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registry of biomedical companies

  September 23, 2023
promoting the transfer of scientific know-how between industry and academia
Registry of biomedical companies:

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DAS Digital and Analog Systems S.r.l.

Viale Tivoli 102
00018 Palombara Sabina (Roma)

Phone: +39 0774 637070
Fax: +39 0774 634039

Please notice: This entry hasn't been updated by the submitting company for more than 2 years. It could be possible that this company doesn't longer exists.


OR-105401 - APE ELITE, 4 ELISA plate processor/processore 4 piastre ELISA



OR-116400 -  APE IF ELITE, 4 ELISA plate, 16 IFA slide processor/processore 4 piastre ELISA, 16 vetrini IFA



OR-102401 - AP22 ELITE, 2 ELISA plate processor/processore 2 piastre ELISA



OR-102409 - AP22 IF ELITE, 2 ELISA plate, 16 IFA slide processor/processore 2 piastre ELISA



OR-101610 - AP16 IF ELITE, 16 IFA slide processor/processore 16 vetrini IFA



OR- 11666012 - AP16 IF BLOT ELITE, 16 IFA slide, 24 BLOT strip processor/processore 2 piastre ELISA, 24 strip BLOT    http://www.dasitaly.com/en/data_ap-16-if-blot-elite/

OR-1013112 -AP BLOT ELITE, 48 BLOT strip processor/processore 48 strip BLOT



OR-102405 - AP22 BLOT ELITE, 2 ELISA plate, 24 BLOT strip processor/processore 2 piastre ELISA, 24 strip BLOT


OR-102403 - AP22 IF BLOT ELITE, 2 plate ELISA, 24 BLOT strip processor, 16 IFA slide processor



OR-9710220 -  PLATE READER, 8 channel ELISA photometer, 2 filters/fotometro ELISA ad 8 canali



OR-9710990  - PLATE WASHER, fully automated plate washer/ lavatore automatico per micropiastre



OR-9710100  - STRIP READER, ELISA photometer, 4 filters/fotometro ELIS, 4 filtri



OR-9710330  - ANALYZER 90, Clinical chemistry Flow Cell photometer/fotometro per chimica clinica con Cella a Flusso    http://www.dasitaly.com/en/data_analyzer-90/

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Last update of this entry: September 30, 2020

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