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registry of biomedical companies

  May 17, 2022
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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201, Santa Clara, Inner Ring Road, Ejipura
Bangalore 560047

Phone: 00918041217985
Fax: 00918041217984

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Company profile

SCL Biosciences
201, Santa Clara, Inner Ring Road, Ejipura, Bangalore, India 560047


►To establish us as a leading company involved in the development of therapeutic proteins and antibodies.  


  • Development of custom Monoclonal Antibody  
  • Development of custom Polyclonal antibodies in different models.
  • Bulk production of antibodies(through cell culture and ascites) 
  • Peptide design and synthesis
  • Characterization of antibodies
  • Antibody purification and allied services

Products - Distribution of research products in partnership with one of our sister companies

  • Proteomics and genomics
  • Diagnostic kits for various diseases

* Upcoming Large Scale Production Facility

 Strategic partnership

We welcome all your inquiries related to out-sourcing antibody development and production. We will do these projects for you on confidential basis. Since we are well experienced in antibody domain and our base is in India (low wages and low raw material cost) we can cut down the cost of antibody production to a very reasonable level. 

Custom Hybridoma Development 

Technical support provided by experts in epitope designing and antigen selection 

Monoclonal antibody development protocol: Standard protocol 

AntigenTo be supplied by customer
Peptide design and synthesisIf the antigen is not available or difficult to purify
ConjugationConjugation of peptide antigens to carrier protein
Phase I (Immunization)Immunization of 5 Balb/c mice per antigen. Circulating antibody titers tested by ELISA
Phase II (Fusion)Fusion of splenocytes with mouse myeloma cell line (SP2/O)
Phase III (Screening)Primary screening of fusion products by ELISA
Phase IV (Cloning)Positive clones identified as parent clones and then sub cloned by sub limiting dilution
Phase V (Finalization)Establishment of monoclonality, stabilization and expansion of clones
Phase VI (Shipment)  Shipment of best 3 hybridoma clones to customer's lab or storage at our facility for continuous supply

Deliverables: Guaranteed delivery of 3 best hybridoma clones 


Turn around time: 4- 5 months. (Till the final hybridoma stage) 

Monoclonal antibody development price:  

Monoclonal Antibody Development Projects
 No. of projects / annum Price
11 to 5US $ 2900/- per project
26 to 10US $ 2800/- per project
311 to 15US $ 2700/- per project
416 to 20US $ 2600/- per project
521 to 25US $ 2500/- per project
6>25Price on enquiry

  Terms of payment:  

1)      At the end of Immunization                         : 40% of the total project cost

2)      At the end of fusion                                    : 40% of the total project cost

3)      After the final delivery of materials              : 20% of the total project cost    

Polyclonal Antibody Development

 Polyclonal antibody development in rabbits and goats 

Polyclonal antibody development protocol  

Step 1Peptide conjugation to carrier protein (If the antigen is peptide)
Step 2Pre-immune serum collection
Step 3Primary injection in Freund’s Complete Adjuvant (FCA)
Step 4First booster in Freund’s Incomplete Adjuvant (FIA)
Step 5Second booster in Freund’s Incomplete Adjuvant (FIA)
Step 6Test bleed 10 days after 2nd booster injection
Step 7ELISA screening to check circulating antibody titers
Step 8Third booster in Freund’s Incomplete Adjuvant (FIA)
Step 9Serum collection
Step 10Final bleeding by veterinarian
Step 11ELISA screening of final bleed

 Deliverables: 50 – 60 ml high titer immune serum from both rabbits. (We also give 1 ml pre immune serum per rabbit for use as a negative control in customer assays)  

Turn around time: 2-3 months 

NOTE: We can maintain the animals on a long term basis (at a reasonable price) if the customer requires continuous supply of the high titre immune serum 

Polyclonal antibody development price:

Polyclonal Antibody Development Projects
 No. of projects / annum Price
11 to 5US $ 500/- per  project
26 to 10US $ 475/- per project
311 to 15US $ 450/- per project
416 to 20US $ 425/-per project
521 to 25US $ 400/- per project
6>25Price on enquiry

 Terms of payment:  

1)      At the start of the project                            : 50% of the total project cost

2)      After the final delivery of materials               : 50% of the total project cost  

Antibodies Developed In-House: 

§         Alzheimers antipeptide polyclonal antibodies

§         Parkinson antipeptide polyclonal antibodies

§         Insulin monoclonal antibodies

Note: For a peptide synthesis order, the peptides will be designed ensuring high antigenicity and other parameters which will generate high quality antibodies. The peptide synthesis is initiated only after the design is approved by the customer. For anti-peptide antibodies, our success rate of the antibodies recognizing the antigen from which the peptide was derived has been very high.However, it is reported that despite careful design, there are occasions where anti-peptide antibodies do not recognize the native antigens. SCL Biosciences guarantee our customers that the antibodies developed by us will exhibit high reactivity against the antigen (protein or peptide) used for immunization. The immunization protocol, ELISA protocol and ELISA data of the test and final bleeds will be provided to the customer. 

Peptide synthesis:  

We carry out peptide designing and synthesis 

Monoclonal antibody production: 

§         SCL Biosciences, a trusted partner for bulk antibody production and hybridoma maintenance

§         Bulk production through cell culture

§         Bulk production through ascites 

Confidentiality: We shall ensure that we protect the IP of the customer 

Protection: We ensure protection of peptides, antigens, antibodies, clones, cell lines and other project related material developed for or provided by a customer. We assure that material provide by a specific customer shall not be utilized for any other projects that SCL undertakes for any other customer 

Product consistency: We use standardized protocols and shall ensure that batches of antibodies produced meet the required specifications 

Yield: Production methods which guarantee high yields 

Production capacity: mgs-gms scale Price on enquiry 

Antibodies for catalogue companies: 

§         SCL Biosciences, the preferred antibody supplier for catalogue companies

§         SCL helps biotech companies build antibody catalogues by developing monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against customer-specified antigens

§         SCL also ensures a regular supply of developed antibodies

§         Fast and timely delivery

§         Transparency in all interactions

§         Extremely competitive price 

Primary, Secondary and Matched pairs of antibodies 

o       Primary antibody development in various host animals against target antigens 

o       Secondary antibodies which recognize the primary antibodies, developed in different hosts, purified and conjugated to enzymes or fluorescent tags for detection 

o       Matched pairs for use as capture and detecting antibodies in assays 

Allied services 

§         Conjugation§         ELISA§         Western blots§         Immunohistochemistry§         Dot blots§         Purification of antibodies by affinity chromatography§         Isotyping of antibodies 

New Services

§         Downstream process development for antibody purification (Protein A and peptide affinity chromatography) 

Price on enquiry  

SCL Partnership benefits 

Ø      IP Protection: SCL Biosciences will sign a confidentiality agreement with our customers to ensure the protection of all project-related information.  All staff members assigned to the project will sign a confidentiality agreement to maintain confidentiality 

Ø      Ownership: Once developed, we shall ship the hybridomas/antibodies to our customers, and all products associated with the project shall become the exclusive property of our customers. SCL Biosciences shall make no claim to ownership. 

Ø      Documentation: Our documentation is accurate and well organized. We share immunization protocols, ELISA protocols and ELISA graphs with our customers. This information will be provided at the end of the project, absolutely free of cost. 

Ø      Project updates: Customer will be informed about the project status regularly. Our standard update interval is 15 days; however our customers have the freedom to choose a shorter or longer time interval 

Ø      Interaction made easy: We assign a scientist as your contact person, and you will be able to reach us without any delay 

Ø      Flexibility: We have developed a very successful antibody development protocol. However, we can incorporate specific changes in the protocol as requested by the customer

Ø      Transport: All deliverables will be sent with dry ice via FedEx. All necessary documentations will accompany the shipment

Value - Cost effective services & products

Convenience - Meeting all your requirements under one roof

Quality – We follow international norms and protocols

 For business related enquiries please contact 

Mrs. Jayasudha Pushparaj

Senior Executive - Marketing

SCL Biosciences

201, Santa Clara, Inner Ring Road,

Ejipura, Bangalore 560047, India.

Telephone: 0091 80 41217984/5

Telefax :  0091 80 41217984

E-mail: sclbio@sauravchemicals.com

Website: www.sclbio.com   

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Last update of this entry: October 21, 2009

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