    Kgs         204Hexachloro acetone                Kgs         250Hexachloro acetone Kgs                 500Hexachloro acetone                Kgs         1250Hydrogen Peroxide               LTR         875Magnesium metal Turnings  Kg                31.12Methyl Iodide         Kg           5.00Methyl Iodide           Kg0.74Marpholine           Ltr           24Marpholine    Kgs                 108Marpholine Kgs 120Tetrabutylammoniumbromide (TBAB)    KG          84.41Oxylal chloride        Kgs                49Potassium iodide         Kgs         47.7L-Liminone Kgs         249Sodium thio Sulphate              Kgs         159.15Iso propyl amine   Ltr           96.78Sodium hydride     KGS        30.9Trimethyl Orthoformate       KG          320(S)-1-DECYN-O-TETRAHYDROFURAN      Kgs         1.36(S)-1-DECYN-O-TETRAHYDROFURAN              Kgs         2.56Trimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride                Kgs         8.05Trimethyl benzyl ammoniumchloride             Kgs         11Trimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride                 Kgs         44.35Sodium cyano boro hydride (comm)             Kg           3.29Sodium Cyano Borohydride                Kg                6.002-Hydroxy-5-Nitrobenzaldehyde      Kg           17.42-HYDROXY-5-NITROBENZALDEHYDE              KG          252,4-Dichioropyrimideine       Kgs         29.52,4-Dichioropyrimideine       Kgs         3.453-Hydroxymethylphemyl boronic acid    Kg           14.203(Hydroxy methyl)phenyl boronic acid        Kg           13.80Trans 1,4-Dibromo benzene           Kgs         6.8PALLADIUM II ACETATE GM        2.156PALLADIUM II ACETATE      GM        0.04Ergocal ciferol (1.25%) (Vitamin D2)         KG          8.9Pyrrolidine (Pure)      LTR         314Tertary butanol          Kgs                 235Triphenylphosphine                Kg           1.50Triphenylphosphine               Kg           75.00Diphenyl phosphoryl Azide          kg           5.66Phosphorus oxychloride       Kgs         183Phosphorous Oxychloride     Kgs                450Thioria           Kgs         126.26Di-iso butyl aluminium hydride 25% in touelene    Ltr           267.71Sodium Potassium tartrate                kgs         475Oxone           KG          49.75Oxone        KG          251,2,3,6-Tetrahydropathalmide               Kgs                 284.72,3,4,6-Tetra-O-Benzyl-Alphagluco-P           Kg           32.402,3,4,6-Tetra-O-Benzyl-Alphagluco-P           Kg                10.00Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)          KG          32.9Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)             KG          55CITRIC ACIDANHYDROUS            KG          286Dimethyl acetamide                Ltr           115Dimethyl acetamide       Kgs         147Dimethyl acetamide                Kgs         54Dimethyl acetamide   Kgs         3200Mix Xylene                 kgs         975.6Electrolytic iron powder     KG          4.9Tertakis (Triphnyl phospine) Palladium [o] NME           KG                0.36Tertakis (Triphnyl phospine) Palladium [o] NME        KG          0.6SODIUM IODIDE         KG          4.5SODIUM IODIDE                KG          0.952-Amino -6-Methoxybenzothiazole                Kg           35.002-Bromo-4-nitro acetophenone     Kg                0.052-Bromo-4-Nitroacetophenone        Kg           44Piperazine anhydrous               KG          2596Tempo  kg           16.45Tempo       kg           1.7(+)Epichlorohydrine  Kgs         156.567Ortho phenyl diamine KG                1.50Orthophenylene di amine   KG          240Lithium Hydroxide Monohydride       Kg           0.5Marpholine        Ltr           59.4L-proline      KG          4.82L-proline      KG          24.25Citric acid monohydride                kgs         138.4DIIsopropyl azodicarboxyalte           KG          0.25Methyl -3-Oxapentanate     Kgs                2.23 Bromo-1-propanol kg           303-Bromo-1-Propanol      Kg           28.33-Bromo-1-Propanol              kg           2.5O-Methyl Issoureum Hemi Sulfate     Kg                2.25N-Ethyl-n-(3-dimethylamino propyl) carbodimide HCL (EDC Hcl)        Kg           1.161-Ethyl-3-(3-Dimethyl Lamino Propyl Carbodimide Hydrochloride              Kg           2.024-(2,2-Dichlorocyclopropyl) phenyl acetate (or)4-Acetoxy dichlorocyclopropyl benzene Kg           0.40Alluminium oxide nutral                kgs         62.92-Methyl tetra hydrofuran Ltr           1064Tris-O-Anisyl Phopine tris (O-Methoxyphenyl)Phosphine 99%    Kgs         0.1292-Bromo propynol bromide         kgs         20Alcohol 1-Dodeconl    Kg           1.90Tetra butylammonium hydrogen      Kg                3.054-chloro-4-hydroxy benzophenone                Kg           8.7Sodium Acetate TRIHYDRADE     KG          89Chloroacetyl chloride                 Kg           217CHLOROACETYLCHLORIDE     KG                18.5EDTA di sodium        Kg           33.86FERRIC NITRATE     Kgs         50OH-Strong basic anion exchange resin (Dowex 1*2 OH-from)    Kg           5.4Platinium oxide           gr            331,1-Dimethoxy Cyclohexane  Kg           3.701,9-NONADIOL         KG                0.42Sodium methoxide Solution               Ltr           318Sodium Methoxide Powder Kg           42.20Sodium Methoxide Powder                Kgs         44.1Eupharbia resin        Kgs         330Euphorbia Resin        kg           5

Euphorbia Resin               kg           467.65Amberlyst A-26 (OH) ion Exchange Resin Kg           0.90Amberlite FPC-3500                KG                1080-Benzotriozole-1-yl-N,N,N,N Tetrabutyl fluronium Tetra Fluoro borate (TBTU)           Kg           11.004-AMINO ETHYL BENZOATE             Kg           6.00Quinoline-8-Sulfonyl Chloride    Kg           8.00cyclopropane            kg           21-N-BOC-PIPERZINE     Kgs         67-Methoxy tetralone             kgs         26.9SODIUM BISULFATE               KG          37.29Malononitrile          Kg           57.71Stonsium chloride                 Kgs457.97Stonsium chloride        Kgs         150Ambelite XAD1600N                Kgs         131H-1,2,3-Triazole         Kg                1.90Buiret           Kgs         1.2Mono methylamine (30%) Solution inLTR        10402-Chloro-3-triflouromethyl pyridine                Kgs         348.652-Chloro-3-(Trifluoro methyl) pyridine   Kg           110.00N-Idosuccinimide                Kgs         27Phosphorous trichloride           KG                152.95Phosphorus (III) Chloride 98%       Kgs      Diethyl malonate             Kgs         940Methyl mono ethanol amine               Kgs 100Methyl Mono ethanolamine                Kgs                 6.35Methyl mono ethanol amine              Ltr           124Dimethyl ethanol amine               kgs  135Mono glyme               kgs         853Boron trifluoride etherate    KG          3.15-Bromo--2-iodobenzoic acid         KG          1.655-Bromo-2-Iodobenzoic Acid              Kg           23.001,3 bis (diphenyl phosphino) propane                 Kgs         2.41,3-BIS(DIPHENYL PHOSPHINO PROPANE             KG          32.81,3-Bis(Diphenyl Phosphino) Propane            Kgs         7.2N-BUTYL VINYL ETHER      KG          108.15N-BUTYL VINYL ETHER       KG          523-Piperazino benzotrizole        Kgs         11.71-Amino-2-methyl propane-02-0l    Kgs         0.5041-Amino-2-methyl propane-02-0l             Kgs         2.9491-Amino-2-methyl propane-02-0l  Kgs         2.254MIBK     Lts          6209(R)-1-(6,7-Bis(Difluoro methoxy) naphthalene 2-yl)-Methyl-1-(1H1,2,3,Triazol-4-yl)Propan-1-OL                Grms     6.4Boron Tri Bromide     KG          551,1-Bis (Diphenyl Phosphino ) Ferrocene Dichloro Palladium    Kgs                32.571,1-Bis (Diphenyl Phosphino ) Ferrocene Dichloro Palladium              Kgs         13Lurasidone-Intermediate -6   Kgs                28.5Iso Propyl Mono Ethyl chloride Hydrochloride            Kgs         9Iso Propyl Mono Ethyl chloride Hydrochloride  Kgs                 252-chloro-5-methylanline          KG          3Xanthene-9-carboxylic acid       KG          5.8Xanthene-9-carboxylic acid         KG          5Ethyl 2-oxocyclopentane carboxylate   KG          235Tert butyl 3-hydroxyaztidine-1-carboxylate        Kg           0.502-bromo-4-fluoro analine    KG          215Activated Carbon PF-511SPL                Kgs                83.5Methane Sulfonic Acid LR Grade       Lts          0.70Methane Sulfonic Acid LR Grade       Lts          1.00Methyl Bromide                kg           8.35Methyl Bromide       kg           4.35Methyl Bromide       kg           40Ethyl -4-Bromo Butylate           Kg           82-3-Dihydroxy Naphthalene        Kgs         43.554-Ls-(4-Pantayoxy) Phenyl Isoxamine-3-yl Benzene Acid    Kg           1.25Iso amyl nitrite    Kg           0.254-Bromo -2-Methylaniline   Kg           0.10HexamethylPhosphine         Kg           10.00(s)-4-[4-[(4-Chlophenyl)(2-pyridyl)methoxy]-piperidionyl]hydroxy-benzenpropionic acid     Kgs         9.95(s)-4-[4-[(4-Chlophenyl)(2-pyridyl)methoxy]-piperidionyl]hydroxy-benzenpropionic acid    Kgs         10MAGNESIUM SULFATE             Kgs                 50Benzenesulfonic acid monohydrate    LTR         51(But-1-yn-1-yltrimethylsilane KG          71(But-1-yn-1-yltrimethylsilane              KG          49.421(But-1-yn-1-yltrimethylsilane        KG          28.44MALECULAR SIEVES FOR CASPO     KG                4.904-Iodobenzaldehyde             kg           0.72-Amino pyrimidine -5-boronic acid pinacol ester        Kg           0.052,3-Difluoro benzyl bromide               KG          0.9Ethyl hydroxy benzoate (Erthyl-P-hydroxy benzoate KG          21.34-Bromo -2 fluoro benzaldehyde      Kg           0.9Trichloro acetonitrile                KG          24.063-amino-4-Hyroxy pyridine               Kgs                0.121,4-Dioxane               Kgs         512.61,3-Dihydro -1-(4-piperidinyl)-2H-Benzimidazol-2-one (PDB)(or)4-(2-Keto-1-Benzimidazolinyl)piperidine (PDB)           Kg           0.4261,3-Dihydro -1-(4-piperidinyl)-2H-Benzimidazol-2-one (PDB)(or)4-(2-Keto-1-Benzimidazolinyl)piperidine (PDB)            Kg           1LITHIUM HYDROXIDE      KG          0.68Cyclo propane carboxylic acid ethyl ester      KG          1CBZ-L-Threonine            Kg                50Methyl magnesium chloride 3.0 M inTHF          Lts          3.00Methyl magnesium chloride 3.0 M in THF     Kg                30.00Pyridoxine HCL       Kgs         9Dimethyl hydroquinone             Kgs         3.151-Bromo-3-chloro propane Kgs 500ACTIVATED CARBON               Kgs 1.6Trimethyl chlorosilane             kgs         13.81Trimethyl chlorosilane         KG                6.551,4-Dioxane    Kg           43L-Alanine benzylester HCL       KG          7.352-Bromoisobutyric Acid         kg           14.8GLYCERIN USP   KG          14.7Lithium bis (trimethyl silyl) amide 25% Sol in THF       Kgs         846.355-Fluoro-2-methylphenol                Kg           12.72Ethyl trifluoro pyruvate      Kg           24.9Ethyl trifluoro pyruvate         Kg           15.00Tert butyl amine    Kg                7.84Tert butyl amine      Kg           135Chloral hydrate          KG          142.88Chloro sulphonic acid        Kg           0.20Tri potassium phosphate    KG          182.44-Phenyl butyric acid           KG          6.1452-Bromo ethnol     Kg           22SODIUM THIOSULPHATE KG          1.25Diethyl ether LR                LTR         141-Methyl imidazole LR               LTR         14.5Tert butyl3-(hydroxy methyl)azetidine-1-carboxylate     Kg           1.8Methyl(2R,3S)-3-amino-2H-hydroxy-3-phenylpropanoate          Kg           0.708,9-dihydro-2,9a-dazabenzo[cd]azulene-1,6(2H,7H]-dione  Grms     0.10n-Chloro succinimide (LR)               KG          0.6n-Chloro succinimide (LR) 98% for mica fungin              Kgs         1Di potassium phosphate               KG          86.53MAGNESSIUM SULFATE ANHYDROUS         KG          99Magnesium sulphate anhydrous               Kg           103.60Methyl-4-formylBenzoyl kg           0.54-N-pentyloxyphenylacrylite                kg           5.191Ethyl cyanoglyoxylate-2-oxone       Kg           0.80Phene thylamine             Lts          0.8810% palladium on CARBON TYPE 391               Kg           1.7710% palladium on CARBON TYPE 391       Kg           4.029Dowex       Kgs  22.85Hydrogen peroxide 35%`              KG          932BENZYL PEROXIDE     KG          35.5BENZYL PEROXIDE   KG          58.972-Amino-5-chloro pyridine  KG          0.9Isobutaric anhydride                Kg           113Chloromethyl trimethyl silane             Kgs         101.6Chloro trimethyl siline kgs         320Sodium sulphite               KG          61.98Sodium sulphite     KG          24.2Sodium sulphite       KG          255.3Acetone cyanohydrin     LTR         141.63Lithium chloride   Kgs         161.503-Dimethyl-amino-1-propylamine LR      LTR         0.253-Fluoro-4-nitotoluene         KG          2.8Chloro acetyl chloride 98%     Kg                3.40Chloroacetyl chloride             Ltr           2Iso propyl magnesium chloride 2.0 M in THF        KG          20Iso propyl magnesium chloride lithium chloride 2.0M in THF    Ltr                 17.7T3P in ethyl acetate                Kg           95.00T3P in ethyl acetate              Kg           10.00Methyl mercaptan sodium salt                Kg           15.752-(CHLOROMETHOXY)ETHYL TRIMETHYL SILANE  (COM)  [76513-69-4]     KG          0.821,3-Dimethoxy benzene               Kg           9.52-Tert butaxy carbonylamino Acetic acid         Kgs         26.34D-Proline  Kg                49.50boran tetrahydrofuran       Ltr           51.55Hydrogen peroxide 60%     KG          100N,N-Dimethyl aniline 98%     Kgs                 2.36n-Chloro succinimide 99%LR               KG          0.4464Methyl imidazole                Kg           4.50Potassium Tert Butoxide 1.0M in THF     LT            2.55Tetrabutyl ammonium fluoride 1.0M in THF LT            1.667Maleic anhydride             KG          51.27Dichloro Cyclopropyl Benzene         Kgs         0.74-(2,2-Dichloro Cyclopropyl)phenyl)ethan-1-one              Kgs         13.81,2-PROPANDIAMINE            KG          22.3D(-) Tartartaric acid         KG          315.851,4-Dioxane HCL  Kg           361(-)Di para tolouyl- D- Tartaric acid salt      Kg           14.84-Acetyl pyridine     Kg           1.472-Chloro pyridine             KG          0.2Benzoic Acid LR           Kg           1.26Potasium bromide LR             Kgs         0.36SODIUM AZIDE                KG          0.71Hydrobromic acid 47%           Kg           3.00Hydro Bromic Acid 47% LR            Lts          12.503,5-bis (trifluro methyl) benzyl chloride       Kgs         0.652-Chloro quinolin-6-ol    Kgs         0.24AMMONIUM FORMATE       KG          2.03Methyl ethyl ketone              Ltr           179.91,1-Bis (Diphenyl Phosphino ) Ferrocene Dichloro Palladium       Kg           1.77N,N-DICYCLOHEXA  CARBOMIDE      KG          0.092N,N-DICYCLOHEXA  CARBOMIDE        Kg           0.1Tert-butyl(S)-3-(2-oxo-5-(pyrazolo{1,5-a}pyridine-3-yl)-1,2-dihydro-3H-imidazol{4,5-b}pyridin-3-yl)piperidine-1-carboxylate (VR588-05)                KG          0.06Trityl chloride            KG          63.8Methanone {2-{93,5-bis (trifluoromethyl)phenyl (VLY-686)          KG          0.143-Fluoro-2-formylphenyl boronic acid     Kgs         7.21,1-Bis-(diphenyl phosphino)-ferrocene palladium II dichloride            KG                3.6Activated charcoal powder extrapure               KG          1.75ETHYL BROMO ACETATE                KG          50SULPHURIC ACID         KG          360PLANTIUM IV OXIDE                GMS33TRIFLURO ACETIC ACID             KG          502-BENZYL BENZOIC ACID          KG          74.994-PHENYL BUTYRIC ACID               KG          72.9DIMETHY

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